by Sonia G.

The Beautylish Gift Card Event has started and will run until Sunday 27th of March, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT, it means that for every $100 USD spent, you will receive a $20 USD gift card for your future purchase.

There are amazing brands on Beautylish, Wayne Goss, Surratt, Natasha Denona, Koh Gen Do, Tom Ford, Rae Morris and so many more! They recently also added Chantecaille and Hindash, this is just so good!

I just wanted to let you know that this event was now ongoing, just in case you had something in your wishlist… I purchased the new collection from Hindash during this event and I will likely add some items and brushes before the event finishes.

I have placed a few orders recently, I have also received some PR items that I am so happy to have incorporated in my daily routine! I will share just a few recommendations today and also share some thoughts about some of the brushes that are currently available on Beautylish, just in case you were thinking about getting some Fude.

I recently bought the Pastel Palette from Denona, what a gorgeous palette!! Pastels with oomph and elegance combined, I gasped everytime I swatched a shadow 🙂 This palette makes me happy, it allows me to wear a pastel look that looks elegant and fresh, and age appropriate.
I know this is a pastel palette but I intend to wear this palette all year round. If you know Suqqu, or other Japanese brands, they often add a pastel shade in their quads (whatever the season of the collection). Looking at this palette I see so many possibilities, pairing these beautiful shades with other neutral or darker shades or just wear a one shadow look with mascara and a little liner.
For me, this is a winner that I can enjoy on a regular basis. I have had other pastel palettes but I always found that such sheer shades didn’t last long or that they didn’t look appropriate on me, I tried these, they stay and they look great on my 50+ lids!

I also purchased the Giraffe Eye Quartet by Chantecaille. Four shades, with a very unexpected shimmery shade in this quartet, quite unlike Chantecaille, with a more chunky glittery feel than what she usually does, it’s different and stunning. Also, the packaging is beautiful, the price not quite, it is very much on the highest scale we can find in this category, but still couldn’t resist. I have purchased it full price with no reductions as I did not want to miss on it. If you were thinking of getting it and have the opportunity to do so during a gift card event, then this may be great!

The Chantecaille Lip Chic in Jasmine that comes in this Giraffe collection is my new go to at the moment, it’s quite a light shade, adds just a little bit of a nude peach color but it tones down the pink on my lips without washing me out and looks fresh and healthy. It’s just what I wanted so I am happy with it. The other shades from this Giraffe collection have a little more of a base color but Jasmine is exactly what I was going for, just a hint of color with shine and comfort.

Beautylish sent me the newest Wayne Goss blushes Sweet Wildflower and Desert Blossom, these are now my favorite blushes for everyday wear! I know they will last me a long time but how I am itching to buy a backup of each!! They are on the lighter side but they have very good color payoff. I really need to do a separate review on them.
The two latest lipsticks Iris and Poppy are also such beautiful elegant shades, they take any make-up look to another level. If you are like me and don’t like to wear a dark lipstick, these shades are dark enough to show that you are wearing a bold lip but they won’t steal the show or make you feel uncomfortable, unlike many bold colors may do. They make a statement without stealing the show, this is the “Wayne” way, I couldn’t imagine shades that better fit his phylosophy. Well done Wayne!

Beautylish just launched the Hindash newest palette “Monochromance“, I bought it as soon as it launched, I don’t have it yet here. I have the first one he released and I am loving it! If you wanted more from Hindash, his new collection is available!

Make-up Brushes

Beautylish carries a lot of Fude (Japanese handmade brushes), including my own 🙂

I am not going to recommend a specific brush but I will just share some information on what brushes it might be good to “invest” in at the moment, just in case you had them on your mind.

If you are a Fude lover, you probably already know that natural brushes are decreasing in availability and increasing in price. This is the way it will continue, there is more demand and the cost of the materials is increasing, not only the bristles but also the ferrules and the wood. I work with several manufacturers and different providers for my own brushes, I see this happening as I develop new brushes and I get the quotes, and also as I restock the current collections, the prices of the materials keep going up and I think this impacts everybody.
Canadian/blue or grey squirrel, these are the most expensive to obtain and we may see some brushes not available anymore in the near future.
Natural longer bristles will be extremely difficult to get and the cost will be so expensive, so I would recommend that you prioritize natural brushes with longer bristles for example, should this be something that is on your wishlist because my very first recommendation is not to get every brush, but to get the brushes that you truly love, and that you will use!

There is quite a great selection of Fude on the Beautylish website at the moment, you have Surratt, Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Wayne Goss, Beautylish Presents, just to mention a few. These brushes are phenomenal -not only these ones but I wanted to gather just a few that I think have a wonderful value (considering the costs), with outstanding performance, and that are currently available.

What will you get? Do you have any Fude purchases planned?

I hope you do and that you get items that you will use and love!!

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Haley Pool 26 March, 2022 - 5:29 am

I noticed the Z-1 or Z-9 is not on your list, I understand you could not put all, but would you recommend those brushes as well? I have been eying them and the Surratt Face brush and haven’t pulled the trigger yet, thought I would ask your thoughts on them. Thanks for your help, luckily I was able to pick up your Niji Pro which completed my collection of your brushes!!! Love them and your work, now I wish I could get another nice brush holder for all my brushes. I already own all of yours except the Cranes Over Mt. Fuji, I unfortunately missed that one.

Sonia G. 26 March, 2022 - 12:28 pm

Hi Haley, yes absolutely!! I just wanted to share some options as I keep recommending the Z series over and over 🙂 but there are others that I don’t mention as often that are really great in terms of value and functionality and functionality is so important to me.
The Z9 is my favorite brush from Chikuhodo. All the Z series are really worth it, specially the face brushes.
The Surratt Face brush is similar to the Z-1, however, the Z-1 is denser, I would use the Z-1 with powder rather than with bronzer, it’s just my own preference because I find it would be a bit too dense for bronzer application. The Surratt is similar in size and bristles but it’s more airy, therefore more versatile, I can use it more easily with bronzers for example.
The price difference is huge (168$ vs 260$) but Surratt works with a manufacturer so he needs to add more middle costs to the sales price, he also may produce in a smaller batches so that means he would need to cover a higher production cost for materials and also, I imagine (I don’t know for sure) that the iridescent lacquer is expensive, at the end there are more processes involved and more costs with products and packaging. On the other hand, if I had to have only one Surratt brush, it would be this big face brush 🙂
Thank you so much for picking up the Niji Pro, I hope you are using it and enjoying it!! I don’t know about the brush holder, we are trying to see what is feasible and what needs to wait… 🙂 Hopefully I can bring something that will be exciting! Take care and stay safe!! <3

Haley Pool 27 March, 2022 - 9:11 am

Thanks for the feedback! I also saw your IG post on you brush buys and was like oh I got my feedback, lol! No matter what you come up with I am happy since you always come up with amazing products! Enjoy and stay safe as well!

Annie Whitmore 26 March, 2022 - 5:30 pm

Hi Sonia
I had wanted to get the Wayne Goss Artist brush in the large size and it’s no longer on the Beautylish inventory and no info on if it’ll be re-stocked 🙁 I really like the more directional shape for more precise application but with a gentle finish due to it having squirrel hair. I can’t see anything else like this brush. Do you have any suggestions? I wanted the same shape brush as the WG one with the softness of squirrel. Would really appreciate your advice and ideas! Thank you 🙂 x

Sonia G. 26 March, 2022 - 6:32 pm

Hi Annie!
I was going to reply to your message 🙂 happy to see you here!!
I am just a bit late with everything 🙂 so sorry!
I don’t know if it will be restocked, honestly, with the prices of the materials at the moment I don’t know what Wayne Goss will decide or what he has planned.
I took a picture and have uploaded it here I don’t have something exactly like this brush, it’s really unique and so perfectly designed. He has the same option in goat bristles or if you go to Chikuhodo, the Z-8 is the closest I could find, when you position it sideways it has similar precision and quite similar movement, so I would definitely get the Z-8. I took a picture of the GSN04 for reference as well but definitely the Z-8 is what I would recommend (on its right hand side).
I hope this helps you! <3

Karin 3 April, 2022 - 7:27 am

Dear Sonia,Im having Surgery May 31st and will be out of work for 3 months ( I hope no longer then that!) I really want to purchase your Jumbo base brush and I applaud you for doing duo fiber brushes! I am a fan of them and I hope you do some eyebrushes in duo fiber as well. Longer Story short my fiance’s are extremely tight and I am saving to purchase this brush. Can you possibly give an approximate time line when it will be available again. I wish I could afford the whole set but I can’t with this surgery coming up so I could have the brush quicker and all are exquisite. I hope you can help with a time line but if not I understand andnonce again I applaud your decision on doing face and concealer brushes in duo fiber! Nice job Sonia and I personally think it is a nice addition to your collection and an added choice of materials.

Sonia G. 5 April, 2022 - 3:33 pm

Hi Karin,

First of all, I hope all goes well, that you will recover very quickly and smoothly! Please let me know and keep me updated.
Thank you for letting me know about the bristles, so happy you love them! it was so interesting to work on these!
Eye brushes are also on the way, production takes a lot of time but they will come.
I have checked about the Jumbo base, actually it will take about 3 or 4 months to come back, so still a long time…

In the meantime, please stay safe, take care of yourself and I hope sincerely that all goes well! sending you love and positive energy! <3

Ana Gonzalez 5 May, 2022 - 9:58 am

Hello Sonia, first time here and been obsessed with brushes lately and want to up my game. I was interested in the keyaki set and signed up when a restock will happen but I was reading online that it’s a limited series. Will it restock again or do I need to find something else ?

Sonia G. 10 May, 2022 - 11:51 am

Hi Ana,
Thank you for your message! It will not restock, at least today it’s not planned. However, there is a new Keyaki set on the way and should be available before or during summer and I really hope that you’ll love it!! please do let me know in case you get it 🙂 sending you hugs!!

Bea 5 June, 2022 - 3:31 am

Hi Sonia,
Is there a new Keyaki set coming, or were you referring to the Hinoki set?
I love the Keyaki set and am waiting for the Hinoki set to arrive 🙂

Sonia G. 6 June, 2022 - 12:16 pm

Hi Bea, I confirm there is a new Keyaki set coming, it’s different from the first one in terms of brushes but with similar handles.
Thank you and I hope you love the Hinoki!! sending you lots of love!! <3


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