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Fav foundation brushes of 2014

by Sonia G.


My subconscious mind gathered so many brushes in the past year(s) that my brain crashes every time I have to select my favs, whatever the strategy, I freeze. I am not able to mention every single brush I love, if I do you will probably end up choking on my post, well, if I ever finish writing it.

So, to avoid brain injuries to both of us I decided to keep it simple and select the most used ones, and also split my 2014 brush favs into several categories, today I’ll share my top fav brushes of 2014 for:

  • foundation – liquid and mineral
  • sculpting with creams
  • concealer

I can’t hide it any more, I am a brush fanatic, lover of many materials, shapes and techniques, just keep in mind while you are reading this that my selection reflects my very own preferences, we all have a different approach and vision of what makes a brush tick all the required boxes, although most of us here dream of brushes that go beyond the basic ticking.

Billy B. says: “The best brush for you is the brush that does the job”. I love his personality and creativity and I agree with him, but how easily, how fast, how pleasantly are also facts that some of us would like to take into account, you can achieve fantastic results with an affordable tool just like you can drive from A to B with different vehicles and still reach the same destination at the end.

If you are satisfied with just one brush that does the job, it’s totally normal, you really don’t need more… unless you are a brush aficionado or enjoy the pleasures of experimenting with different tools  or your curiosity takes you to the other side of normal, anyway, do whatever makes you happy. As far as I am concerned, it’s too late!  I tried the other side and I am stuck there, probably for as long as I live I’ll be as curious as a cat, hope it doesn’t hurt me. Of course there are a few brushes that I just couldn’t live without, but who knows what the future has for us brush lovers and I know 2015 will be “the” brush year.

In the past,  I couldn’t wear any foundation at all. Due to the condition of my skin, it was too dry and no skincare or doctors could help. Putting foundation onto my skin wasn’t an option. Seven years ago it got better and so did the foundation products, they also improved. I started with Nars liquid foundations and Bare Escentuals powders. All was fine until very suddenly, it became more and more tricky to play with foundation, my small lines were getting more visible and some products were enhancing my wrinkles instead of doing my skin any good at all, a very cold brutal welcome to the 40’s 😀  Following to those findings,  I had to completely change my foundation routine and started looking for products focusing a lot more on the anti-aging factor. This just means that your needs will evolve and are different based on your age, your skin, or your usage, specially if you are a professional. So keep your  mind open and flexible to skin changes.

Today, I use mainly two liquid foundations: Ellis Faas and IT Cosmetics CC Cream (not really a foundation but on my skin it acts as so), a few others also do the trick but I am safe and happy if I stick to those two products. These both foundations deliver approx the same coverage, the Ellis Faas is a bit more glowy, the IT does more for my wrinkles but both are fantastic but with both, I need to keep a very lightweight application since my skin does not tolerate a heavy or powdery coverage.


I only use a powder foundation occasionally and it has to be a very lightweight one, Serge Lutens is the one that works best, it’s a pressed powder. Laura Mercier loose can do the trick but again really in small quantities and in special good days.

I don’t usually set my foundation with the IT CC cream, with Ellis Faas sometimes I do and I use the Suqqu finishing powders.

The trick now is to find a brush that is efficient enough to allow a quick application in the morning while keeping it natural, effortless and pleasant.


Foundation_brushes8If you know brands like Koyudo or Chikuhodo you already have a few great options, then if you start looking around you will find many many options.

The ones that I could never be without are the Rae Morris 23 and the Chikuhodo GSN-05, two very different brushes but two absolute gems to me.




The Rae Morris 23 is a dream to use on delicate skin, it’s 100% synthetic, the surface is dense yet flexible so it’s doesn’t feel like a dense directional mass against the skin. There is a thin shield of fine little bristles that go 3 mm further from the surface, this shield is what makes that brush so gentle and facilitates an even distribution of product.rm23_3

The main difference when using a “shielded” brush like this Rae Morris, apart from increased softness, is that the product is more easily spread and you have more control on the layering, there is also less product absorbed into the bristles.

The application with a brush that is entirely flat without a shield will often deliver a heavier coverage and you have less progressive control on the layering while having to put quite a lot of pressure on the surface of your skin, all that is a no go for me.

This RM 23 is the brush that helps me to achieve a controlled and lightweight application faster and easier.

How I use it:

I apply some product on the back of my hand, gently pick up the product with the fine shield of bristles, then stipple several times in the centre and around the centre of the face, after a few times there will be no visible product on the surface of the brush, so I start buffing it from centre towards the sides of the face.

Since I have just a few minutes to apply all my make-up, once I have finished with the foundation and the head of the brush is clear of product, I use this same brush to apply cream blush. It’s not a very precise brush as it is but it’s precise enough for me for blush application, I just stipple the cream blush in the centre of the cheeks and blend towards the temples. I have a big face anyway so that brush can do both foundation and blush. I also use this brush for cream bronzer or to add dimension with cream contour products.

I am not really concerned on dipping recently used brushes into cream blush and mixing with foundation, honestly I don’t mind if I am using the products on myself. I am not going to use 20 brushes just for the sake of using brushes when it’s not necessary or when I don’t have time. I wash my foundation brushes every week, after approx 7 applications. That will depend on how much bacteria your skin can handle without showing signs of distress…. gross but true.

Pros: Effortless, super soft, works with all the foundations I have, I don’t need any other tool or step to finish up the application, it’s a super multi-tasking brush for me.

Cons: It’s not that easy to wash, it’s quite dense and to get the dirt from within the mass of synthetic bristles it takes some time, so I know the washing will take me longer than any other natural hair brush. All synthetic dense brushes have the same issue. It’s not cheap.

Brushtemple link



My other fav is the Chikuhodo GSN-05, these GSN series are known to work with a huge variety of liquid foundations, they actually target a professional audience and they were designed with the make-up artists in mind.

This is the brush that will be always present in my kit, I will automatically grab it if I don’t know what liquid products I will be using or on what type of skin I will be working on. It’s goat bristles with wash of dye. At first I thought they looked a bit “dirty” but this colour is not because these are lower quality bristles, it’s because they are dyed on purpose, and that makes it look less dirty when it’s dirty for real… 😀

The size of the brush is also spot on, not too big, not too small, it won’t take you long to achieve your application and you won’t need any other brush after this.

I  use it with cream blush, cream contour, cream highlight, etc.

Pros: Works with most products, multi-tasking, perfect size.

Cons: I don’t see any. Even the price is reasonable specially if you consider all that you can do with it.

Brushtemple link



The Radiance was my must-have brush for years, since the day it got released actually. At this moment I don’t use it that much because the RM 23 that I mentioned before is doing all the tasks by itself. Also, since I cannot over blend at the moment due to my extreme dry skin, using only the 23 delivers a glowy yet finished application.

When that Radiance is really acting at its full potential is when you apply your foundation with a flat brush or your fingertips and you need a quick fixer that will make all application imperfections disappear.


As you may know, at the moment I am kind of forced to apply my make-up in the dark since I am temporarily installed in the living room and at 6:30 it’s still night here…. When I am not sure that all looks even and is blended nicely and my bf is already waiting, I shout “JUST A MINUUUUUTE” and I grab the Radiance, jump underneath the unforgiving light of the bathroom and check if there is anything to even out or to blend, it does indeed take me just 1 minute to fix any irregularities.

Pros: The solution to many irregularities and a time saver

Cons: The price and its size, may be intimidating to handle for some and it takes a few times to get used to it.

Brushtemple link


fupa07_4The Fu-Pa 07 is less dense than its sister the Fu-Pa02 hence it feels softer on the skin, is more flexible, more than moving the product around like a Fu-Pa02 would do on its worst days, the Fu-Pa 07 follows much better the face features and does a better job at not molesting the skin while blending the product efficiently.


If you are familiar with the Koyudo Fu -Pa family, there are so many to choose from, the 07 and 13 below are the ones that I use the most.

Pros: Easy to use, feels like a mini Radiance, gets the job done fast, unique.

Cons: Can sometimes absorb a little too much product, depending on how you use it.

Brushtemple link




I strongly believe that this is their most valuable Fu-pa for liquid foundation. It’s a perfect size and angled! The shorter side will deal with the product, the longer side will handle the blending, again, without abusing your skin. You can more easily access the difficult corners of your face.

Pros: Perfect size, flexibility and density

Cons: Don’t find any

Brushtemple link



With the Koyudo Fu-pa01, these are basically the same brushes, they are super soft, softer and denser than the Fu-pa 13 and 07, it’s great but not all foundation brushes should be as soft and dense because at some point they will stop buffing and blending and they will just suck all the product like thirsty vampires.

To limit the sucking and benefit from their high quality and softness, I use them once there is no much product left to suck on the skin.. and leave their job to just softly blend and balance the finished application, on my skin and specially in summer, they also remove the excess shine that the foundation+skincare build up and leave behind a perfect finish, not too oily, not too matte.

houkodou1If you want more details, click on the brushtemple links below…

Brushtemple link

KOYUDO FU-PA01 white

Exactly same comments as for the Houkodou, very similar, one is the dupe for the other.


You look at it and you just want to use it with no reason 🙂 If you like to massage your face skin to enhance blood flow, you can softly use it, it is gentle and you can put pressure without hurting your skin.



Pros: dense, super soft.

Cons: dense, super soft…

Brushtemple link



There is a special connection between this brush and me, it has been following me along for years, starting with the application of the Mac cream foundations or helping with the finishing for any foundation application. I believe this is what foundation brushes (goat) should have as type of material, a bit thicker, not too soft, dense but not overly dense that it stops you from working in a lightweight manner. I can also use it for pressed powders and it has a strong buffing and swiping power. Not really for liquid foundation though.


Pros: It’s like a Swiss knife, I can use it for many things, with several products, powder, cream, it plays happily with my creativity and challenges the products that I don’t use because they are either too thick or too dramatic and this brush makes them work.

Cons: It’s really big, it can do many things but its role is not written in advance, it may do things that you thought not possible or it may totally not work for you, it’s difficult to find its perfect mission in life.

Brushtemple link



Another Swiss knife, can do sooo many things, I cannot express how  much I love it specially thanks to how it looks. It’s a bit like the BP013 but this time with a reasonable size. Same kind of goat hair, not too soft, not too rough. It’s a washing brush, you are meant to use it with lotion or soap but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other things. I like it with mineral foundation, to finish the blending of any other foundation, to set, to apply blush when the blush is like a stain and so difficult to grab. This brush is directional but not as dense as the Koyudo Fu-pa01 white or the Houkodou so it’s more forgiving and more multi-purpose.


Pros: does many things and it’s just so beautiful…

Cons: none to me, but I am a bit afraid that the logo rubs off, it’s so beautiful that it will be too sad if the logo starts to fade away.


Foundation_brushes7I don’t use a lot of mineral foundation, I apply it mostly on younger skin. There are two situations where I do use it:

– in summer or during my holidays or weekends, I just apply a very thin layer of Serge Lutens powder and no liquid foundation at all unless I am going out at night.

– when I want a little bit more coverage after I apply liquid foundation, I add some powder as a thin layer.

Foundation_Brushes4I don’t like very dense brushes for that, they tend to load too much product but of course it depends what you want to do yourself. The denser and flatter the brush, the more coverage you’ll get with it.





This is the brush that deserves the most raving of 2014, for those of us who enjoy dense brushes but who can’t find a soft enough brush for them, this is gold. This brush is dense but still allows control, it’s soft but still buffs like a true buffer. They have found a very nice balance between softness, flexibility, density and they kept it at a nice price, its quality is outstanding and I can’t get enough of it.


Pros: A gentle buffer and an unique brush with a fair price.

Cons: None although the application can result too heavy and directional depending on how you use it and with what, I do prefer very sheer layering that is accomplished with less dense and longer bristles.

Brushtemple link



I love this brush to pieces, I think it’s a totally underrated brush. I use many powders that are a pain to pick up in a fair amount, for example the Ladurée, or the Guerlain Meteorites, sometimes I just want to load and rub the brush also with the insurance that I am not going to destroy it.

Perfect density so it doesn’t feel like a solid mass of hair on the skin and its flexibility follows the face features perfectly well. Unlike other similar ones (Hakuhodo J527 for example), this Purin has more flexibility and is more easy to use, specially on sensitive skin.

purin01The little Ladurée things here are a pain to get anything out of them, but the scent and the subtle shine is something I adore so this brush is a match made in Heaven.

purin_ladureeSince the Rae Morris 21 and this Koyudo Purin are so similar both serve same purpose. The Purin is less dense.


Pros: It’s so soft yet solid, fantastic for many uses, mineral loose, pressed, finishing powder, etc… I usually don’t like pink but I do like the pink surface and doesn’t bleed. Great price.

Cons: The pink surface is cute, although there is a lot of pink going on in there… it goes well with it but I wish this shape was also on their other series that are more neutral.

Brushtemple link



I have the same comments as the Koyudo Purin, similar shape, a bit smaller and more dense. Although this is squirrel hair, it feels similar softness as the goat hair of the Purin above. It’s stronger and has thicker squirrel bristles, a bit like Paula Dorf, much more resilient than Chikuhodo Z series in case you wonder.


Pros: I love that it’s dense and yet does not feel like a mass of hair, super nice also with finishing powders and the Ladurée I also mentioned before. I love the look.

Cons: More expensive.



It’s not the softest brush but I love it because it’s just a no-brainer, it’s not as soft and pleasant as other finer goat brushes but it gets the job done really well and that’s why I don’t see myself without it. It’s a real huge mama powder brush.

Pros: Gets the job done really well, fast, doesn’t ask questions. On holiday it’s the one I take to do everything… it’s really too big for that but I have one small brush that can do whatever I need on holiday so I am happy.

Cons: Not overly rough but not overly pleasant either…

Brushtemple link

As far as I am concerned, I love to apply mineral foundation with brushes that aren’t overly dense and domed, unfortunately, I often find that so-named “mineral foundation brushes” are often too dense to allow an easy control on the application, I prefer to work in layers, layering more product only where it’s necessary, not layering where it’s not. When you use “mineral foundation” brushes (or kabukis) that are too dense, the application may not be very easy to achieve, specially for beginners. I personally don’t mind using “washing brushes” for mineral foundation.


For example this Kihitsu (gold and red), the Chikuhodo (black and red) and the Kashoen are all “face washing brushes” and yet, fantastic for mineral foundation. Specially this Chikuhodo, it’s very airy, remains firm enough to buff and soft.

chikuhodo_3The Kihitsu is less soft and more dense than the Chikuhodo.


Brushtemple link





It’s my fav for cream contour, not the right size for foundation unless you need to work only on small zones, but for contour it’s fantastic. There is also the Shu Uemura 18 or the Chikuhodo G-10 that are similar but this is the softest of the 3… and I believe today it’s the cheapest.bp014_1

Pros: High blending power without messing with the underneath foundation application

Cons: None to me, as long as I don’t use it for foundation, too small for that.

Brushtemple link

MAC 130


Well, here’s one Mac… surprise!

With cream highlighter it’s as good as it gets. I hate to use a dense brush for highlighter because you are supposed to work lightly on the surface of whatever you applied before, specially without destroying that base. I can stipple and work with care any type of cream highlighter. It’s truly a clever gem. I wish their foundation brush was similar but bigger, the Mac 187 is too floppy to be efficient enough imho, but it would be great if it was more like the 130.


Pros: The one and only for cream highlighter.

Cons: I don’t like handle and I wish the bristles were white goat and synthetic, instead of black goat and synthetic.

Brushtemple link



I have two strategies for concealer: either I want to enhance and simply enlighten a zone or I want to conceal something in particular. My concealer brushes will either work with precision or on a very wide zone.

On myself, I use the Burberry pen when I want to have something in my bag, otherwise recently I started using the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye under eye concealer for a daily use. I use just the smallest speck because that product goes a very very long way. I  heat that tiny speck of product between the fingertips, apply it straight with the fingertips underneath the eyes, pat pat pat and use the remaining product on the top lip (cupids bow) and on other parts of the face where I want it. Then when I want to set it (I don’t really need to), I usually set it with the Chikuhodo Takumi T-6 and that’s it. This IT concealer does a great job, my under eyes remain hydrated and it really enhances the appearance of my skin, amazing.


The beautiful Chikuhodo Takumi T-6 is a dream for the skin, so fluffy and so soft, absolutely divine brush, specially for setting the foundation in very specific and sensitive zones, I just simply adore it!



It’s the one I use the most, I am lucky I don’t feel like I need concealer but I do love to enlighten the under eye area or other parts of the face where it’s appropriate. I love its thickness, it’s blending power, its shape. If I don’t use this one because it’s too dirty to perform, then I take the Hakuhodo J4005, but it’s thinner and the surface is not as “fluffy”.


Hakuhodo vs Rae Morris


Pros: Clever shape and thick enough to be used with its surface, can also do sculpting and placement of foundation or contour.

Cons: None really.



I just love to apply the concealer with synthetic brushes, I feel like the finish is not as dry, this brush is the perfect medium size for me.

Pros: Great size, great shape that comes to a point but the point is not floppy.

Cons: Unknown yet… so far so good.



These series have a few gems, I hate the short handles but I have to admit that they are uncommon brushes, fun and actually efficient.

Pros: Great head size, not floppy at all yet super duper soft, amazing for the delicate under eye skin.

Cons: Such a short handle is killing me…


I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it takes me so long to post, hopefully I will be back soon for regular posting 🙂

I don’t have Brushtemple links for all the brushes yet but hopefully 2015 will allow me to work on it 😉 In that Brushtemple you will find more specific details about the brushes.

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212kiki 4 February, 2015 - 10:19 pm

I can only agree to the kashoen brush its a fucking working whore ! I first thought it’s only a nice brush and I want it for the nice ferrule but it came twice with me on a weekend trip for blending foundation, applying a bit Powder after that and even blush … Such a gem !

Radiance is also love for me which I’ve never thought it would be !
I must say I only have a handfull of foundation brushes … Sold some because I think I found my gems ! I’m mostly a collector for cheek and powder brushes and Kabukis because they are also perfect for petting I think whahahahaa 😛

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 5 February, 2015 - 9:44 am

That’s a great strategy! 😀
It’s good to know that you also use the Kashoen for other things, it would be a shame if we don’t use its full potential 😀
Just wait for the blush brush post o_O 😉

Kay 4 February, 2015 - 10:53 pm

Hi Sonia, thank you for this lovely informative post! So happy that you squeezed in some time to write this — have missed you a lot! My favorite liquid brush is the FuPa 13-p and for mineral the FuPa 14, I love them so much I eventually bought backups so I can rotate them. I have yet to try a Rae Morris brush but your favorite is tempting. I’ve been appreciating the thin shield style brushes more with time, especially for cream blush, my favorite is the Hakuhodo G5554, lots of control and soft.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 5 February, 2015 - 9:45 am

Hi Kay, I miss you too! If you like the G5554 you will probably adore the Rae 🙂
Let me know if one day you try it ok ?

Lecia 4 February, 2015 - 11:27 pm

Great post Sonia, thank you so much! The RM 23 is a huge favourite of mine, I use it every day. However, it is listed as a blend of synthetic/goat on the Rae Morris website, not 100% synthetic. I used to like the mac 130 for highlighter or cream blush, then I got the Hakuhodo Snow Fairy Christmas set. I haven’t touched the mac brush since I’ve had the all white duo fibre brush from that set. Limited edition is such a pain, I wish Hakuhodo would put this one into their regular brush series, but the similar ones they offer are all angled.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 5 February, 2015 - 9:50 am

Hi Lecia, you are 100% right, it’s listed as a goat/synthetic mix but I can’t feel any goat bristles, unless there are only very very few and within the center of the brush, I am going to ask Rae just to make sure where they are placed 🙂
The Snow fairy set brush is fantastic, the closest thing to the 130 actually, LE brushes when they are so clever is such a huge pain!!! the others from Haku I find them too dense so we are loving the same type apparently 🙂
I’ll keep you posted with more details on the goat bristles for the RM 23 🙂

Sanikki 5 February, 2015 - 3:33 am

Thank you Sonia, beautiful post as usual. I gave a few of these and I seriously love them including the Fupa 01, 02, 07 and 13 as well as the the Fupa 14 which I mostly use for blush. The kashoen I had not thought of using for foundation but I will give it a go in the morning. Highlight brushes seem to be evading me so I would love to get to that update soon. Plan to speed up my reading because you give so much information and I want to soak up all of it.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 5 February, 2015 - 9:52 am

Thank you Sanikki!
It’s fun to have you around and see your interest growing, I hope you will find only brushes you love and enjoy using 🙂 can’t wait to see them on Insta!

Christine 5 February, 2015 - 5:14 am

Because of you I own 4 radiance brushes.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 5 February, 2015 - 9:53 am

Christine, I hope you are loving them, I guess you are otherwise you wouldn’t buy 4 of them… 🙂 or did you get the 4 at the same time??

Stacey 5 February, 2015 - 5:46 am

I start reading. Ok. I can handle this. Then there comes with so many afterwards. I have to spend several days…only a bit each time to finish this. So many beautiful brush. I get dizzy with excitement. Thanks Sonia. BTW, don forget Sonia Rykiel cosmetics will be discontinued after March 2015. I bought a couple of shadows quads and lipstick products. Beautiful quality.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 5 February, 2015 - 9:55 am

Hi Stacey,
you crack me up, yes take your time, I am still recovering from the post, and preparing with another series…
I ordered two more blushes but I am so sad she stops the SR line!!

Lillian 5 February, 2015 - 6:32 am

What a wonderful, satisfying read! I feel like smoking a cigarette!!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 5 February, 2015 - 9:56 am

hahaha Lillian… ok… I am happy to be able to do that to people, that’s fun, you just made Richard laugh too 😀 😀 😀

Surabhi 5 February, 2015 - 10:14 am

Hi Sonia,

As usual the most thorough post, thanks a lot! I own Koyudo fu-pa07 & fu-pa14, BP014, the Rae Morris ones, Chikuhodo Takumi and I agree every bit with your assessment on these.

My fav is the Koyudo fu-pa14..I remember receiving it and thinking that it wouldn’t do the job applying mineral foundation as it wasn’t dense enough, but boy was I surprised! It is just perfect, dense enough for sheer to medium coverage when I tap & swirl the foundation in and for the areas that need extra coverage, I just let the foundation sit on top of the brush and then buff it in. It works amazingly well for my super sensitive and sometimes super broken out skin, all while feeling like the softest satin or silk in the world. For long I thought that Koyudo has magically achieved the balance of flexibility and density just for my skin and reading your comment made me smile!

Reading your ‘cons’ comment on Kashoen made me wonder, do you do anything to keep the logos on your brushes? I just received the Chikuhodo Takumi Set and I have kept the brushes nicely tucked away in their pouch because that red (my fav color!!) logo is just a piece of heaven and I am paranoid about these rubbing off. In the past, I used to put tape on my MAC brushes knowing that I could take it off if I didn’t like it one day. Somehow not sure about it with these gorgeous (and expensive $$) brushes. I have heard people putting clear nail paint on it. I am not too sure about it..would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of love from India…Surabhi

P.S. Looking forward to your brush museum 😛

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 8 February, 2015 - 5:42 pm

Hi Surabhi!

I see you have great brushes w:) and thanks a lot for your feedback on them!
That fu-pa14 is a gem, good to know how you use it and that it also helps with your sensitive skin, Koyudo nailed it 🙂
About the Kashoen, no I don’t because sometimes, applying nail polish or any other thing on top of it can cause reactions and more damage, so I don’t risk it.
Kashoen did listen to me and they changed their methods, it has helped, now the logo looks more solid, so I am just hoping that it really stays but since nearly all brushes have this issue, my hopes are moderated though…
Best think I can do is make sure I don’t have residues on my hands when I am using them, to avoid any type of reaction.

Lots of love from Switzerland 🙂

Lyanna Stark 5 February, 2015 - 5:39 pm

Really enjoy getting “current favorites” updates from you, since our preferences and products do tend to change over time. Thanks, Sonia!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 8 February, 2015 - 5:45 pm

Absolutely Lyanna, it’s essential to keep that in mind, sometimes we can feel sad and we can just solve it changing products or tools 🙂
my pleasure sweetie 🙂

Midnitedesire 5 February, 2015 - 8:23 pm

I’m drooling here hahaha 😀
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us such a wonderful post!
we missed you a tons around here. I hope everythings goes as smoothly as possible and you soon have your beautiful new office/brush room

Anyway, i\m very happy to your post and look forward to seeing THE ROOM! 🙂

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 8 February, 2015 - 5:47 pm

Yes Tesla, you will definitely be seeing the room, Richard is getting ready to do some sanding now >:)
I just try to keep calm but if I could show you how impatient I am right now you would be frightened!! it takes forever *cries*

Lecia 5 February, 2015 - 9:24 pm

Maybe you could ask Rae to make a smaller version of the RM23 for highlighter and cream blush/contour when you ask about the bristles 🙂

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 8 February, 2015 - 5:48 pm

Yes I could do that 🙂 let’s see…

Karla 6 February, 2015 - 12:42 am

Hola Sonia, primero que nada quiero agradecerte por tu tiempo y la información valiosa ke nos proporcionas, de verdad se aprecia 🙂 el mes pasado keria comprarme la brocha fupa14 pero por no tener paypal pues no la pude comprar y pues me compre la mac 182, no es tan rasposa pero tampoco así ke muy suavecita y si vieras como tira de pelos!! El otro día nadamas por probarla me la pase por el brazo unas cuantas veces y no te miento soltó como 10 pelos chiquitos, como trozados, como ahora si ya tengo paypal a lo mejor en unos meses me compro la fupa14 y la 182 la dejo en el bolso para salir. Tengo una duda y no se sí me puedas ayudar, lo ke pasa es ke kiero comprarme la base de maquillaje estee lauder double wear light, ya la e usado antes y me gusta mucho, es de textura cremosa pero en la piel te deja un acabado natural, yo había estado usado la beauty blender pero ya tengo casi el año con ella y estaba pensando ke como ya la tengo ke reponer pues sería mejor invertir en una brocha, estaba pensando en la Marc Jacobs the face II y la tom ford no.2 pero no se..

Outshoeshopping 6 February, 2015 - 5:51 am

Hi Sonya! Thank you for your posts and for so keenly helping us all make informed decisions about our purchases! I have a question for you: how do you feel about the Chikuhodo GSN 05 vs. the Tom Ford 02 brush? I am trying to decide between the 2 but I am a bit stumped. I want to use it for cream foundations but really want something that will be versatile in case I decide to switch it up. If that makes sense? What are your thoughts?

Bea 8 February, 2015 - 9:25 pm

Finally got to reading this post. Thankfully I already own a lot of the brushes in your most comprehensive and informative post Sonia! Having said that, I will still need to add some to my never ending wish list!

Where did you get the brush stand btw? I think I need a couple. I like it since it is low to the ground and I need something small wherein it’s not too big for my eye brushes.

Lisa 9 February, 2015 - 1:23 am

Has anyone used the “washing” brushes to wash the face? Do they really clean?

I finally gave in to the temptations (Thanks to your blog, Sonia) and ordered the FU PA 14, the grey squirrel CD Japan brush and a brush comb a few days ago. The most expensive brushes I have bought yet. Up until last year I couldn’t wear any products because of my health which affected my skin conditions.

Someone recommended Youngblood mineral makeup and it seems to agree with me so far. I only own a few basic YB products like the primer, powder foundation and bronzer/shadow/blush all in one. The kabuki I currently use accentuates my pores, which I am quite conscious of. I think I am going to have to experiment with the new brushes and may be liquid foundation too. Any suggestions, anyone?

Jillian 9 February, 2015 - 8:04 am

I’d love to bring a Kashoen home with me! I’ve never given the Purin brushes a second look– but this has me wanting more. Same goes for the fu-pa series… The ones I have, I adore (especially the 14!). Koyudo might be my favorite brand. They just have so many good brushes at a reasonable price point. Thanks for sharing!

Diane 9 February, 2015 - 3:13 pm

I love the idea using the face washing brushes for fundation! Do you also use them for face washing? How are them?(I would really want to know the cat paw one hahaha)

I am surprised no Tom Ford no Wayne Goss brushes in this article….

Jen 11 February, 2015 - 3:17 am

Thank you so much for this great post. Your website is excellent. The photos are beautiful and professional. Your writing style is clear, easy to read, and enjoyable. And of course you give such detailed reviews and subtle insights on the brushes, it helps me immensely when trying to decide what to buy!
I think I am going to Japan this spring and, if so, will be in touch for some specific recommendations!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Jen 11 February, 2015 - 3:31 am

Also, as an FYI on current shipping times, I ordered the following KOYUDO brushes from CDJapan on December 19th and still have not received them yet!

BP016 Blush Brush
C011 Small Pencil Brush
fu-pa14 Gray Squirrel Powder Brush / fu-pa Series Black

That is a few days shy of eight weeks! Has anyone else waited 8 weeks for a Koyudo order?
I have emailed CDJapan three times and they assure me it is normal since the brushes are made by hand.

Judy 11 February, 2015 - 5:44 am

Sonia I could read about your brushes forever. There could never be such a thing as too long of a post, I just love reading about them. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and now I want more!!!

Karen 12 February, 2015 - 6:14 am

Hi Sonia! I so love your column; I’ve learned so much from reading it and looking at your pictures, but I have a question – did you change the format of your blog? I can’t expand the posts or the comments on my iPad so it’s very hard to read the smaller font, especially in the comments section. Is there any way you can change it back to the old format? As it is now, I can hardly see what I’m typing so I hope there aren’t any spelling errors.

Thanks so much,

Chuchi 17 February, 2015 - 5:05 pm

Ugh. I love this post so much! I just found your site perhaps 2 weeks ago and I’ve been binge reading quite frequently! Lol I have a few questions though!

Where can I buy the Kashoen washing brush? I can’t seem to find a site where I can purchase. I’ve never heard of a face washing brush and the idea of it intrigues me so much that I decided I MUST have it! I also love that it’s multi-purpose but I really want to use it to wash my face. Will it damage it is the only thing I’m worried about!

Also. I’m torn among the fu-pa02, fu-pa07 and fu-pa03. I’m upgrading from the sigma F80 and I like the fu-pa03 because of its obvious similarity to the F80. But then there’s the 02 and 07 that just tear me apart. I also never used a dual application process before so I’d still have to buy an “application” brush for them both right? I kinda also wish the 07 had a standard black model too. Lol. I’m probably the one of the few that don’t take a liking to the color pink. But in this case, performance trumps aesthetics.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 1 March, 2015 - 10:48 pm

Hi Chuchi,
For any puchase you can contact @fudejapan (this is his instagram account) if you want his email let me know, he will help you with the difficult to get Japanese items.
It may damage it a bit more as using it for regular washing, it means it will be often wet, water will alter the glue more quickly but it’s also solid and you have to remove the excess water with tissue after you use it.
Like any other brush, brushes have a life span, they are not meant to live forever… for example I wanted a body brush (from Mizuho) and they said it has a six month life span, it’s not a lot but it does endure more water and more handling…

I am not liking the fupa03, too much of a thick mass of hair. I think the 07 or the 13 may be better but it’s just my opinion. It’s a different type of approach, the dual type of application is based more on less product and a more natural coverage so I think you can gain from it, it’s very personal, I have used the Sigma for years before I needed a more subtle and flawless application due to my age and my dry skin. If my skin was the same, I could have carried on with the Sigma for longer. I am not a pink girl, better the black handles or red… but their pink is pretty, well.. very Japanese! 🙂

How to Apply Foundation - Clinique Liquid Foundation 11 March, 2015 - 2:47 am

[…] &#8211. Apply liquid foundation with our foundation brush for the most flawless finish &#8211. apply and blend with fingers if you prefer &#8211. Start at […]

Lisa 5 April, 2015 - 4:33 am

Hi Sonia,
How does the BP014 compare to GSN-5 size-wise? I am looking for something a smaller than GSN-5 for my Cover FX cream contour ad highlight.

Ade 8 April, 2015 - 7:57 am

Hi Sonia, can you (or anyone else) please tell me the difference between:

• Koyudo Purin FPr001 » http://www.koyudo.co.jp/docs/product/prseries/fpr001.html; and
• Kihitsu Purin F003 » http://www.kihitsu.jp/?cn=100081&shc=10000100

I am thinking to get one and Kihitsu’s lower price is very tempting.
Thanks! 🙂


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