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By Terry – Lip Gloss formulas and some swatches

by Sonia G.

I have recently discovered the By Terry lip glosses, I have tried the 3 formulas below and I will share some swatches and my little experience with you. I am not completely crazy about lip gloss in general, I don’t really need it in my life, but if you love lip gloss this brand can be of interest to you.

Unfortunately they are very expensive and I also recommend you try the different formulas before you purchase because if you don’t like them, you will be wasting a lot of money.

My lip gloss profile

My all time favorite glosses are Rock & Republic Sexy Beast, Runaway and Mistress, Burberry Blush, By Terry Gold Digger.
I wear gloss on a regular basis but with a very light hand application, I don’t want to look tacky or sticky … 🙂
One thing I totally hate is when you can feel the sparkles on your lips and they have that awful gritty sensation… sparkles yes but they shouldn’t be gritty !

At the By Terry counter they have 3 formulas :

1. Gloss Terribly Shine (Spring 2012)
2. Gloss Délectation
3. Laque de Rose IP/SPF 15

1. Gloss Terribly Shine

By Terry site description :
Hydra-Lift Lip Lacker
Dazzling – Plump Volume
Long-Wear Color Shine

BY TERRY exclusive Lumilip® Technology: For a “Push-Up Effect”: Kiss Me Quick Extract regenerates, nourishes, hydrates, creates volume and redefines lip contours. For a “Hydra-Lift Effect”: Hyaluronic acid microspheres plumps, fills the hollows, smoothes volumes, lifts the mouth.For a “Lift-Firming Effect”: Ceramids restructure, firm, redensify, maintain lips’ hydration.Ultra-fine mother-of-pearl extracts & covering pigments provide intense irridescent long-lasting color.Polymer agents ensure extreme shine and radiant color.

This is their brand new formula for the Spring 2012 collection, it just arrived here about 1 month ago. What impresses me the most is that they are very comfortable and quite long-lasting for a gloss. I apply Gold Digger on top of my lipstick and after 4 hours I still have sparkles and some color on my lips. I apply a very thin layer, since these have sparkles, I prefer to wear lipstick underneath, the sparkles don’t bother me that much on these but I would not apply them too close to the inner of my lips.

I use Diamond Dream only for special occasions or to brighten a dark lipstick, Gold Digger and Honeymoon Kiss are perfect for a daily application on top of a lipstick, that’s how I love to wear them, and Pink Lover is the softest and  the most wearable of them all, I will just apply this one on its own with just some lip liner underneath.

They all give a lot of dimension to the lips, they appear fuller too, I hope the swatches can help you to see the sparkles and shine they provide.When the color fades it won’t leave you with an irregular weird dried out stain on your lips, same thing applies for the three formulas.

They aren’t sticky, they feel comfortable and you forget that you are wearing gloss. Of course like all the glosses I have, my hair would stick to my lips if it’s windy but I have this problem with absolutely all the glosses I own so I wasn’t expecting a “non-sticky-hair” type of gloss.

Bottom line

I like this formula, I reach for these very often. You could order without trying if you want to take the risk, there is a big chance you will like it too.

The Black Panties has a great review and description of the colors : here

2. Gloss Délectation

By Terry site description :
Deep Volume
Intense Shine
With Extracts Of Antioxidant Red Berries

– The Hydrapulp complex provides intense hydration and boosts the volume of the lips.

– Berryprotect, a trio of lipid-replenishing active ingredients from 3 red berry extracts nourishes and protects the lips deep down, thanks to restructuring, softening and soothing Raspberry Butter, regenerating Cherry Pit Oil and antioxidant, protective and anti-aging Virgin Plum Oil.

– The Colorshine complex, a combination of ultra-smoothing shine agents with a high refractive index, guarantees sparkling lips.

High-impact alert, this formula is not for the faint-hearted ! This is latex for your lips with the exception that it’s comfortable …
They are opaque and so incredibly bright and the smell is strong and very sweet.The application is not that easy at the beginning, you need some time to get used to it, I start the application in the inner-center and drag the color outwards, then line my lips with the applicator. The applicator is big but precise.
I don’t wear this formula to work, mainly because the colors I bought are really very bright and that would scare my colleagues. You can also sheer the application with your fingers or blot a little bit to remove some of the intensity…, the color will stay put. Their are non sticky, the ones I own have shine but no sparkles.
I apply them on top of the Chantecaille Lip Contour and also on top of a lip liner but that’s not mandatory, I don’t experience feathering if I wear them on their own but it’s much better if you wear a base.
Sometimes I wear Raspberry Split and mix it with some Cherry Cherry, or I would add some Cherry Cherry to the Creamy Fig, you are going to take your time with these anyway so why not experiment if you have 2…
I saw Terry applying this formula lightly with a lip brush on one of her videos, so I guess you can use several techniques.
Bottom line
Definitely a must-try, you may not like it since it’s really opaque and needs some practice in the application to get just the right amount but you should try it at the counter, different from any other lip gloss that I know of.

3. Laque de Rose IP/SPF 15

By Terry site description :
Tinted Replenishing
Lip Care
Intensive Shimmer

– Play with the different shades of LAQUE DE ROSE by using PRECISION BRUSH 3 to apply an intense shade (No. 5 Infernal Rose or No. 6 Devil Rose) over the lips and then add a lighter shade as a shiny touch in the center of the lower lip to give your smile a mirror effect.

– Apply LAQUE DE ROSE as a top coat over ROUGE DÉLECTATION, to accentuate the glossiness of the lips for an incredibly sexy shiny effect.

This one really feels like a lip care but it’s not very long lasting on my lips. Since the one I got is very bright, there is no way I could apply this on the go without the help of a mirror. You need to be precise when you apply it.
Bottom line
Not crazy about it, it’s comfortable but I just don’t really reach for it since the color does not last very long on my lips, the moisture does last quite a while, I would say around 2 hours.
I am too much in love with my Chantecaille Lip Contour and I’ll rather wear this neutral Chantecaille as a lip care with a lipstick on top to add color than this colored lip care gloss, but that’s only a matter or preference.

I have made just a few swatches on my lips for you, I don’t really like to do that since my lips are not that young anymore 😉 and they are irregular, you could not really see that in person but it is really obvious in the pictures !

Natural Lips

Delectation Cherry Cherry

Shine Gold Digger

The sad thing about By Terry products is that there is no doubt they are good, but you don’t hear a lot about them and about the techniques on how to apply them and get the most out of them.
You need to have some information, if you don’t know what they are for or how to use them, you may think that they are not for you but sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing the right way to use them. A lipstick is a lipstick but they have some other extraordinary products that they should advertise more.
I can only access one shop where these Terry products are sold here and unfortunately they don’t know them, they don’t even show the new collections, they keep them inside the drawers were nobody can see them… how are they supposed to sell them ?

I hope they will keep selling By Terry products in Switzerland but if one day this brand disappears from the swiss counters they would say “we don’t know… this brand did not work out here…”
oh really, I wonder why  ???  🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Jkennedy 11 July, 2012 - 2:36 am

Thank you, great review and the pictures are exactly what I need to choose from!

Sweet Make Up Temptations 12 July, 2012 - 9:02 am

Thank you 🙂 the gloss terribly shines have actually become my favorite lipglosses ever !


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