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by Sonia G.

I have received 3 blushes from their new Pure Color collection and after using them for a few days I am happy to finally share!


The Suqqu old blushes (Nuancing cheeks, Balancing cheeks, Gradation cheeks) were sold in cases with two separate pans, often with a different finish, shade and purpose. The combined weight of the two pans in the old blushes was 7g. I am not 100% sure if all series will be discontinued and replaced by these new ones that have become permanent, as soon as I know I will inform you, I am investigating.

I feel a bit puzzled because I never understood the true difference between “nuancing“, “gradation” and “balancing“, because at each new blush release the description of the formula was different so it did not make sense to me. I would think nuancing would be highlight/contour, gradation would be for dimension and balancing would be meant to enhance the skin’s appearance but I am not sure about that. The new Pure Color blushes have the purpose of delivering a subtle glow with one side and add a pop of colour on the other. Simples.

The formulas are different now too but the idea behind is probably the same, just to add dimension to the cheeks and allow a bit more creativity than what you could do with just one single pan. The pan in the new Pure Color blushes contains 7.5g of product.

Today the new ones are 8£ cheaper, we are gaining quantity and losing quality with regards to the applicators which became more rough.


The back of the case is now gold, the front is black with a big logo, they are also slimmer and more rectangular but the flat surface of the case it’s approx the same. You can still depot them as they kept the little holes at the back to push the pans out.

By the way the purple dots showing on the cases are the reflection of the lights here so those are not on the compacts, I just thought it looked cool 😀


new vs old cases

SUQQU official information

SUQQU Pure Color Blush, £30.00

A collection of six Pure Colour Blushers with gradated tones that fade from a subtle glow to a bright pop of colour. A unique formula of translucent and fine-grain pigments deliver pure colour. The Pure Colour Blushers contain a generous amount of oil for a smooth, non-powdery finish that blends seamlessly into the skin, plus the pigments have an amino-derived coating that result in a dewy finish. These additions help the colour to wrap skin like high-quality cashmere, delivering a natural flush rather than a blusher visibly sitting on the skin.

Either swirl both colours together, or use them separately with the lighter shade as a wash of colour and the darker shade as a pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks

01 TSUBOMIZAKI – Pink | Coral
02 HANACHAORI – Nude | Blossom
03 SUMIASAYAKE – Red | Coral
04 URUSHIBI – Red | Pink
05 YAWAKOUKI – Nude Orange | Champagne
EX-01 AKEDAIDAI – Bright Orange | Cream

01 Tsubomizaki


Nuancing Cheeks EX-02 Kohakusui – Pure Color Blush 01 Tsubomizaki  – Balancing Cheeks 03 Yawakohaku

Now, this is reaaaally speaking to me, orange, well… coral, and pink blushes are very appealing specially because they offer a very unique colour when mixed.  I very much like this one and my favourite application is when both shades are swirled together, it’s much easier to apply than having to mix the two separate pans and more tricky to achieve a similar application on both cheeks specially when the shades are more tough to pick up like with the Yawakohaku. With the new Tsubomizaki the coral shade is not as orange as on the old ones but the final color is absolutely stunning, shows up really pigmented.



I thought the Nuancing Cheeks EX-02 Kohakusui would be very similar but it’s more matte and red than the Tsobomizaki.

02 Hanachaori


01 Oshagecha – Pure Color Blush 02 – Gradation cheeks EX-01 Mizudaidai

The 2 Suqqu blushes that I thought could eventually come a bit close are the 01 Oshagecha (on the left) and the EX-01 Mizudaidai, however, they are very different.

The left shade in the Hanachaori is a bronzed peachy copper on my skin, the left shade on Oshagecha is a bit similar but the finish is almost fully matte in comparison to the Hanachaori.

The right shade on Hanachaori could be similar to the right shade on Mizudaidai but Mizudaidai is entirely matte.

I agree with Suqqu, it’s a nude blush, your cheeks but better type of, I thought I could use it as a bronzer for fair skin but the base is not as opaque as a bronzer, it blends to an almost invisible application, just gives a very healthy finish but not bronzed skin.



05 Yawakouki


03 Hinageshi Balancing cheeks vs 05 Yawakouki

The left side on Yawakouki is a very sheer peach, the right is a beige yellow, Suqqu says it’s nude orange and champagne. Compared to the old #03 Balancing cheeks the formula is very different, the Pure Color blushes are finer, softer and much easier to pick up. I find Suqqu brushes to not be the best tools to use with the Balancing cheeks, the Suqqu cheek brush is too soft to pick the amount of product I desire and if I go for a heavy polished effect I definitely have to pick a much denser or stronger brush. Today the Suqqu cheek brush is better adapted for these new blushes, although I still prefer to use a much denser brush with them!


This Tsubomizaki blush is either for fair skin or to use as highlighter, on me it shows (NW20) providing I have a sheer foundation, I pack it on and then only powder my cheeks around it, doesn’t deliver a lot of colour but instead dewy nude-ish pink cheeks or a champagne highlighted effect.

The three Pure Color blushes have a dewy finish, it’s always an elegant finish but to get the best out of them it’s a good thing to have nicely prepped skin, with good skincare and foundation or correction, it truly helps them stand out more specially when they are so sheer.

This formula is amazing for bright blushes, you have the glow without being a disco ball, I can see that like me, Suqqu customers are more interested in bright shades as they were out of stock faster than the neutral ones but these blushes are permanent, they are (or will be) available at Selfridges, Harrods and Fenwick Bond Street London, they retail at 30£. Suqqu also launched a Limited Edition Pure Color blush called Akedaidai but I was not able to order it, it was in my cart but by the time I clicked on check out, it was already gone… such a shame because I know that orange will haunt me, why do LE items always are the most interesting ones!!!

Just for reference, I am also sharing a pic of the old blushes I own for you to remember what was available, there are more but these are the ones I could get. I have noticed that the recent shades were becoming more daring and was delighted with that, using bright Suqqu shades is a bit like acrobatics with a safety net, it will be fine no matter how you do it.



My apologies as I could not share these new Pure Color blushes on my cheeks, it’s difficult to take pictures at the moment as I have a cold and very little energy for anything at all! 🙁 When I feel better and if I can do it, I will definitely post some looks.

Regarding the ingredients.. there isn’t much I can do… it’s written in Japanese 😀


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Kiss & Make-up 3 October, 2016 - 10:24 am

The gradient effect looks really pretty. And the shades are quite interesting, definitely not your run-of-the-mill colors.

Sonia G. 5 October, 2016 - 9:11 pm

It does look pretty, specially in person! 🙂

Danielle Moore 8 November, 2016 - 1:41 am

Hi Sonia,
I wasn’t sure if you were aware but the Suqqu Christmas 2016 Collection includes a limited edition brush set that has the Suqqu S Eyeshadow brush and 2 other Suqqu UK exclusives. I saw it on Lisa Eldridge’s website. I thought there would have been mention of it here on your site. It is sold out at Selfridges but I was able to get an order in by email.

Danielle Moore 8 November, 2016 - 1:41 am

Hi Sonia,
I wasn’t sure if you were aware but the Suqqu Christmas 2016 Collection includes a limited edition brush set that has the Suqqu S Eyeshadow brush and 2 other Suqqu UK exclusives. I saw it on Lisa Eldridge’s website. I thought there would have been mention of it here on your site. It is sold out at Selfridges but I was able to get an order in by email.


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