by Sonia G.

A collaboration between Tatcha and Kashoen gave birth to this Limited Edition white goat hair cleansing brush.

“It combines the art of the tea ceremony (or otemae) with time-tested geisha beauty rituals for an elegant effective way to care for your complexion”.

Kashoen is one of the oldest brush makers of Japan, I have met them several times and also visited their impressive luxurious boutique in Ginza.  I have a few brushes from this brand that I truly deeply love and I also own the similar Kashoen cleansing brush that I use for mineral pressed foundation. By the way, my Kashoen cleansing brush has a purple urushi ferrule because it was a special edition but you can still get it if you contact them directly.

The Tatcha brush is similar to the Kashoen, but has a 24-karat gold plated ferrule and a birchwood handle. The Tatcha version is not exactly as soft as the Kashoen and also not as evenly bundled, however, I tried the Tatcha with their rice enzyme powder and it feels just perfect for this purpose, cleansing brushes are not supposed to be super mega soft or super mega even either, they don’t need to in order to perform well and they probably perform even better with cleansing if they aren’t, but I still wish it had the perfected shape my Kashoen has.


I will keep the Kashoen for applying mineral powder and the Tatcha for using the rice enzyme and as a cleansing ritual.

I have been chatting with Tatcha customer services, you can either put some powder in the bowl, then damp your brush in water and swirl it in the powder, or you can mix some powder with a tiny bit of water directly in the bowl and swirl the mixture (starting with the dry brush), either way would be fine.


The maintenance of the brush is just to rinse it after use, squeeze out the excess water (I always remove the excess with a paper tissue) and leave it to dry on the stand. It has to be deep cleaned too, like a regular make-up brush, but no need to do that on a daily basis.

The brush set is 124 usd, I also ordered the dry skin ritual discovery kit so that I could give those products a good try, I have been using their cream for a few days now and I am surprised I don’t see any dry patches appearing, my pores are minimized and my skin feels nice but I have to carry on trying for longer to make sure this is working for me.

I have used the cleansing method with the brush a couple of times, at first it feels like you are getting a shave 😀 The process of cleansing your skin with such a method feels weird, it makes me think of swimming with my clothes on -what a strange thought- but then it feels good and I barely can stop… But, I couldn’t do that ritual everyday and I am certainly not doing it just before going to bed, I am way too tired and I find just enough energy to remove my make-up, sometimes I even remove it immediately when I am back home so that I don’t have to face this laborious task when I am half asleep.

This type of geisha ritual is very new to me, I regularly buy cleansing brushes but to use with make-up and powders instead, I often find they are dense but still airy so they allow more control, and they are soft but not overly soft so that makes them better blenders.



I love the look of the stand on my vanity, it looks very pro and fun. If you don’t need the Tatcha bowl, or if it is sold out, you can try the Kashoen brush, the quality of the brush is even better.


Thank you sweet Carlyn for your help in getting this set and thank you to my friend smuties for pointing me to this beauty!! <3

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Eileen 7 January, 2016 - 6:56 pm

I have used Tatcha’s cleansing powder for years and so I picked up this pretty set during the Friends & Family event as a fun gift for myself. I’m very glad I did. I use the powder as a morning cleanser and find that it takes no more time or trouble than any other cleansing medium (a cleansing wipe is the obvious exception). I shake a bit of powder into the dish and swirl the wet brush around to form a creamy mixture which I then spread all over my face and neck. I leave the cleanser on my face while I rinse out the brush (it’s an enzyme cleanser after all) and then splash my face and neck with lukewarm water and blot dry. It leaves my skin as smooth as the proverbial baby’s butt. Start to finish is less than a minute. Between the enzymatic action of the powder and the use of a brush, I get a gentle, daily exfoliation that is easily tolerated by my mature, dry, sensitive skin. To a lot of women who are the no frills type, having a “ritual” and an apparatus to go with it probably seems fussy and like a waste of time, but once you get the hang of it, it is neither. BTW, I have mild, well-controlled rosacea and so I use the Indigo version of the powder as it was created specifically for people with skin conditions that require extra gentle care. Bottom line: Is this pretty brush and bowl a necessity? No. Would it be greatly appreciated by a cleansing powder enthusiast? Definitely.

Silvia 10 January, 2016 - 3:04 pm

I think I will keep away from the facial brushes for now. However, apart from make up brushes I am also obsessed with hair styling brushes. For those who have lots of hair and long/wavy/frizzy I highly recommend you Ibiza Hair brushes: specially brush RLX5, my favourite and B7 (blonde bristles for more shine) and Z5 (super easy to use concave shape). These brushes are very popular among stylist, you will find reviews in Allure magazine. The manufacturer is a Barcelona company called Regincós (i’m not affiliated lol) and they also have their own brand collection. If you want naturally shiny and non-frizzy hair they are a must have. Again, they are not cheap but a nice investment just like fude and who wants to brush their hair with a cheap plastic brush anyway? welcome natural bristles 🙂

Alex 25 March, 2018 - 9:49 am

I can’t find this anywhere to purchase. Is there an alternative or more affordable option.

Sonia G. 25 March, 2018 - 4:17 pm


the same that made this brush, made the one here : https://www.alexcious.com/products/detail2553.html
so this is the same brush.

Otherwise I completely advise you to get the Koyudo Cw 07
it’s super similar in feeling and functionality and almost cheap!

Gold Yard 21 March, 2020 - 9:01 pm

Thanks so much for this! Black woman into Natural hair (such as myself) use a system called “low manipulation” for hair, and I’m a strong believer in it as a skincare solution using almost exclusively brushes for application. I’m brand new to skincare (turning 35 tomorrow and used sunscreen for the first time last summer, yikes!!! So many regrets…) and NEEd rituals. I bought an old but sealed tatcha deep polish from Mercari and doused water onto a half teaspoon in a bamboo bowl before mixing with a Truself Organics (cheap for experimentation) brush and surprise surprise… no foaming. Still made a surprisingly significant impact on pores after that one use. After trying again just now with your instructions for much less water… Success!!! It’s addictive, I won’t even bother Trying dupes…. now for finding a sustainably sourced brush equivalent to the Kashoen. My preference for Recycled plastic and plant based brush bristles are extremely hard to find 🙁 Only urban decay and 100% Pure offer them, but none near this shape or feel.

amy 24 January, 2024 - 8:54 pm

excellent article Sonia, as always, you are being honest.


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