by Sonia G.

Suqqu launched a Limited Edition palette -slightly on the daring side- with this Rengazome. I consider Suqqu to be a brand with very lovely textures but unfortunately I wished the combinations were more unusual, sometimes their shades or textures may feel a bit like deja vu, well, unless you are a Suqqu lover for whom all palettes are worth the hunt.

With the recent palettes Suqqu is entering a new category, reaching different customers and adding more bravery to their collection, that’s a good thing to me. I truly enjoy getting out of my comfort zone but I prefer to do it with the support of a great Suqqu formulation 😀 with this Rengazome they got better than usual in terms of quality. In the compact these shades result in the most beautiful autumn camouflage colors I have ever seen together and I was really curious to see if on the eyes it’s a combination that works.


I started using the golden khaki, beige and brown, so far so good, I could see definition and intensity without it looking like just one complex shade slapped on the lids. The blending was super easy and the shades were not competing against each other, the transition is gorgeous and yet you still see each shade’s territory, that’s exactly what I love.

Then I needed to add that red shade into the look, usually it’s when I screw up everything, I want to be brave and in fact I just destroy whatever I had started, there’s a big huge gap between expectations and reality as my ageing eyes cannot take whatever I used to throw at them some years ago! Painful and sad truth. The last time I was wearing a reddish shade on my lids it’s when my bf told me “lucky we don’t have to go through customs today”.

So, I added that red shade as transition and near the crease, mostly on top of the khaki, it did not destroy my look it enhanced it, instead of looking like I was on drugs it looked amazing and the 4 shades came together so nicely! You will have to excuse me but I have no pictures to show you even though I have been using this palette every day, taking pictures at this moment (that would be useful to you) is almost impossible. I was wearing this look on my last instagram picture but with the front camera of my phone even though I remove all corrections it still blurs the picture.

My palette looks so used already but it is now a staple and automatically reach for it, not only for weekends but also for any occasion. It’s interesting to see that you get a buildable application with a brush, depending on the brush, more or less intense but always a nice controllable and even pigmentation.


The Khaki

The golden khaki and the red shades are the most stunning of this quad. Usually I don’t care for greens or khakis but this one is an exception. There is a golden sheen to it with micro sparkles, it’s see-through which makes it so much more wearable than metallics for ageing lids.


Rengazome is the most buttery of the 4 greens, my favorite by far in terms of quality, finish and colour.


The red


The red is a bit similar to Guerlain Les Fauves, Les Fauves pulls more coral and Suqqu pulls more brick, the quality and lasting power is very superior on the Suqqu, Les Fauves is a powdery satin/matte and Suqqu a silky satin.

I have tried to compare it to the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Red Ochre and Realgar but none is similar, they are darker and more matte.


The brown


I thought Suqqu had many browns like the Rengazome in their current collection but there aren’t actually, many Suqqu browns pull purple actually. I found Matsukasa which is darker but a bit similar.

I don’t need anymore browns in my collection but when I saw this DIOR Animal I was totally captivated, was lemming it for quite a long time, thinking I could resist to having another great quality brown but not! Here it is! The Suqqu and the Dior look a bit similar and may appear quite boring but they are still staples to me and so useful. I prefer the Dior’s texture (it’s more buildable from very sheer to dark) but both apply nicely, the Suqqu has better lasting power though.


The Beige 

I don’t have comparisons of the beige shade because I could not find an exact similar one in the current Suqqu range. What I could say about it is that usually Suqqu lightest pans are either white mattes (often invisible) or sparkly golds for example like the one you see in the swatch below, they tend to apply less evenly and sparkles may transfer to other spaces, but unlike those, this beige in Rengazome has shine but is see-through and applies evenly. The fastest way I transform an elegant look into a tacky one is when I add the wrong texture of a shiny shadow on the eyelids, my wrinkly eyes just cannot take it very well at all, the shadow has to be satin, it can shine but I have to be so careful, this Rengazome is not like that, it doesn’t make my eyes look too frosty or overly made up.


In a way, I think this palette’s shades look like something Chanel would release (I love Chanel shades), when I am finished with Rengazome and I look in the mirror my first thought is that it looks like something Chanel would create but it’s better quality, not creasing, not frosty. I haven’t tried the very last similar Chanel quad but I know that another thing I love about this Suqqu is the range from light to dark colors, allows more creativity.

I hope Suqqu continues to deliver such nice quality and gorgeous shades, I absolutely recommend it!

It has already been released at Selfridges but not yet at Harrods and Fenwicks in Bond Street London where it should be released on the 25th of August. If you wish to check if you can reserve or purchase it somewhere, you may contact them at suqquuk@eqpuk.com

By the way, I have tried to order some of the collection when it was released on Selfridges but my experience with Selfridges is not that good. I had many items in my basket, total value of 250Gbp, I wanted to pay but at check out I got a message saying I needed to renew my credit card secure code, which the bank told me it has to be done by mail. Since I had to wait and could not use my CC I wanted to use paypal but I could not, paypal has never worked with Selfridges, it does with everybody else but not Selfridges.  I had already sent many mails months (or years) ago,  I decided to call this time but they said on the phone they could not help, that they knew it wasn’t working for many customers and that I had to use another form of payment. If you had the same experience, I would like to know if you managed to solve that issue with them.  As a result, I could not order the items that were in my cart… but I received a few of them from Suqqu shortly after (not related to my experience with Selfridges online sales).

The palette has been given to me by Suqqu but this is still my very own humble opinion!


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Laura Loukola 22 August, 2016 - 6:54 pm

I love seeing comparison swatches! You have such a great collection of older SUQQU quads, I’m happy to see especially how the khakis compare. Rengazome is such a great palette, for me the red isn’t intimidating at all. 😀

ps. Congratulations again and happy to see you back blogging!

xx Laura from Laurantaina Beauty Blog

Sonia G. 23 August, 2016 - 4:18 pm

Thank you Laura! There are never enough Suqqu quads 😀 I am crazy I know!!! 😀 I still remember my very first purchase of Suqqu I did not know I would have so many today!
I imagine for you it’s certainly not intimidating 😀

Ann C. 23 August, 2016 - 2:38 am

Welcome back Sonia! As always I love your review. No eotd but your detailed review, comparisons and swatches gives us vivid descriptions of each shade. Love you! Kisses to Alice

Sonia G. 23 August, 2016 - 4:13 pm

Thank you Ann 😀
I am so sorry about the non eotd, taking the time to do a few posts is already so difficult but this palette may be released tomorrow at Harrods so I had to publish something before! 😀 and you can picture me holding Alice and doing my make-up with the other hand 😀 not easy and not precise at all! eyeliner is fun though 😀
Love you!! and kisses back!

Carlyn 23 August, 2016 - 6:24 am

Oh Sonia, why do you make me crave things I didn’t want originally? Well, lucky for my wallet this is already OOS. Great comparison pics. What a pain with Selfridges. I do wish that the quantity of these LE palettes would accommodate everyone who wants one, its a shame to not own this if one wanted to.

Sonia G. 23 August, 2016 - 4:05 pm

haha Carlyn, I don’t often push people but this is the most worth of Suqqu, unlike the past collection that I use now just occasionally and mostly for fun, I can’t live without this quad anymore 😀 I will talk to Suqqu and see if they could plan to cover a wider range of customers, who knows maybe they can do something with the production. Omg it just reminded me of my village’s patisserie, Richard went to pick up some croissants and in spite of being just shortly after opening time, there were none left. Richard asked them if they could plan to make a few more each weekend since every time he comes there are none available anymore. You know what they replied? they said, “why would we? we sell all the ones we make!” duh 😀

Kay 23 August, 2016 - 10:00 am

I was surprised to see you blogging so soon — but very pleased to see your incredible swatch comparisons! Your thorough and enthusiastic review and Wondegondigo’s looks with this palette pushed me over the edge and I just ordered one from BonBon! It looks like it will be a lot of fun to play with.

As for Selfridges, I haven’t had any problems checking out — am only unhappy with the small number of LE palettes offered and errors with wrong lipsticks sent. I hope they can fix your payment issue as it doesn’t make sense for a large company not to be able to fix it.

Sonia G. 23 August, 2016 - 3:56 pm

Hi Kay, I heard same complaints about very limited amount of compacts available, what a shame! I almost ordered something from Bonbon too… but dont forget there is also Harrods who will launch the collection I believe tomorrow and if you know someone locally in London, Fenwick are also going to get it in Bond Street. This quad is worth hunting, unlike some others that are targeting more specific customers this one is really versatile, I see myself hitting pan and it will probably be the only one from Suqqu that I will actually hit pan on!

I try to get back to blogging as quickly as I can but it’s not easy I admit, trying to organise my days is a challenge! you can imagine her on my lap as I write 😀 I wanted to have twins but now I am relieved in a way that I did not cause I can barely take care of 1 with or without the blog 😀

Kay 23 August, 2016 - 10:26 pm

I contacted BonBon as I noticed this palette disappeared from their website today. They said I got the last one so it’s getting more elusive with time.

As for blogging, don’t push yourself. You can always blog but you need to take good care of yourself and Alice now. And you can’t get back the magic of this first year when they sprout so quickly. I’m sure Suqqu and your readers understand!

Sonia G. 24 August, 2016 - 5:43 pm

I don’t leave her side even when I write and do my best to play with her when she is awake, she grows up so so fast! she changes every day and every day I see new reactions, it’s wonderful! 🙂
Well, as you say it’s magic!

I am happy you managed to grab one palette, just in time apparently! 😛

Kiss & Make-up 23 August, 2016 - 11:39 am

The red quad looks absolutely beautiful! I’m just wondering though, is there a Suqqu branch in Switzerland?

Sonia G. 23 August, 2016 - 3:47 pm

It is beautiful! No there isn’t any Suqqu branch in Switzerland, recently Tom Ford opened in Globus Gva so you should be able to find TF make-up there if all went as expected.
However, I have almost all items Suqqu so if you wish to try something you can still come up here 🙂

belly 23 August, 2016 - 8:15 pm

Hello lovely mum, Sonia!
I am so glad to see this new post and it is so comprehensive and thorough. What an amazing set of comparisons to other similar shades. I 100% agree this is definitely one of the best quads they’ve released. 🙂
Hope you guys are all adjusting to a new beautiful addition to your (human) stash. Thank you for sharing that wonderful photo with us on IG.

Sonia G. 24 August, 2016 - 5:38 pm

Hello darling Belly!
I wish Suqqu continues to surprise us, Suqqu lovers 😀
Oh… adjusting not quite so well for now, I don’t do much except for taking care of her but she is so insanely cute, she melts my heart! I cannot believe 1 month is already gone! I hope to get in some sort of routine soon 😛 Lots of hugs from Zombieland 😀


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