by Sonia G.

Tom Ford Soleil collections represent the supreme temptation,  I feel the need to own them not only for the content but also for their luxurious white and gold packaging!

The Summer 2017 Soleil Collection is already available at Beautylish, the sight of “SS” poping on beauty websites means winter is almost over!!!

These three items were on my top list but I will most certainly also get the Tom Ford Terra with the new formulation since I have already hit pan on my current Terra -on my second one- then I will also get the Skin Illuminator and the Bronzing Gel, in the summer I rather use bronzing gels instead of foundation, so extremely excited for that one.

Today I can share some pics and thoughts about the new trio called Soleil Afterglow and the two new duos, Paradise Lust and Reflects Gilt.

I had the Bicoastal and enjoyed the color and formula, so getting these new shades was the priority, seeing the colors of this Paradise Lust made me really impatient!!! I love corals even thought pinks often suit me better, meh.

In the SS16 the trio was coral based, the duo pink based. Now it’s the other way round, the duo is coral based and the trio pink.


The Soleil Afterglow is bolder than the Afternooner, the bronzer has also reddish undertones but it’s darker.

The highlighter shade is silky and doesn’t have sparkles or shimmers, just delivers a subtle glow that leans silver white with a just very little light pink cool hue, The Afternooner was a peachy gold with warm undertones.

The blush shade is a vivid and cool pink, it’s matte but on the skin it has more of a satin silky finish, I don’t see any powder left sitting on my skin.

The best way, and more flattering for me, is to use the 3 shades swirled together, gives the blush more warmth and dimension, and a summery glow to die for.

I use medium dense yet airy brushes for an all-over application of the three pans, I don’t layer one product on top of the other but just swirl the brush on all and then apply just on the cheeks. Once I did that, I take a more directional brush and I apply some more highlighter on its own above that application and with the same brush I apply some bronzer underneath as contour. Since I got the Wayne Goss new face set, I wanted to try them with these products and the best for the swirl is the WG 11 and for the highlighter and bronzer (as contour) the WG 10. These WG brushes are even more appropriate with this product than the Tom Ford brushes, both due to their density and shapes.

I have to admit that even with a feathery brush I often get over enthousiastic with my application, when that happens I will  use my foundation brush -with whatever product is left there from the previous application- to rectify and tone it down.


I am happy that the highlighter is more dramatic than the ones on the trios.  This Paradise Lust highlighter leaves a frosted shine with a very sheer peachy pink hue. Applied dry it has a see-through frosty base which I also prefer, definitely a hit for me. I find that opaque highlighters do emphasize my fine lines and these “lightweight” finishes work best for me although it is not a standard rule, I have to try each product to really see how it works out.

In terms of texture, these blush pans can be a bit harder to pick, don’t use soft synthetic brushes unless the bristles have grip, prefer higher density and strong bristles if you can opt for them. I heard the texture can get a bit hard to pick, although that did not happen with mine, they are consistent and I can use for example the Tom Ford #06 brush without any issue at all, well, other than lacking some precision depending on the placement I want.

I can’t report on using them wet for now as I just got them a couple of days ago but I may try … I am a bit reluctant to use them wet because I love these blushes too much to risk altering them, I don’t feel the need to use them wet since I get more than satisfying and enough coverage as they are… if you are interested, drop me a comment please!!


I use the Moodlight a lot, although it does show because I use so little of it each time! This will last me probably forever and beyond. The Moodlight has two different finishes, the white gold is not as frosty as the other darker shade, you can notice it in the swatches. I totally prefer Moodlight for that reason, having two different finishes allows me to pick a more subtle option when I need to.

The new Reflects Gilt has a bronzy and a golden yellow frosty shades, will not use the yellow as this doesn’t work on me but yes for the bronzey shade, I also tried as an eyeshadow and the frost did not scare me as much as I thought it would, I won’t wear that at the office but in summer yes definitely as a wash paired with some thin eyeliner.

I thought those two bronzey shades were too similar but the one on Moodlight leans more beige, the Reflects Gilt has more of a warm rose coppery hue in it. I don’t even know how to describe these shades.. I feel like I need an endless combination of words to get to something that can make some sense!

If I had to chose between the two, I would pick Moodlight for many reasons, main one being that the amount of product you get is really much more! For 80$ you get 0.42 oz, when the Reflects Gilt has only 0.15 oz and is 78$. Maybe they have other reasons that justify the higher price but to me the Moodlight makes more sense both in terms of price and shades/finishes.

They all come in the usual white pouch, it’s pretty but how to keep these clean in a make-up bag remains a challenge for me so I don’t use them anyway.

These products have been sent to me by Beautylish for my consideration.

Beautylish just recently started distributing Tom Ford beauty products and for now they can only ship Tom Ford to the USA, if you are there, I can strongly recommend you to shop via their website, the main reason being their excellent customer services and packaging. Beautylish knows how to safely pack these precious items, I experienced issues with orders from TF directly and their packaging, you have no idea the time and effort wasted for me and my friends who were helping me so the truth is that today I feel more confident when the customer service is friendly and serious.

Beautylish Tom Ford Soleil SS17

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Laura 17 March, 2017 - 7:13 am

I’m so gutted that Beautylish doesn’t ship Tom Ford outside the USA. I really like their shop, how well everything is always packaged and customer service works, but not being able to get TF breaks my heart.. I love Tom Ford powder products, the swatches of these look so good! I love Bicoastal blusher, I hope I can get my hands on Paradise Lust as well. For once the highlight seems light enough for me! Thank you again for swatching and comparing all of these. xx

Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

Raquel 17 March, 2017 - 9:41 am

You can buy them in Harrods or Selfridges. They have online shop. In my case, they send it to Spain with very fast service.

Christina 3 May, 2017 - 1:41 pm

I purchased Paradise Lust on the Sephora sale. I didn’t plan it but when I saw it, I knew the shade is appropriate for my skin colour. You are right that it is slightly difficult to pick up the blush colour on one or two swipes with a brush. I used Nars Asian style brush with the pointy tip because the brush is perfect to apply on my cheeks.
The highlighter and blush is beautiful on my skin.

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