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My ideal Valentine’s day

by Sonia G.

February the 14th, this is one of those days when I cherish privacy, enjoying a romantic dinner at home -preferably a menu selected by me, but cooked by my dear Valentine-, with a little present -preferably brush related if I am given the choice but I know he has his eyes on something else…  It’s on a Saturday this year, good, we can have my fav dinner and still have enough time to properly digest it before going to bed!

I am in Switzerland, I have already confessed that I was a little pig, you can make this little piggy happy with a home made Swiss Cheese fondue followed by a Swiss Chocolate fondue… -I know, I should be ashamed! Don’t call me crazy because IN SPAIN, we went -twice- to a restaurant where they serve only fondues all year long:

  1. Starters: Cheese fondue (3 different cheeses, including cheddar!!!)
  2. Main course: Beef fondue
  3. Desert: Chocolate fondue (any dark, milk or mix that you want)

When we told them we were from Switzerland, the country of the fondues, they were so anxious, so much pressure for them. It was fun and tasty though, not the best fondues of our lives but we clearly enjoyed it and went back… the year after!

There is a very good chance that Saturday will be a cheese and chocolate day -yeesssss- I’ll try to squeeze some veggies and fruits earlier just to feel good about it. I won’t cook since my bf makes the best cheese fondues ever. He buys the fresh cheese (Gruyère and Vacherin), has it grated at the shop and then at home he cooks it (it’s more of a melting  process though…) with white wine, garlic, etc. For desert it’s fruit or little pieces of cake dipped into hot thick chocolate… That’s a perfect day for me! Dinner is sorted and piggy is happy.

Now onto presents… I love presents. I love to give and to receive, but the thought is the most important thing, the value doesn’t matter to us.

Budget is temporarily on hold anyway, we need to finish the house works that have been going on forever so we keep our expenses to the minimum at this moment, but whatever the budget that doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice unforgettable little present to your Valentine. Let’s see what we can do… well, I know he doesn’t read my blog so I can actually show you:

valentineI could sell some of  my brushes and buy him a Ferrari but let’s keep it reasonable shall we… I got him a few pairs of socks!

These are “socks” but believe me: no ordinary socks! Have you already listened to a man who had to walk all day in boots, in a hot-humid weather (Japan) wearing bamboo socks ? I did. Gosh he keeps going on and on and on about how cool his feet feel and how much he loves these socks and how he is planning to replace all his current socks with bamboo ones (and also merino by the way) … he sounds just like me and my brushes! He even made me wear them, I did, I tried them on, I was blown away, it’s like SPA for your feet ladies…

They aren’t cheap, I paid 60$ for two pairs, but they are soooo worth it! You can spice your present up with some other things if you want, a watch, a perfume, a thrilling announcement, whatever but don’t underestimate the power of bamboo socks! 😀 😀 😀  When we were in Japan he got himself a few pairs, also from Burberry, so while I was shopping for luxury brushes, he was shopping for luxury socks! I added a few little things to this present but I already know he will be so happy “just” with the socks!!

Anyway, it’s just an idea but if your partner is picky and loves comfort, you may as well introduce him to this if he doesn’t know about them already!

What about meee?

My Valentine was in Fribourg yesterday for work reasons. Remember that name: Fribourg, it’s the source of the best chocolates I know! If you come to Switzerland, I really encourage you to either order them online and have them delivered to you, or go to Fribourg to their factory and taste them all.

I have always loved chocolate, with moderation, I honestly could always control myself easily… until I tasted this:


This changed all the perception I had of chocolate, these aren’t chocolates, these are works of art. They don’t always look like.. but believe me.


I remember the first time I tasted one,  sitting in front of the tv, chilling, I had one and I literally froze, I never suspected chocolate could taste like this, so exquisite and so fine. It makes you addicted. One calls for another and you don’t get fed up. My fav is the Safran by the way, my bf prefers the dark ones:

villarssafranThey are fresh, you have to eat them in 10 days, keep them in the fridge, take them out I’d say 20mn before and eat them at approx 20°.


That’s why I spotted them in the fridge last night 😀 it’s not like if you could hide anything from me when it’s in the fridge!

These were bought on the 12th of Feb and will be ok until the 6th of March, no worries, these won’t last the weekend, I’ll be happy if they last the day.

Here are the main ingredients:


And the address:

villarsaddressThis is the link of their online boutique, and for info, this box costs approx 30$, it’s 250g, I has 2 or 3 layers of chocolates.

If you have the possibility to get these, do not hesitate! Of course I am very happy with “just” chocolates, but any occasion is good to gift a brush…  I secretly hope that there is a little brush waiting for me on Valentine’s day… a woman can hope!  A few friends contacted me to recommend them make-up brushes they could buy for their wives or girlfriends to impress them, isn’t that amazing! I know many of us would love that 😀

Will you be getting any beauty item or brush tomorrow ? Do you have plans -that you can share-?

I am wishing you a very special and happy Valentine’s day <3

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Karla 13 February, 2015 - 3:40 pm

Hola Sonia, feliz día de san Valentín ! No voy a poder festejar con mi esposo ya ke el anda trabajando fuera del país, le salió una oportunidad muy buena de trabajo y pues hay ke aprovechar aunque sólo es temporal, el 15 de este mes ya cumple 2 meses de ke se fue 🙁 me la voy a pasar con mis niños, a lo mejor mi mama viene y pues aki a ver ke hacemos. Oye ke buena idea lo de los calcetines, mi esposo tiene ke usar zapatos de punta de fierro todos los días debido a su trabajo(soldador) unos calcetines como estos le caerían muy bien… Me encanta el chocolate, fíjate ke me controlo bien, una barra de chocolate no me la acabo en un día pero voy a checar la página de estos chocolates pero me voy a tener ke esperar y no comer tanto eske el otro fin de semana tengo una fiesta de aniversario de bodas y no se porke me tenía ke comprar un vestido tan ajustado :/ mi regalo ke yo me hice a mi misma para san Valentín llega hoy, mi primer brocha chikuhodo es la z8 y estoy ke no me la creo!! También me llega hoy mi base de maquillaje estee lauder double wear light, pero no tengo brocha para aplicármela, sólo la beauty blender así ke ora tengo ke buscarme una..

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 14 February, 2015 - 1:47 pm

Hola Karla, gracias pues a ti tambien, feliz dia de San Valentin! que lo pases genial aunque por desgracia no esta a tu lado… que pena!
Si creo que le caerian muy bien porque el me esta siempre diciendo que sus dedos no les lastiman como con los calcetines normales osea que seguro que le gustan y que los aprecia!
Huy, ojala te puedas poner tu vestido! jejeje bueno, solo es dentro de unos dias, aun tienes tiempo!
La z-8 la vas a adorar! cuando he recibido esa me quede sin voz, es genial, super super genial. No tengo esa base, mucha gente me ha dicho que era buena, tendré que probarla de nuevo pero en casa esta vez, con mis brochas (no me gusta que usen las del mercado por que nunca estan limpias por aqui, es un asquito!)
Hasta pronto y ya me diras como te va con esa base, vale?

Bea 13 February, 2015 - 8:57 pm

The bff has a shirt made of bamboo fabric and he loves it.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 14 February, 2015 - 1:41 pm

I think it’s just fantastic with any fabric, we have to invest more into that! 🙂

Melissa 13 February, 2015 - 9:38 pm

And of course the Villars. OH MY GAAAWWWDDDD gotta have it whenever I make it to Switzerland!!
Hubby took Villars chocolate for me last wk but from the supermarket LOOLLL But they do taste good. So I can imagine how intoxicated I’d be when eating the fresh ones!!!!! Eating chocolate while petting my furry babies. Sounds like THE PERFECT V-Day for me!!!!!
Hubby and don’t do Vdays but he took me to my fave Chinese resto yesterday and had our fave bottle of wine when we got home. I was so tipsy when I took pics of my new babies last night. LOL

HAVE A LOVING V-DAY MY SWEET!!!!! And who knows the “brush stalking” worked out just the way we wanted 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Huuuuuge hugsssssss

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 14 February, 2015 - 1:40 pm

I gave him the socks, and he was sooo happy 😀 😀 😀 I also need some for myself, seriously! walking in clouds with those!!!
We will arrange that about the chocs do not worry!
It’s not the same flavour than those at the supermarket, but at least you can keep them for longer! by the way, on my way back on Thursday I was eating the white chocolates you sent in the parcel, really tasty!! saved my trip because I was sooo hungry!
Chinese & Thai, my fav food … we did that some time ago too, tried one restaurant that was really raved and it was sooo good, felt like something else!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and sweet V day too, we’ll be petting our beauties for sure 😀
Huge big warm hugs to you <3
PS: I don't think it worked out but that's ok... I'll find a way to get myself to Koyomo-land!!

midnitedesire 13 February, 2015 - 11:16 pm

Aww sounds cute!!! 😉  My partner and i ,we don’t do anything special on Valentine’s day

Those things look so yummy not the socks tho lmbo ,but Sonia,  food talk at this hour is not helping , now I’m super  hungry lol

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 14 February, 2015 - 1:33 pm

I am eating the chocs right now… I hope you are not hungry anymore because they are insaaane !!!
I don’t like to go out on V day, it’s too crowded, I just prefer to share a nice warm day with the pets and the V-man at home 😀
Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend!! (I’ll be eating the crisps you sent me too!!)

Melinda 14 February, 2015 - 2:57 am

I bought myself the Wayne Goss face brush set for Valentines/Birthday since it’s back to back (Feb. 15th). My husband would never buy me expensive brushes or any brushes. He knows I have a lot them, but doesn’t know exactly how many though. I tried to hide some of them so I don’t get a lecture. He doesn’t know about the ones I just bought. I don’t tell him the prices either. LOL Honestly I don’t know mamy I have now either.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 14 February, 2015 - 1:31 pm

You did good Melinda! that set is what I actually recommend the most, specially to the men who asked me for Valentine’s day!
They don’t need to know anyway 😀 At the beginning I was “not showing” him, then one day he opened my drawers hahaha it’s ok, he went to Japan since then and now he just admires the artisans too much to be against my passion 😉
you will enjoy this set, lots of love to you and enjoy this beautiful day <3

Ann C. 14 February, 2015 - 4:53 am

Happy Valentine’s Dear Sonia!
Still saving for the Koyomo and Sonia Takeda brushes. 🙂

Enjoy your day love!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 14 February, 2015 - 1:27 pm

Happy Valentine’s day Ann <3 I hope you'll have a wonderful day!
Me too me too!!!! more than ever! got the Takeda, now onto the Koyomo.. 😀

Christine 14 February, 2015 - 4:39 pm

Happy Valentines Day Sonia! A few weeks ago I ordered the Chikuhodo Canadian Squirrel brush and it arrived yesterday-much earlier than I expected. I will work today but will make sure I stop by Sephora or Saks to see if they have anything new or interesting as an incentive to leave the house.

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 14 February, 2015 - 5:48 pm

Hi Christine! thank you sweetie, all the very same to you, wishing you a cosy and special Valentine’s Day! <3 even though you have to work...
Which Chikuhodo is that ? I wish I could go with you and also stop by Saks 😛

212kiki 14 February, 2015 - 6:34 pm

Wohooooo so sweet that with the socks !!
I love cheese fondue though we normally eat the german supermarket stuff ! Once my mum made it herself !
If he is after my stalking action not too much scared of me he must do some cheese fondue for us smuties when we meet you and camp in your brush room 😛 (I still hope it went to stalker spam sometimes I’m scared from myself too)
Ohhhh I must check out the chocolate too though I don’t eat that much chocolate or praline… Specially now with my diet better not 😀

Happy rest VDay my lovely !!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 1 March, 2015 - 10:38 pm

We’ll do that! fondue-brush meeting 😀
When this is finish you HAVE TO COME HERE!!! it’s mandatory!
thank you <3 I hope you had a wonderful time...*hugs and kisses*

Raglo 23 February, 2015 - 9:30 pm

This was so, so sweet, I’m teary eyes 🙂 !!!
I got “just” chocolates too and am very much satisfied 😉
Mmmmm… But yours have certainly piqued my interest :D!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 1 March, 2015 - 10:35 pm

I ended the day looking like a whale in the couch 😀 too much cheese and way too much chocolate 😛

Christine 28 February, 2015 - 7:30 pm

I wish you could come to Saks with me too!! The Chikuhodo is an eye brush from the Artist series 12-5. I finally had a chance to wash and use it and I really like it. When using it for eyeshadow application or even to blend, it is so soft, you don’t even feel it. I am really happy with it. In comparison to the Surratt large classic eye brush (I was told it is also Canadian squirrel) while its really nice, I probably prefer the Chikuhodo.

Raglo 3 March, 2015 - 1:04 pm

Preposterous. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to cheese and chocolate 😀

Tara 11 March, 2015 - 3:22 am

I have been so busy that I just saw this post! Looks like you had a very sweet and special V-Day. V-Day is more of a family day for us, with 3 kids we have no special date night on the day itself, but we try to make up for it even months later!!! But I did get a very, very special bracelet that I am too afraid to wear! Bamboo socks rock! I have a lot of bamboo shirts and they are so cool on the skin especially in our hot and humid weather here. Those chocolates sound really yummy too! I’m a chocoholic and try really hard to have just a bite or just 1 piece and it’s a struggle! But my kids always say (in chorus) “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips…” And that keeps my chocoholism well under control!!!

Sweet Make-Up Temptations 24 March, 2015 - 1:39 pm

my family also say a lifetime on the hips, we all have generous hips 😀 so everybody laughs at each other and it’s fun (but so sad too!!) 😀
I hope you also enjoyed that day fully, you have to wear your precious bracelet, we don’t live forever 🙂
Once you tried bamboo you stick to bamboo!! specially in hot humid weather that is just perfect!!


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