by Sonia G.

On the 6th of October, Suqqu UK will release their 2 new Limited Edition palettes EX-35 Yuki Tsubaki and EX-36 Fuyu Sumire. This is part of the first collection designed by Jorge, make-up artist and creative consultant for Suqqu. I had the chance to meet him twice and he is a very talented make-up artist but above all a very kind and funny person.

I have the EX-36 to show you, Fuyu Sumire is a winter violet “growing in well-lit areas across hills and fields. Its small petals have a delicate charm and beauty that is translated into a soft yet sophisticated glamour on the eyes.” This palette has 3 matte shades, a very dark burgundy brown, a vibrant lilac, and a light blue which is actually the primer. The only shiny shade is a pink with a micro sparkle effect but it actually looks more beige or peach than pink.

Suqqu team says the light blue is the primer, I have also used it to mattify and fine-tune other shadows from other palettes that were too shiny on my eyes. This light blue changes the final color of the other shadows, it doesn’t only mattify or prime, it’s a bit like adding an icing coating on top, it tones down and adds a velvet finish to them. In this case I think it’s a shame to use it paired with this lilac, this lilac is gorgeous on its own, it’s a matte but feels more like a satin, not super pigmented but somehow it was effortless to apply and shows up beautifully, it’s a lilac for adults, if you are scared of lilacs (like I am…) this is a very elegant shade, imho a great achievement.

The pink/beige/peachy shade is my second favorite after the lilac, it doesn’t add an opaque layer but brightens and enhances the rest of the look, seriously it’s like a magic wand, I think the look is not achieved without it or at least a touch of it.


I digged up two of the Suqqu permanent palettes for comparison with some shades. Mizuaoi and Awafujisukahi seemed appropriate for the case.


Fuyusumire is like a different version of Mizuaoi, so if you miss the EX-36, the 08 or 19 are the closest in the Suqqu collection.

Regarding the dark burgundy/brown shade, the texture is pigmented, applies and blends well, it pairs nicely with the others shades in the palette, it’s the type of shade that I have to use with moderation or my eyes will look bruised but as long as it’s placed with precision it works perfectly well.


I also have the lilac/lavender palette #2 from Serge Lutens but in comparison Serge Lutens are grey variations of lilac/lavender.




This is how I usually wear this palette, the lilac in the crease, the dark in the outer v and the pink in the inner corner. On the bottom lash line: the dark in the outside and the lilac in the inside.



It’s very wearable and that lilac is stunning, the pigment doesn’t show a lot on the picture but it’s so pretty in real life,  I love when the light hits, it reveals a silky slightly pearly finish on the skin that is intriguing, the kind of shadow that you see on others and you want to ask what it is.  It’s one of my favorite palettes from Suqqu but recently they are being really interesting, they already had my devotion but now more than ever capture all my attention at each release.

If you know me, you know how much I love Suqqu, I have been collecting all the palettes I could for many years, giving them my money even when I had to make big sacrifices in order to afford it.  I have received this palette from them but I know how tough getting hold of their collection has become. Today, even if I love Suqqu more than ever, I have to admit that being a fan when it’s so painful to get hold of their collection is upsetting and frustrating, even if it’s only makeup. I don’t know what their production or logistics process is, if it’s a marketing thing, could they produce more or at least make some of these palettes permanent ? I don’t think it’s the same as brushes, they probably don’t need to hire 20 additional artisans to handcraft the palettes, as far as I know these are not handmade and as far as I know materials are not limited, so please I beg you Suqqu, make the process of reserving/purchasing your products easier. Every time I write about a Suqqu LE item I feel like I am torturing your Suqqu fans and this makes me sad. Maybe producing more would make the whole reservation or purchasing a lot more smoother, customers would be happier and sales assistants less in pain! 🙂

Please hop to Belly’s website if you are interested in ordering or reserving the new collection, she made a fantastic job describing the reservation process and she is insanely helpful. I heard they will receive more batches for reservation so hopefully, all the fans who are interested will be able to get one and this would be fantastic news 🙂

The SUQQU UK Exclusive Christmas Colour Collection will (should) be available in-store at Fenwick of Bond Street, Harrods and Selfridges. Online through Harrods Online and Selfridges online. This palette retails at £45.

For reference, here are the ingredients:


For Neo 😉 :

The Suqqu 19 is one of my fav palettes, these are such beautiful shades! I love that the white is iridescent and the brown’s texture is like pure silk, not opaque, not quite see-through either.


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Jeanette 1 October, 2016 - 12:10 am

The no. 08 palette looks really gorgeous too! I like the brown shade very much.
I agree with you that it’s a shame that Suqqu/Selfridges put loyal customers off by making it so difficult to buy their products. People even put the alarm clock on in the middle of the night, but for nothing, as many items were sold out in minutes. It makes you not want to bother about their collections, because who wants to be put through such a pain.

Sonia G. 1 October, 2016 - 1:13 am

Those two palettes (19 and 08) are fantastic and at least they are not limited edition!
Yes I heard that, what a pain! the solution would be to increase the amount of items they produce, that would help a lot. Hopefully they will do something, they have been hearing our wishes with for example more matte shades, more vibrant unusual ones so now that they are even more popular and coveted they have to do something with the production!
Technically they don’t loose money, at least for now because they sell everything they produce, but imagine if they increase the production, it could be good for them 🙂 maybe they have some limitations?? who knows.
I also feel sad because I have been a Suqqu lover for a long time and I won’t be able to cope with the stress of getting products from their new releases, I won’t have the time and energy to track them to the minute. I hope I will still be able to enjoy their products in the future, now I receive a few from them but that might not last.
Big hugs to you Jeanette <3

Sandy 1 October, 2016 - 2:53 am

I don’t know why they don’t just ship worldwide from their main site.
Their makeup is in demand and people buy it used.
Anyway, I love lavender/violet shades and have that Serge Lutens palette and love
it. One of my favorite palettes. I have had my eye on this Ex-36 for some time because
of the lilac shade. I own the 04 Suqqu palette how does the dark shade in ex-36 compare
to 04 dark shade?
I will probably pass too hard to get.
Thank you for your review.

Sonia G. 5 October, 2016 - 8:54 pm

Hi Sandy, I will swatch those for you tomorrow, sorry I couldn’t as I did not had the ex-36 with me today. So we’ll talk tomorrow 🙂

Selphia 1 October, 2016 - 6:54 am

It has been so painful to purchase their LE quads in the past 2 years. It would be awesome to be able to buy them from Selfridges website since their prices are more reasonable compared to Harrods for overseas customers. If they used their preorder website like a raise of hands of how many customers are interested in those LE items then they would be able to manufacture enough stock to keep their customers happy and losses down. If they use a preorder system like (similar to kickstarter) to produce batches of previous LE, DC colours or even single shades, they’d be printing money since they already have a fan base that is willing to throw money at them but they made too hard to throw money at them which makes no sense for a business that should be making sales, not angry customers.

Sonia G. 5 October, 2016 - 8:57 pm

I hope that they got the message, the preorder would definitely help and it would make all of us so much happier!
I would love to make reviews of all the Suqqu palettes I own but knowing how hard they are to get I am just not doing that, I don’t want to cause any more frustration.
Crossing fingers this will get better in the near future! 🙂

Selphia 7 October, 2016 - 11:38 am

I tried to post the preorder suggestion on their IG, they deleted my comment. They left all the swearing insulting comments on their IG though.

Sonia G. 8 October, 2016 - 7:57 pm

Hmmm that’s strange, I don’t see why this could be offending.
What we don’t know is the complexity of their processes, or the company policies, maybe they are being forced for reasons they can’t or don’t want to disclose. The only thing I know for sure is that I personally know the sales assistants and people working for Suqqu and I can assure you they have always been very nice, always doing whatever they could to help me and their customers.
For sure they got the message and I hope we will be able to access their products more easily in the future, it would be such a pity if not!
If I know something I will keep you posted 🙂

Iris 1 October, 2016 - 10:02 am

hi Sonia!
Thanks for the wonderfully detailed review. Suqqu has been the main makeup brand that I usually reach for the past couple of years, ever since becoming a time-deprived mom. I don’t mind shelling out the £30 shipping fee from Selfridges to get my Suqqu products as they usually work really well for me. However, it has just become too stupidly difficultto get hold of their new LE releases. I do not have the time to stalk the Selfridges website every day. Even when I do make a special effort to do so, it ends in failure. I was up at 4am and 8am in the USA trying to reserve this UK exclusive collection. The first time round, both quads were out of stock despite it being less than an hour after the reservation list opened. The second time around, the entire collection was already unavailable for international mail orders. So you can imagine my frustration and disappointment, given that the brand has been hyping this collection up for weeks and getting their usual clutch of bloggers to write about it. A simple solution is to make the collection permanent, just like how the eyeshadow quads 01-06 are permanent in the UK but no longer available in Japan. Unfortunately, Japanese companies are not known for being the most nimble or flexible so I have no doubt the Suqqu UK team is operating under lots of restrictions. But like you mentioned, these are not handmade products that require ultra rare raw materials. Makeup products usually cost a tiny fraction of their retail price to produce. I wish that Suqqu would learn from brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced in terms of being actively engaged with their customers and what their customers want rather than playing this LE game that frustrates genuine fans of the brand to no end. I’m done with Suqqu, I just have no time for this chase anymore and there are plenty of other brands that are easier to give my money to!

Sonia G. 5 October, 2016 - 9:03 pm

Hi Iris!
Like you I don’t mind shelling out the shipping money as I know they also work well for me, whatever the shades I don’t regret my purchases but if they hadn’t sent these to me I probably would have missed them.
And now that we have our babies, how complicated it gets to find time and energy to go through this painful process.
I also imagine they have restrictions otherwise why would they limit the production so much compared to the demand? I feel really sad that they lost your devotion but I understand you. It’s even more sad because I know how much you love SUQQU and for a very long time! Hopefully they got the message and they can do something to improve and help us make them richer 😀

Kiss & Make-up 1 October, 2016 - 2:50 pm

Not really my kind of shades, but I’m still really curious about the brand. With every article I read here about Suqqu my interest gets piqued more and more 🙂

Sonia G. 5 October, 2016 - 9:05 pm

Hi sexy!! 🙂 You haven’t tried them yet ? if you visit a counter don’t hesitate to try them and ask them for a makeover 🙂 I remember my first visit to the SUQQU counter, I couldn’t breath 😀 so exciting!!!

Neo 2 October, 2016 - 8:14 am

Hi Sonia! Thank you so much for your wonderful review, as always :). I’m just slightly disgusted and extremely frustrated by Suqqu’s LE game, particularly with the U.K. Exclusives. I can’t even order them myself, because my billing address is in another country than my shipping address (yes, Suqqu, people move for their jobs and don’t necessarily move their bank accounts each and every time, welcome to globalization!). So a friend of mine has tried ordering it for me to get it shipped to her and then to me, the hoops we are ready to jump through for Suqqu! So grateful to my friend for trying, and feeling sorry I put her through that and to no avail 🙁 . In any case, while Suqqu has been my go to for eyeshadows for years now, I’m kind of giving up on the UK Exclusives… Which brings me to this: would you mind swatching the Suqqu #19 and the Sege Lutens #2 palettes please :)?

Sonia G. 5 October, 2016 - 9:10 pm

Hi Neo, agreed and I understand your frustration. Are you coming back by the way? we miss you!
yep, sometimes we do crazy things for what we love, hopefully it gets better soon.
Palettes are swatched for you on the post!

Neo 6 October, 2016 - 2:56 am

Thank you SO much Sonia, you are the BEST!!!!!!!! I think I need that Suqqu 19, not sure how it has escaped me so far, lol!

I’m still in Myanmar, but thanks to 2 angels and to Toshiya from Fude Japan, my access to beautiful things has not been as bad as I feared 😉

Sonia G. 8 October, 2016 - 7:46 pm

I love it so much that I don’t want to use it o_O I am so crazy!!
Ok… that’s good! but I really want you to come back!!! is it planned?


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