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by Sonia G.

2017 Suqqu Christmas collection is inspired by the urban Christmas night “earthy tones warm with burgundy’s and metallic meet shimmer“.

There are 3 Designing Color Eyes palettes, please hop here to read Wondegondigo’s comments on all the three, her pics show all swatches perfectly.

I was sent this 110 Kohakuyoi color eyes for my consideration, I was very surprised and happy to see it waiting for me on my desk when I returned from Japan! I was not expecting it so I am very grateful. As always, I did not wait a minute so I took only a crappy hasty pre-swatch pic as I had to try it asap!

The two shades on the left appear almost similar but they are not, the finish and color are completely different.

I have been wearing it for the last 3 days, I started with a first look involving all of the shades and ended up looking like I was wearing a gold garland on my eyelids, I was not expecting such pigmentation and shimmer from the bottom left shade so I totally overdid it in the crease area…  I am not 20 anymore and my lids are not exactly smooth and young so even if the shadows are really pretty, if the look is too shimmery and strong it will just not look appropriate on me.

Second look I tried was with the top left gold shimmer shade on the mobile lid and the dark brown on both lashlines, top and bottom, for definition. That was gorgeous and flatering, well, even though I had to cheat and wear more coverage and bronzer. I am on the cool side and this is too warm for me, I don’t usually enjoy wearing gold and bronze shades. The micro sparkle in the top left pan enhances my olive eyes but I do have to prep my skin quite a lot to be able to pull it off nicely.  This look faded after 5 hours but the micro sparkle was still going subtle and nicely.  I had lost the definition along the lashline but it was still looking fresh and clean if that makes any sense to you, no patchiness, no creasing.

The third look and probably the best was with the darkest along the lashines, bottom and top, the sparkly top left shade on the mobile lid towards the crease (a bit like transition but not that high) and then I used the bottom left bronze shade just on the mobile lid and a little in the bottom lash line. The top right, a matte beige I just used to even out the color of the lid as prep. This was a nice smokey look, lasted a bit longer but again, I lost the strong definition provided initially by the darkest shade, the look remains clean and subtle but the strong intensity fades after 5 or 6 hours.

The other two palettes are truly appealing to me and this time the finishes vary from one another and you can get some variations from overlaying the shades.

  • The top left pan is a medium gold with a soft base color but after some time the base color fades and only leaves the golden hue left there by the micro sparkles. You have to pack and work this shade with a strong brush for more intensity.
  • The bronze shade is very pigmented and almost powdery so beware as this is to be handled with more care, an overly fluffy and overly strong brush may cause fall out. Doesn’t bother me but it just has to be approached with more calm and less rage.
  • The matte beige disappears on my skin so I use this only to even out or as a blending partner.
  • The dark shade is very pigmented, I love that the blue and golden sparkles show on the skin.


110 KOHAKUYOI Color Eyes 107 YOIBUDOU Extra Glow lipstick

I was not planning on showing you the below pic at first but this shows actually the finish of the shadows, you see how the top left can look harder and the bottom left more on the powdery side. It doesn’t mean the shadows are bad because they perform well, I wouldn’t know in the longer term though… so far so good.

The look on the Suqqu Instagram model wearing this 110 palette is absolutely gorgeous…

Just like her, I would not wear a strong lip with this palette, I tried the one Suqqu sent me (107 Yoibudou) – swatched above as well – and even though this lipstick is truly gorgeous it is too much for me.

It’s a gorgeous unusual bold shade for Suqqu and how beautiful! I just can’t wear such strong bold colors on my lips, they make me look like Cruella de Vil and to be honest I prefer softer colors. This color is so pretty though!! I think I will pair it with a cool lipgloss on top to make it softer and more fun, and this is very likely going to be Surratt’s Amethyste.

The texture is great, super long lasting and comfortable. Just better use a lip brush because it’s difficult to get a neat line out of the bullet.

Packaging wise, this Christmas eyeshadow palette comes in a beautiful sparkly white case:

I was sent these two items for free by Suqqu UK, I will certainly get at least the blush and the #108 lipstick that looks like the perfect beige rose! Specially that beautiful blush 105 Tankouka…  reminds me of RMK complex old blush colors and I know for sure I would totally enjoy it.

The 2017 Christmas collection “In the cold urban night” will be available 5th October at Selfridges for a 2 week preview and from 19th October at Fenwick of Bond Street and also Harrods. Online through Harrods and Selfridges online.

The eyeshadow palettes retail for £46, the lipstick for £25 and the blush for £32.


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