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by Sonia G.

The GRADATION COUTURE has already launched in Selfridges on the 26th of April but Fenwick Bond Street and Harrods will launch on the 10th of May, therefore, I am still in time to post this!

It’s Monday, on Saturday I received these two items from Suqqu for my consideration, been using them Sunday and Monday so I will share my thoughts and whatever info I can so far.

The collection contains:

  • 2 Designing Color Eyes 116 Shakuyousa “Burning Sand” (the shimmering coral orange) and the 117 Natsukasumi “Summer Mist” (the shimmering rose pink) £46 each
  • A Pure Color blush 107 Hoteribeni “Flushed cheeks” £32
  • Extra Glow Lipstick 110 Kouki (soft peach) “Summer Light” £25
  • Extra Glow Lipstick 111 Koihanabi (vivid ultra-Pink) “Fireworks” £25

The two items I received are the blush and the vivid ultra pink lipstick 111.

They are bright, vibrant, almost too much for a person who wears mostly neutral/nude cheeks and natural lips like me.

Both sides have shimmer but the kindest sort, you can see sparkles on the skin but personally, they never bothered me, they look more like a healthy glow (depending on the angle you will definitely see that sparkle peeking at the sun) but I find it more flattering than tacky. The sheer side is a light pink that can totally work as highlighter on my skin (NW20) and has great lasting power but ends up looking more beige pink than coral pink. The darker side is a bright berry pink, to be applied with the highest moderation as this is super pigmented.

Here are some swatches:

Something I love about a brand is when its tools matches its products and you can use them together. In the past, the Suqqu cheek brush below could not be used with some of their blushes as they were super hard and were best applied with a goat brush with polishing capabilities.

This Suqqu Cheek brush pairs extremely nicely with this blush and helps to gently build the application.


I tried to check what recent blushes I had in my collection that could follow a similar gradation theme or color and here is the Kevyn Aucoin Pink Sand for comparison.

The Kevyn Aucoin is more powdery during the application and ends more matte looking and neutral, although there are little sparkles going on there too but the Suqqu ends up with a stronger glow and way more vivid.. funny to say that from a Suqqu product, usually Suqqu is the more subtle or neutral option but with this blush that is not true anymore. So definitely approach this Suqqu with a fluffy airy brush.

I wanted to show you how vibrant it looks on a white goat brush, sure you can use a stronger dense brush but just make sure you start with a light hand.

On the brush and the cheeks, the Kevyn Pink Sand ends up more neutral/peachy.

The shimmer on the Suqqu is on both sides of the pan, it’s written on the description that the lighter side is a soft coral pink, when applied on my cheeks it’s more beige pink than peach. The shimmer on the Kevyn is concentrated on the sheer side.


All shades mixed together and applied with a dense brush:


The formula of the lipstick surprises me, it truly feels good and plumping and I don’t read in the description that it’s meant to be that way, I may be wrong… I notice that after a few hours the added comfort is still there, my lips look better for sure. The color of the lipstick is a bit too vibrant for me but still looks good if I apply it sheerly, and specially once the bright vivid hue tones down then it looks good. One single light swipe is more than enough for me.


Today is my day off from work and I was playing with these two items while I was still wearing my pijama (at 1pm)… I had not combed my hair and actually not done my brows for months … but it’s the only pic I have and probably the only one I am going to have to share with you. My baby is finally having a short nap right now so here I am quickly trying to get this post out asap.

The color on the cheeks is the color I naturally flush but when I flush because of exercice, I flush everywhere except for around the lips -that tends to freak people out by the way, they think I am dying. It’s good to be flushed “naturally” were selected 🙂

Both the blush and the lipstick lasted on me more than average, the blush is still on after 6 hours (that is more than most blushes last on me!). The color on the lips lasts a couple of hours but the stain a bit longer and the comfort much longer, still feeling like it’s still doing something for my lips after 6 hours.

On the SUQQU info leaflet I received with these items, it says that the collection will be sold online through Harrods and Selfridges.

I called Harrods, I managed to talk to the counter but they also said they would send me an email with more details (which I haven’t received yet).

I told them that I don’t remember seeing the Suqqu Limited Collections appearing on their website to be available and sold online, I bet they don’t even make it there… They sort of confirmed and I felt like all the items are already reserved (by customers) before even launch day, if I can share more info I certainly will update this.  Suqqu lovers may be quite sad that Suqqu’s LE items are so damn limited indeed, even I abandoned the hunting because I cannot fit this hunting time and patience into my daily life today, however, I am truly sad that I cannot access Suqqu more easily. I am of course grateful that I could receive those two items but I would have purchased the whole collection if I could get it online -without additional concierge or shipping fees that is.

With Harrods and Fenwick I don’t believe you can order by phone if you are abroad, but with Selfridges you can do it.

During that little baby nap and earlier this morning, I have also tried to call Fenwick to see if there was a possibility of ordering by phone but after 3 tries, I was not able to reach the counter. I have been to that Bond Street counter many times in person -I like the “intimacy” and calm of that counter vs Selfridges. Fenwick don’t sell online and I don’t think you would even be able to order by phone. If I ever manage to reach them I update here.


So I guess if you are willing to pay concierge or extra fees to get the collection there is still a way to get your hands on it. Also if you are local (or know someone) in the UK near a counter, they could probably help you with your purchase…

Hopefully this was helpful, I hope to be back for good now, I had to spend these past two weeks resting because I had a bad cold that would not leave me and lack of sleep is the worst, our body has not the required strength to fight back microbes 🙁

This little post was so much fun, I miss writing so so much!!

For more swatches of the entire collection, please hop to Belly’s blog here.


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Kay 8 May, 2018 - 9:37 am

I think you look pretty in these colors but I know what you mean about almost being too much. I’m leaning more and more towards neutral blushes as bright colors can easily look clownish as I get older. But I do like the glow with these Suqqu blushes and got this blush anyway as sometimes I want a little brighter color in the center. I use the Suqqu brush, pat some off, and still have to use a lot of restraint. The lipstick looks lovely on you — too bad I did not buy it also!

Sonia G. 10 May, 2018 - 1:59 pm

thank you! So do I, I even use those neutral blushes to perfect the skin and give a bit more coverage and polish to the skin.
That glow is everything ! it’s so flattering, I do hate flat matte cheeks and Suqqu being that vibrant is different and super cool.
Oh.. well, I probably would have skipped that lipstick but it does look nice!! Did you get any palettes??

Kay 15 May, 2018 - 8:29 am

Nope, I decided to pass. I have four Designing Color eye palettes and don’t use them much. They are too uniform in texture and the colors can easily get blurry, muddy or blingy. I still use my Color Blend palettes so it’s a good thing I purchased a lot of them while they were available. Right now I am focusing on adjusting my foundation, highlighters and blush as my skin has changed in the last few years. Nice eye colors don’t contribute much to creating the illusion of prettiness as I get older but good skin colors and textures help a lot to brighten and drop years off my face. Or at least, I think it does. LOL Love all your face brushes as they do help me do that!

Denise 8 May, 2018 - 3:59 pm

A bit of pink can make a gloomy day cheery. We all need a pajama day every now and again. But especially you…..I hope you are finally feeling healthy again!

Sonia G. 10 May, 2018 - 2:00 pm

Hi Denise,
For sure some color does help!!
yes I am doing great, still resting a lot in my pijamas and taking it easy but it’s amazing to not feel sick!! 🙂
I hope you are doing great too!

Valerie Shaffer 9 May, 2018 - 12:13 am

I must know – what is the white-handled cheek brush pictured?

Sonia G. 10 May, 2018 - 2:05 pm

Hi Valerie,
These are the http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/beauty/yoshiki.html Yoshiki brushes..
I got this set as a present from my Koyudo contact. I love their shape, their performance, however there are two things that I hope they did or will do something about.
The logo (not the flowers) when wet it bleeds (they told me it’s just my set) and the transition from the ferrule to the handle is not absolutely perfect in terms of fitting, regarding this, they say with those white ferrules the transition is more visible and we would not notice that difference on a black ferrule but I still think it looks a little bit off, specially with the oval ferrule and round handle together. But I have to say in terms of performance they are really nice and I love to use them.

Karina Fogliani 9 May, 2018 - 3:08 pm

Very nice to hear that you are back. Please keep writing. And I truly hope you get better.

Sonia G. 10 May, 2018 - 2:07 pm

Thank you Karina, you are so kind! I am feeling much better which is sooo nice, I cannot wait to get into a normal life and routine that I love!!

Elizabeth Seal 15 May, 2018 - 11:50 pm

These look seriously beautiful, they look gorgeous on you! I love the ombre effect in the packaging!

Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin’ by any chance? My page is here 😀 xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

Jeanette 25 May, 2018 - 1:09 am

Too bad that Suqqu is mostly so difficult to get. Personally, I stopped looking at Suqqu pics, bc it’s not interesting when you won’t get the products anyway. So I look to other brands now.

Sonia G. 5 July, 2018 - 9:32 pm

yes it can be truly frustrating, I wish I could “subscribe” to Suqqu products and get my regular dosis 😀 I don’t have the time anymore to be hunting for them so I am happy that sometimes I find them at the counter!


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