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Wayne Goss – The Holiday brush 2019

by Sonia G.

Wayne Goss has recently released his Holiday brush of 2019, and it’s a fan!!!

Well, you may already know that fan shaped brushes have a very special place in my heart, and this one is no exception.
We started to see fan shaped brushes so many years ago, but in the past they weren’t the tools we reached for the most, sometimes included in sets but often ignored. Today, fans have mutated into more functional tools and can be nice multitaskers, our imagination is the limit 🙂

Wayne Goss 2019 Holiday brush is available on Beautylish’ website, it costs 62$, is made of natural goat bristles. They sent it to me as a gift, as soon as I received it, I washed it and used it as much as I could before posting this. This year, the handle is white and the ferrule gold. In terms of material, it is goat bristles, it feels like sokoho grade goat* to me but at this stage I don’t have the confirmation.

Wayne Goss Holiday 2019

*Goat bristles are separated into several grades. Saibikoho is the highest (very rarely used due to its cost and rarity), then saikoho (very high grade but getting rare now and extremely expensive), then sokoho which is very good, then we have also tankoho, hakutotsuho, ototsuho and many more. Each type of bristles has a specific length, thickness and softness that will impact the shape and functionality of the brush.

Wayne Goss 2018 Holiday brush was bundled with saikoho bristles, but that 2018 brush is shorter and requires less hair quantity. Making this 2019 fan with saikoho grade bristles would have been quite impossible. This 2019 Holiday fan brush feels like sokoho to me, even though it’s not mentioned. It fluffs out beautifully, keeps its shape, it’s airy and strong at the same time, in my humble opinion, the material is spot on for its purpose.

At the back: Holiday 2019 – Front: Holiday 2018

It’s 8cm at the widest point, the hair is approx 4.8cm long so it’s a huge beautiful fan, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be so big!

Side by side Wayne Goss 2019 and 2018 Holiday brushes:

WG Holiday 2019 vs WG Holiday 2018

With this type of fans, the precision changes based on the angle you use, if you are looking for more precision, the 2018 is move convenient but if you are looking for a more diffused application, the 2019 is perfection.

WG Holiday 2018 vs WG Holiday 2019 sideways

My favorite way to use his 2019 brush is for bronzer, the application is so easy, a couple of swipes and it’s done. I also enjoy it for blush, placing the product on one edge and starting the placement with that edge, the clean part of the brush does the blending as you go.

It can be used for many purposes, Wayne has a video giving lots of suggestions, it’s very helpful and interesting to see his idea behind the design. I’ll link it here.

I tried it is with contour, highlight and powder and it was so easy and quick to use! That’s what I love about using a fan: when we can get the best results possible, super fast!

Due to its size, if I want precision, I’ll use his 2018 Holiday brush instead, it’s smaller, more tapered sideways, for highlight and powder it’s more convenient for me as I use very little and only where needed. The WG 2019 fan delivers a gradual application, more diffused and more buildable in comparison to the 2018 brush, I don’t end up with too much product at the first swipe, the intensity is easy to control. I can fit a fan like this into my daily routine, for myself, a daily purpose with this WG 2019 brush would be bronzer and contour*.

*I actually love to contour on a regular basis, I don’t apply make-up every single day, but when I do, contour makes such a difference. I don’t follow trends, I do what suits me and what works for me. Sculpting is what I feel I “need” the most in my routine, natural coverage and subtle sculpting, so having easy tools to do it saves me a lot of time and effort.

The only issue I have with this type of brushes is, since I love the experience that fan brushes offer, I keep applying/blending over and over again and I tend to forget to stop! It’s not a big deal because my most used products aren’t so overly pigmented so the risks are calculated and mitigated, I just end up with a nice flawless and polished result 😀

Some recent Wayne Goss fan brushes side by side, all very different from each other, size, shape and material!

WG Holiday 2019 – WG Holiday 2018 – WG 24S
Sideways WG Holiday 2019 – WG Holiday 2018 – WG 24S

I will add my Sculpt One in the picture just in case you are wondering how they compare… honestly it’s the first time that I thought my Sculpt One fan was small!! 😀

Wayne Goss 2019 vs Sonia G Sculpt One

The Wayne Goss fan will provide a more gradual application in comparison, you’ll be able to build from a sheer to a more heavy result, it’s a joy to use and super easy. My Sculpt One is more decisive with the application, more intense although still able to apply gradually, stronger for polishing and blending. They are both great fans, it really is a matter of preference.

They are quite different in many ways, not only size and shape. Mine is denser, thicker and has more firmness and strength at the top and the top is more flat.

Wayne Goss 2019 vs Sonia G Sculpt One

One of the brushes I own and found to be the closest in terms of size and shape is the Hakuhodo F1230 (blue squirrel), but this Hakuhodo fan doesn’t have that same fluffiness, density and strength.

Wayne Goss Holiday 2019 vs Hakuhodo F1230

I personally find this Hakuhodo not that useful or strong enough for an everyday use, not versatile enough. That’s maybe how we should decide if a brush is worth splurging, we can try to calculate the cost per use, and I see this Wayne Goss really being cost effective.

Wayne Goss Holiday 2019 vs Hakuhodo F1230

With regards to synthetics, the most similar synthetic brushes I own would be the Revolution Pro 400 and the Juvia’s J229.

WG Holiday 2019 – Revolution Pro 400 – Juvia’s J229

The big synthetic fans shown here are flatter at the surface, more domed in comparison to the WG. The airiness and feel of the Revolution Pro makes it more similar to the WG. The Juvia fan feels denser and its bristles have more grip -or stickiness- on the skin, it’s not something I like very much.

WG Holiday 2019 – Revolution Pro 400 – Juvia’s J229

In terms of use, the biggest difference compared to the WG is that both synthetic brushes here don’t really deliver the experience that a fan does. Instead, the technique used may be closer to what you would experience with a typical face powder brush. After using the three brushes repeatedly, I didn’t really feel like the Revolution or the Juvia gave me a fan experience, it was more like using a big fluffy brush. It’s not a bad thing, just a finding.

Although you can use both the Revolution and the Juvia at a slight angle, you cannot really work efficiently with the sides due to how they are bundled and you may also find them quite firm with a tendency to to bounce from side to side -rather than move smoothly as they adapt to the skin.

With the WG 2019 you can easily work with its surface, the sides or at an angle, you can gradually gauge the surface you wish to cover, so basically, you get more control and versatility with the WG.

I sincerely recommend you to get it, if you ever wanted a huge fan, this is your chance!

I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season! It has been very busy at home as we needed to fix quite a lot of things before the big snow arrives but since today it’s finished, things are getting calmer and it feels sooo good!! I hope you have nice plans with your family and loved ones and thank you for reading!!!

Merry Christmas, Joyeuses Fêtes y Feliz Navidad <3

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Dianne 22 December, 2019 - 2:12 pm

Thank You for your review. I have the Wayne Goss 2019 fan brush. Also, I love the Hakuhodo blue squirrel brush. I use it several ways.

Sonia G. 23 December, 2019 - 11:46 pm

Hi Dianne, I hope you are enjoying the WG! 🙂
Not many have those newest Hakuhodo fans, so cool! Wishing you lots of fun with both fans and a wonderful Holiday Season!

Tracy 24 December, 2019 - 3:13 am

Hi Sonia,
Thank you so much for the review! you actually saved me some money as the Hakuhodo f1230 and f1240 was on my wishlist! I’ll skip the f1230 and get the WG brush!

Soph 9 January, 2020 - 4:09 am

Thank you for such an informative deep dive on the different brushes. I’m trying to learn more about natural bristles brushes and it can be overwhelming. Luckily Sonia G (in the way Alicia from Kinkysweet says it) has a great blog full of all the info I need.


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