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Lancome Rouge in Love and some swatches

by Sonia G.

You have probably already noticed that these wonderful Lancome lipsticks are now starting to hit the counters.

When I bought the first one I did not even know that they were long-lasting and so bright ! They are bright when you swatch them but on the lips the impact is even greater !

I wanted to share a few swatches with you.

They are split into 3 categories or “moods” : 

  1. Jolis Matins (M) for the daytime
  2. Boudoir Time (B) for the evening
  3. Tonight is My Night (N) for more daring times …

I have tried to find out what shades were released but depending on the location they seem to be different. They even have french and english names, sometimes they are the same. It is very confusing. Even in the Lancome site the numbers released in Europe and in the US are not the same.

Here is the list as of today :

Number French English Color
163M Dans Ses Bras n/a Red
106M Jolis Matins Jolis Matins Soft peach
230M Rose Rendez-vous Rouge Rendez-vous Pinkish beige
275M Jolie Rosalie Jolie Rosalie Natural mauve
240M Rose en Déshabillé n/a ?
322M Corail In Love Corail in Love Pinky coral
300M Beige Dentelle n/a ?
353M Rose Pitimini Roses in Love Rosy pink
128M n/a Ever so Sweet Fresh peachy pink
217M n/a Delicate Lace Nude mauvy rose
146B Miss Coquelicot Miss Coquelicot Bright coral
159B Rouge in Love n/a ?
156B Madame Tulipe Madame Tulipe Light coppery red
278B Brune Plumetis Divine Seduction Deep coppery brown
200B Rose Thé Lasting Kiss Nude pinkish brown
351B Rose des Soupirants n/a ?
381B Violette Coquette Violette Coquette Deep violet
307B n/a Sweet Embrace Nude baby pink
340B Rose Boudoir Rose Boudoir Bright rosy pink
185N Rouge Valentine Rouge Valentine Clean warm red
181N Rouge Saint Honoré Rouge Saint Honoré Deep warm red
287N Chocolat Mordoré Sultry Siimplicity Chocolate brown
292N Chez Prune Cocoa Couture Deep reddish brown
277N Violine Lamée n/a ?
377N Midnight Rose Midnight Rose Fuschia
379N Rose Sulfureuse n/a ?
170N Sequins d’Amour Sequence of Love Cool true red
391N n/a Fiery Attitude Deep berry wine

I will try to fill in the gaps if I manage to get more information, also I only have a few swatches to show you, if I get more I will add them as well.

Jolis Matins

Here are 6 of them swatched :

  • 106M Jolis Matins
  • 230M Rouge Rendez-vous
  • 322M Corail in Love
  • 353M Roses in Love
  • 163M Dans ses Bras
  • 240M Rose En Deshabillé

Some older swatches (before the 106M joined to group…)

Jolis Matins are the most wearable and the lightest series of the three but still quite long lasting, maybe not 6 hours for the lightest shades but still long lasting. They all leave a stain when wiped.
The stains of the 163M and the 353M are the strongest, then the 322M, followed by 230M and then 240M.

I was reading Rae’s excellent review of these lipsticks and I noticed that somebody was interested to see a swatch of the 230M side by side with the Chanel Mademoiselle, so here is a little swatch, I hope that helps !

The Chanel is darker and I prefer the Lancome since the light reflection of the Lancome makes it much more flattering on my skintone (NW20).

Boudoir Time

  • 159B Rouge in Love
  • 200B Lasting Kiss
  • 340B Rose Boudoir
  • 351B Rose des Soupirants
  • 381B Violette Coquette

The 340B was the first one I tried from all the series. I was scared by the intensity of the color ! Absolutely not work appropriate for the office but so bright and beautiful !

The 381B is a must have, I never thought a violet lipstick could look so gorgeous on me, it is even wearable for work, I just apply it very lightly and blend it with my fingers. I am in LOVE with this one… <3

About the stains, this is the order of their strenght : 381B and 159B left the same stain intensity, then 351B and 340B are just behind, and the least strong of the 5 is the 200B as you can imagine.

Tonight is my Night

  • 170N Sequence of Love
  • 181N Rouge Saint Honore
  • 377N Midnight Rose

The stains of these 3 are very strong, the strongest and more long lasting is the 181N followed by the 170N and then the 377N.

I have swatched them together with my favorite red lipsticks from Mac. Mac’s Russian Red remains the strongest of them all but is a matte formula.

And suddenly I thought of my Guerlain Garçonne… and wanted to swatch it together with the Lancomes. This is the result :

If you mix 170N with 181N you get pretty close to Guerlain Garçonne…. sorry about the swatches… they look like a bloody mess…

Bottom line

You need to try them !

There are so many ways to wear them. If the color is too bright, I will put for example some Mac Almondine lipglass on top and it will tone it down a bit. I even like to mix two colors together. I could play with them for ever !

My favorite liptick formula is the Armani “Rouge d’Armani”. I wonder how they compare to the Lancomes,  I will compare both formulas and will shortly upload swatches of the Armani as well.

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Marie 11 June, 2012 - 5:59 am

Thanks for the swatches!!!!!!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 11 June, 2012 - 6:41 am

My pleasure 🙂 thank you Marie !

Cindy 10 November, 2013 - 11:46 pm

Thanks for the swatches! I’m trying to find some lipsticks for my mom for Christmas and these are the best I’ve seen so far 🙂


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