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The Fudematsuri and my September Fude purchases in Japan

by Sonia G.

I already went to Japan 3 times this year but I don’t buy a lot, I don’t have much time to browse between appointments. However, I was also at the Fudematsuri in September and if you don’t buy any brushes there, well, maybe you aren’t really into brushes 😀 They are everywhere and they are interesting.

I will show you what I got, these are brushes I’ll use, one way or the other. I know these aren’t the most interesting or extreme brushes for collectors, but they are functional and I buy what I use. This haul is not showcasing the most amazing brushes of Kumano but it shows what you can also find at the Fudematsuri.

I love SFX make-up and make-up techniques that are better done with a brush that is stiffer or rougher, so I also pick up a few for those times where I like to use that kind of brush.

We can start with what I bought after the Fudematsuri as there aren’t that many.

In the Hiroshima TAU shop located in the Asse mall, I got two Kumano Fude Select Shop brushes, because of the shape. Not because they are soft, these hurt quite terribly but it helps to understand what a rougher brush will deliver in terms of results.
They don’t write the names on the brushes unfortunatelly and it’s a pain to always have to look for info on them. Some are very similar, just the material changes.

Kumano Fude Select Shop – SS3-2 and SS4-7

At the JR train Station I got this brush in a souvenir shop, it is a Fude do Bijin brush, the same as the Chikuhodo R-C2. Same ferrule, bristles and handle, just different colors and different crimps on the ferrule.

Fude do Bijin

At the Koyudo boutique, I got another Mickey kabuki. I always get one there because I love it so much. This one is for my daughter so it goes in a safe place for her 🙂 This brush is not shipped worldwide but if you are there, I recommend you to check it out, and get it.

At the Ipsa counter in a mall, I actually got two brushes but I don’t know where the other one is. I suspect that my daughter thought it was for her because it looks like a broom and she ran away with it…. it’s not very useful either so I am not desperate to find it 🙂 This little tool is great, it’s quite short and easy to carry around.

Ipsa counter in Fukuya

At the Fudematsuri, I got a few calligraphy and painting brushes and of course, some make-up brushes too.

You have to keep in mind that most of the brushes there are outlet type of brushes, the quality may be less good, they may have a little issue here or there. Also, they may not be the softest, but they are functional.

You often have to fight your way to the brushes to pick up the ones you want, this time it was even worst than ever. I had to come back 3 times to the Mizuho counter, then I was finally able to pick these up. This year, because of the typhoon, they only had that day to sell the stocks and I heard that is why the counters were so crowed during the festival.

I picked up smaller detail brushes and random fun ones to try out.

Mizuho counter

At the Takeda counter I picked up 3 brushes. The one with the tortoise handle is bundled with goat bristles and it’s an outlet type of brush, it’s not perfect but it’s so nice. Takeda told me it was “very old goat”, when they say this, it is usually a good sign and you should get the brush. Goat bristles were better in the past, quality decreases with time and with high demand.

This tortoise blush brush has such a great shape and is extremely efficient! I really love those bristles and that brush costed only 8 usd…

The other Takeda round and flat powder brush was more expensive (and not an outlet type), I don’t remember how much I paid but it’s bundled with thick goat bristles that I really like for very heavy make-up and extreme buffing.

Takeda counter

At the Chikuhodo outlet sale, I got a red handle set because of the big powder brush, it’s so thick and full and I love those. Also got the light pink powder brush for very heavy make-up (not on myself) and a backup of the flat weasel brush.

But… have you spotted the Suqqu S below ?? I found that little brush lost in a box. I grabbed it and now I see that it is actually the exact replica of the original Suqqu S.

Chikuhodo counter

Here it is next to the very first Suqqu S, they have the same specs and ferrule.

I have the original Suqqu S from many years ago, before it got discontinued as I was already into brushes then. Mine is looking really scratched and old but it has been used a lot.

I also have the Suqqu S from the recently released set but the newer Suqqu S is in the set is not exactly the same as the original Suqqu S.

The dimensions at the level of the pink arrow are similar but then, the top of the ferrule (where the green arrow is) is were the width changes.

I have a tool with surgical precision that measures the ferrules, the difference is tiny but it is significant enough and the newer Suqqu S does not have the same ferrule and shape as the original one. This replica (or prototype) does not have a logo at all on the handle but the handle is the same, so I guess this brush is a pretty good find!

If you want to read more about the Fudematsuri, you can also read here as there is a post about the festival on the Beautylish website.

Please join me at the festival next time! I was surprised to meet some of you there and it’s amazing to be able to speak to you in person!

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