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Sonia G – The Portable Organizer

by Sonia G.

When I am on a trip, at the hotel or staying with my parent’s or friends for a few days, I love to empty my brush case and display the brushes, I will grab anything that I find, a glass or a recipient. It’s better for the brushes because they don’t remain squeezed in a pouch for long periods of time. It’s also much more practical to get ready as we can more easily grab what we need.

This was the main idea and purpose of this Organizer, to have somewhere to store brushes or make-up when on the move, a storage that we can fold and flatten for transport and that we can customize depending on what we want to store or display.

There is a velcro tape on the sides holding the two separators. The separators can be removed or adjusted and we can play with the width of each compartment.

In order to fold the Organizer, we just need to remove the separators, store them inside, flatten the holder and slide it in its dustbag.

It’s lightweight, easy to carry and can actually hold a lot! Convenient and functional, whether you want to use it during your holidays or daily on your vanity.


The Portable Organizer is very stable and very roomy, it’s 17 cm large, 6.5 cm deep and 9cm high.

It has one concealed thin pocket on each side to store and secure very small items so no need to waste time looking for the little ones!

If you would like to store little scissors, just make sure the sharp tip of the scissors is protected as the Organizer is made with fabric!

A small brush will fit there too. I usually store there my brow brush or a spoolie brush.

Capacity and Functionality

This is something that we can use daily and that we can also take with us anywhere we go, it’s not going to take much space in our luggage, really worth taking it as our travel companion!

Depending on what you want to store inside, just adjust the width of the compartments and organize your items so that they are easy to reach for.

If you read the post about the Essentials Vertical Pouch, these are all the items that I carried in that pouch, but I added more brushes in this picture. Most items will fit in the Organizer, one compartment for brushes, the second for pencils, mascaras, liners, the third compartment for the tiny palettes.

If you travel with the Soft Brush Book, all the brushes in the book will fit in the Portable Organizer.

This was one of the most exciting projects because the need for it was real! I love the functionality, how lightweight it feels but it’s still sturdy and stable. This is a fantastic basic item that we can enjoy wherever we are.

Cost and availability

This Portable Organizer will be available on Beautylish starting on the 13th of April 2021, at 10 AM PT, it will cost $85. If you wish to be notified when it launches, please kindly enter your email on the Beautylish sign up page here. I hope this is something that sounds interesting to you and I thank you so much for your continuous incredible support!

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Hanh 13 April, 2021 - 5:07 pm

This is a great idea! I can’t wait to start traveling again and use this.

Bea 5 June, 2022 - 3:36 am

Hi Sonia,
Will you be restocking this?
BTW I love the brush envelope and am waiting for my vertical pouch to arrive 🙂

Sonia G. 6 June, 2022 - 12:17 pm

Hi Bea, Thank you so so much for your feedback!!
I don’t know at this stage, but I will try to. Thank you so much for your interest!! <3

Aly 6 December, 2022 - 2:07 pm

Please let us know if/when you plan on restocking these! I just recently discovered your blog and brand and would love one of these organizers to go with the travel envelope. The design is brilliant, and it looks so beautiful and functional.


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