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Sonia G October Restocks

by Sonia G.

As mentioned on Instagram yesterday, there is a restock coming soon and hopefully on time for the Beautylish Gift Card Event starting on the 21st of October! This is what we should see back available online on Beautylish:

These Sky and Pro sets are only back as a set with this restock, the batch with the individual brushes from those sets is not yet completed and will take a few more weeks to be ready for shipment, but it will come!  I asked them to split the batches so that Beautylish could at least, and at last, have something in stock on time for the Beautylish Gift Card Event.

Since the Smooth Buffer and the Buffer Pro brushes are not part of a set, they will both be available individually with this restock.

The BUFFER PRO (75$)

The BUFFER PRO is not a new brush, it is actually FACE ONE,  the same brush but with a different handle and a new name. On Instagram, you asked me why the handle had been changed, there are a few reasons.

When the original brushes -the ones with the thicker handles- initially launched, the PRO, the SKY or the FUSION series did not exist yet.  Today, if I take into consideration the designs existing in my range together with the new designs that are in production (or that will be in the near future), even if all those designs are quite different, some brushes from the original collection may be too close in purpose and functionality. I love them all but I cannot keep them all…

When I submitted my very first designs to the manufacturers, at the time some prototypes were not feasible at all and using a certain type of handle wasn’t possible either. With handmade processes it’s such a different approach, a different world compared to a machine made production. With time, the techniques and materials evolve and we get to meet artisans who are now able to do things that were not possible 5 years ago, this is really wonderful. Time brings new challenges but also new possibilities!

The original brushes with the thicker handles and with the symbol at the bottom are the ones that are going to be impacted: either discontinued, replaced by a different design or updated with a new handle.  It’s too soon to say what will happen exactly to each brush because some projects need to have progressed more before taking further decisions. What I can say today is that Face One needs to stay as part of the permanent collection, I believe that this workhorse buffer brush has slowly worked its path into the essentials category.

Bringing back some of these saikoho goat brushes (Face Pro, Inochige Pro, Master Face, Soft Cheek, Face One) has been really difficult due to material availability – if I wanted a similar grade of saikoho. But there were other contractual reasons as well and those took a long time to settle.

Face One (top) Buffer Pro (bottom)

Face One (top) Buffer Pro (bottom)

For this Face One brush, it made sense to switch the handle, rename the brush and keep it permanent. Some of you may love to carry it everywhere and with this handle it’s also easier to manoeuvre.

Buffer Pro has the same functionality, same bristles, and for the moment same price as Face One.

I do my best to be transparent with you and I wanted you to be aware of the changes that may occur in the future. On the other hand, the situation and the manufacturers evolve and changes are sometimes driven by other factors that we cannot control or be aware of beforehand.

Other restocks

The batch with the individual saikoho face brushes (PRO and SKY series) will arrive in the near future, they are in the hands of the artisans as we speak but they aren’t completed yet.

The Fusion brushes are also in production but it will take roughly a couple of months to see them back online again. Same for the Lotus set, there is a last batch in production and it will come as individuals as well so you will be able to get just the brushes that you really want!



Thank you for your continuous support, for your interest and for your questions, it’s always so exciting to write about brushes and I am so happy to connect with brush lovers around the globe!


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Lydia Kirkham 20 October, 2021 - 12:56 am

Thanks so much for these updates Sonia!

Shan Khoo 20 October, 2021 - 2:44 am

Hi Sonia!

I’ve been waiting for the Master Face to be back individually for over a year now and I’m in a bit of a dilemma at a moment. Could you help me? What would be the difference between the Master Face and Buffer Pro besides the shape, being domed and flat top? They seem to serve the same purpose, please correct me if I’m wrong. Or does one do more than the other?

I’m looking for a powder + buffing brush.

I have a gift card from Beautylist that is expiring this year and I would like to use it to get the Master Face. But if it isn’t available by then..and if the Buffer Pro can do the same/better, I would like to use the card to get the Buffer Pro!

Please help!

Elizabeth 20 October, 2021 - 4:10 am

Hi Sonia! Question, how much stock will there be of the Face One brush?

Denise 20 October, 2021 - 5:46 am

It’s always something with manufacturing. Like a ship maneuvering the dark murky waters until the dawn brings in a new clear day. If it’s a Sonia G brush, it’s all good.

Catherine 20 October, 2021 - 1:29 pm

Such great news! Thank you for all you do, Sonia!

Elisha 20 October, 2021 - 6:14 pm

Thank you so much. I’m ready for sky and face pro sets. I’ve been waiting for about 16 months+ to get these brushes. What a birthday gift to give myself.

Doreen 20 October, 2021 - 8:47 pm

Dear Sonia,
I also use the Face one every day and ordered it a second time back then, which I never do otherwise. It really is a work horse. You are a genius at designing brushes. ✨ The only thing that’s a shame is that I’m done with the makeup so quickly. -Thanks to the brushes.

Karen 21 October, 2021 - 2:52 am

Thank you for announcing the availability of restocks, new brushes and changes here on your blog. I am one of the few people who have chosen not to do social media so do not get access to Instagram, Facebook, etc. It keeps me in the dark but at the same time, it is nice not to spend a lot of time online.

I absolutely love your dyed and undyed large face brushes for my oily skin — amazing for shine and touch ups — so am planning to get backups. Would love a size in between Master Face and Mini Cheek (the Mini Cheek is a bit too soft for me) but I know you can’t please everyone! Your brushes are so amazingly beautiful and functional, I continue to buy even though I don’t need any more.

Annie Whitmore 1 November, 2021 - 8:33 pm

I finally received my Buffer Pro Brush (aka Face One) today! It has been a very long wait – I kept missing out each time when stocks came back in – being in the UK I would often get word too late bc of the time difference. I finally managed to order it (the wait became more agonising as the shipment got slightly delayed and sat at the airport for a few extra days) but it’s here in it’s new home and with one delighted owner! I don’t wear a huge amount of powder and started to wonder whether I therefore really needed to have it (I think to make myself feel better as I kept missing out when it re-stocked). Having used it literally as soon as I took it out of it’s box (I was too impatient to wash it) I am IN LOVE. It is absolutely fabulous – it buffs finishing powder to perfection and gives a wonderful kind of egg shell finish. I feel so grateful and privileged to own this cult brush. Thank you Sonia G for creating such an amazing brush. It is now keeping company with my 5 other Sonia G brushes and I will enjoy and appreciate it pretty much every day – even if I just use it to set in the T-Zone. Bronzer and blush meld together wonderfully and the finish is so light I will no longer worry about looking ‘cakey’ . Bravo Sonia and thank you 🙂


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