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The Jumbo Bronzer

by Sonia G.

There is a new brush joining the SKY series, it’s not limited edition, but I cannot say that this brush will be able to stay as a permanent option, I will share the reasons why further down on this post.
This Jumbo Bronzer is an all over type of brush that can be paired with bronzers for a beautiful natural sunkissed look, or with powders for a perfecting veil or just used on its own for the final blend and polish.

It is quite big and has a pinched ferrule, to give you an idea of its size, the working surface at the top of the bristles is approximately 6cm x 3cm.

Big, but disciplined

While it’s going to cover a very large surface, there is something that allows this brush to work a bit differently compared to other jumbo brushes. It’s a combination of factors (bristles, dye, density, shape) that give the brush that discipline in the movement.
There is density and airiness at the same time, the bristles flex and move together in a predictable way, you know where you are working the product. You can feel where the strength of the brush is without having to play with the pressure or adjust the angle.

Even if this is not a small brush in any way, we still have control. We can apply a bronzer quickly all over the face while emphazising the application on the cheekbone area, or on the jawline area for example. It’s not going to be a precise application since it’s such a big brush, but we can decide where we want to build up the placement.

How it works

The bristles flex as they blend but they remain quite firm, the strength is situated at the very top of the bristles, there is no need to use pressure or to look for the strongest point deeper in the brush to increase its blending power, it’s just right there at the surface. Whatever you are applying or blending, it will be done with the same intensity across its surface.
Some big powder brushes have a more unpredictable flow so we tend to press the brush harder to get the job done, but this may cause the application or the blending to be uneven or not where we want it to be.

Depending on the products we may not need to build the intensity, but I think that if we want to have a bit more control, specially with our bronzers, it might be helpful to have a brush that is more predictable while still covering a large surface.

We can aim for the cheeks or the jawline and we can play with it sideways to achieve a bit more precision, but, it still remains a very big brush.

It doesn’t have a feathery light type of approach, it’s still powerful and determined as it needs to work with different types of products whether they are powdery textures or more hardly pressed, but since it has airiness, it will diffuse them seamlessly.

We can build up the application without disrupting the foundation application or disturbing the other products underneath, this makes the Jumbo Bronzer a good tool for bronzer or finishing powders, or just for a final blend.

Sideways and front view


The handle

This brush is part of the SKY series so it will come with the blue handle. These series are designed to be more effortless to use whatever the products or the level of expertise.

If you are new to my brushes, the handles for these brushes are handmade in Japan by a highly renowned Japanese artisan.

They are sanded one by one in a very particular way depending on the area in order for the layers of lacquers to adhere to the wood with just the right strength.
On a normal brush handle you have two layers: the pigment layer and the coating.
On the Sky series there are minimum 4 layers of lacquers and the layers are different -different pigments mixed at different levels. The way the pigments are mixed and applied is very particular in order to give this depth to the handles.
Even the final clear coating is a more exceptional product, thicker and more transparent as it needs to allow the pigments underneath to come through. We are combining traditional techniques with special lacquers that are used today on the most luxurious cars.
The layers also need to dry in between applications and the brushes need to be moved to the oven or other locations. Depending on the weather and the humidity, they may take weeks to dry, then the next process needs to start, and so on.

I think it’s good to know that there is a lot of artisan work on each handle and it helps to understand why these brushes cost so much.

The handle is thicker than the handle on the Niji Pro, the Jumbo Bronzer brush weights 47g, the Niji Pro 40g.
The good news is that the thicker handle gives this brush a great balance and it also reduces the risk of issues when attaching a large ferrule to a handle.
The bad news is that the handle doesn’t fit in the Walnut Brush holder. It fits in the Holiday one that has the Cranes and Mt Fuji design… it’s a good reason to bring another version of this holder some day…

The bristles

The total length of the bristles is 47mm, the ferrule is 32mm x 17mm, the material is dyed brown saikoho goat bristles.

The softness of this saikoho is not going to be super silky because the quality of saikoho with that specific length of bristles has decreased since 10 years ago, while the cost has very much skyrocketed.
This brush is not as soft and silky as the Hinoki for example, it has more robust bristles, in this case and with this length of bristles, this added thickness helps with the results. If they were finer, the brush would lose its strength at the very top.
The dye process also gives the bristles more body and fullness, making this brush more effective in this particular situation where we need airiness but also firmness.

This may be the last call for making a saikoho brush with that length of bristles and that’s why I mentioned before that while this brush is not limited edition, we may not have the opportunity to bring it back in stock again or consistently. That’s also why it’s coming now into the collection and not later.

View of the front, the side and the back
The first brush on the left is before wash, the others after wash and after use.

Each brush is handmade. Here are some of the ones that I have with me to show you the shapes and how they evolve. The brush will open up after a wash and as it gets used, but it will retain its firmness and strength at the top.

It made sense to dye the bristles brown as this is primarily a bronzer brush, it will look less dirty when used repeatedly with darker products but it was dyed also for functionality purposes. This density and grip will be helpful when working with more stubburn products and when we need a little bit more determination with the placement while aiming for a diffused application.
We don’t need to wash this brush that regularly but it’s a good thing to wipe it on a microfiber cloth after use for several reasons: this will remove make-up residue so you can switch products easily, and it will remove bacteria (the microfiber doesn’t kill germs but it removes a major amount), and it will also remove the excess oils or make-up that this brush has accumulated on the bristles.
There is also an additional benefit when using goat bristles on finishing brushes (vs synthetic or squirrel), these bristles will absorb the excess oils on the skin as they blend the final application.

How I use it

I use this brush mainly for bronzers, almost on a daily basis as I automatically reach for bronzers at some point during my routine.
In the below pictures you can see a subtle every day type of look, before and after a quick all over sweep of bronzer. I used Victoria Beckham’s Bronzing Brick #02. It adds a luminous sunkissed effect and that’s what I love.

Before and after a quick sweep of bronzer (VB Bronzing Brick) – no filters

I am such a huge fan of bronzers and finishing powders, specially if they have a radiant finish!

I also use this Jumbo Bronzer for a final blend. I have extremely dry skin, most of the times I use only a powder bronzer after my foundation and I won’t need any more setting at all. If I grab a powder is because I want to add even more radiance and glow, not really to set my foundation.

When it’s very hot, or when I am on holidays or on a summer trip, I use only one brush like this during the day, with bronzer or with a neutral type of blush, just to add some dimension or a little something. In the evening I will do something more extra and use more products and more brushes.

At home, when I don’t use foundation but need to run out the door quickly, I will apply at least some bronzer. Not that I absolutely need to, but I like to.

I also use it with neutral blushes – I love blushes that we can use as bronzers or vice-versa, to add some dimension on the contours of the face. I usually apply them with a smaller brush but if the Jumbo Bronzer is within reach and if I don’t need a precise or elaborate placement, I’ll use it for that too.

How to use the Jumbo Bronzer

  • We can either directly use it all over, or start with a “3” technique (forehead-cheeks-chin) and then blend all over. It’s a face and body type of brush, we can use it on larger areas, the neck or décolletè.
  • We can use a linear blending technique if we aim for a jawline application for example. If the product is powdery, just touching the pan with the brush will load enough pigment.
    If the product is more difficult to pick up or less powdery, then it’s better to swirl the brush onto the product even if then we apply it in a more linear way.
  • We can use a circular blending or buffing movement with this brush even if the brush is not round because we don’t need to put pressure on the bristles, therefore, it won’t put stress and it won’t damage the core of the brush.
  • We can also swirl the brush on the products and then gently stamp to place the product on the cheeks, then blend in the direction where you want the application to be diffused.

This is a face and body type of brush, it’s not the brush to reach for when you are aiming for a precise application. It will apply the products on the surface of the skin, you can still work the products, blend and buff to a certain extent but it’s not a buffer that will go as deep as the Niji Pro for example.

Niji Pro vs Jumbo Bronzer

The counterpart of this brush on the PRO series is the Niji Pro. The bristles on the Jumbo Bronzer are longer and fluffier, with more movement, airiness and flexibility. The Niji Pro has shorter bristles and it’s denser. The Niji Pro is going to work the products deeper into the skin and deliver a heavier application or a more polished buff, while the Jumbo Bronzer is going to work more on the surface of the skin and be better at diffusing on a larger area.

The front side on both brushes is about the same width but since the bristles on the Jumbo Bronzer are longer, they will splay out more upon contact with the skin.

Sideways, the Jumbo Bronzer is wider, this is more noticeable when working and it will cover a larger surface than the Niji Pro which is firmer and denser.

The Niji Pro is a large brush that has a high density, firmness and that will be able to work with the most stubborn products, it can also work blush or contour with more precision in comparison to the Jumbo Bronzer.
On the other hand, the Jumbo Bronzer is going to be more foolproof and comfortable with more pigmented products or more powdery bronzers that need more caution.

The Niji will deliver a heavier application and work the products deeper into the skin, it’s more of a buffer. The Jumbo Bronzer will work more on the surface of the skin, it will blend and diffuse but won’t go as deep into the pores as the Niji.

Face Pro vs Jumbo Bronzer

The Face Pro is less dense, more flexibe, it has a more airy and soft feel and has a slanted shape.

The Jumbo Bronzer is between the Niji Pro and the Face Pro in terms of density and strength: it won’t deliver such an intense application like the Niji Pro does but the application will be heavier in comparison to the Face Pro.

They may look similar in size when comparing them sideways, but the density is higher in the Jumbo Bronzer. The Jumbo Bronzer has more firmness and more discipline in the movement and also more strength at the surface. If the product is a lot darker than my skintone, or if I want a more lightweight application, I will reach for the Face Pro.

Master Face vs Jumbo Bronzer

The Master Face is primarily a buffer type of brush, a gentle but determined buffer that has quite a lot of precision in spite of its shape that looks more like a ball. The tip of the surface on the Master Face is stable and very predictable because it’s supported by the dense core inside. We can use it to buff, build, correct or tone down while locked on the target area.

This more targetted kind of approach is not something we can do with the Jumbo Bronzer, the idea with the Jumbo Bronzer is to work with products that are meant to be applied and diffused on a large area.

If we look at the Jumbo Bronzer sideways, we get a bit closer to the size of the Master Face but once in movement, the Jumbo Bronzer will splay out considerably in comparison. The Master Face will still flex and move but it remains quite firm and retains its original shape while working.

Jumbo Bronzer vs Cheek Pro

The Jumbo Bronzer is the gigantic version of the Cheek Pro. The proportions are very different so the Jumbo Bronzer has much more movement and airiness in comparison.

It’s useful to see both brushes side by side as it shows the size difference, and it’s quite massive.

Hinoki vs Jumbo Bronzer

The Hinoki is smaller, the bristles are much shorter and more silky. This Hinoki brush is really one of a kind in terms of shape, fluffiness and softness. It’s going to work the products more gently, more on the surface, while the Jumbo Bronzer is going to deliver a stronger buff and a faster application on a larger area.

The Hinoki is really a brush with such an incredibly softness and fluffiness. It’s almost like a cloud.

The artisan behind the Jumbo Bronzer is the same as the one behind the Hinoki set and also the Niji Pro by the way.

Tom Ford 05 vs Jumbo Bronzer

If you love Fude and big brushes, Tom Ford had this 05 face brush that was super big and fluffy, it was bundled with sokoho goat bristles at the time. I thought it would be relevant to show you a pic side by side just in case you were familiar with it. The Jumbo Bronzer can be an alternative if you like this type of big powder brushes but it’s not a dupe.
The Tom Ford Bronzer brush splays out more in comparison so it’s a bit more tricky to build up the application with the “precision” of the Jumbo Bronzer. Not that the Jumbo Bronzer is precise, but you will have more control on the placement and on the intensity versus the Tom Ford.

Jumbo Bronzer and Hakuhodo J501, J5541

Jumbo Bronzer – Hakuhodo J501 – Hakuhodo J5541

This is to give you an idea of its size next to these Hakuhodo brushes.

The Hakuhodo brushes are more directional with the application, the bristles are shorter and they don’t splay much when they blend. The Jumbo Bronzer is more airy and will deliver a diffused application.

Jumbo Bronzer – Hakuhodo J501 – Hakuhodo J5541

Koyudo BP013 and Jumbo Bronzer

The Koyudo BP013 is also a powerful big brush but it’s smaller, more compact, with thicker bristles and with little movement and little flexibility in the bristles.

If we talk about bronzer application, the BP013 is not a brush I would pair with powdery type of bronzers but with more stubborn hard bronzers and also with powder foundations due to the thickness of its bristles.

They have a similar width sideways.

How it picks up the products

I wanted to show you some of the products that I use with the Jumbo Bronzer. This is to give you just a few examples of how it can handle them and hopefully, it will help you decide if this brush is a tool that you could use in your make-up routine.
I apply these products either on the entire face, or with the “3” technique (forehead-cheeks-chin), or sometimes only on the cheek area, it depends on the product. I use many more products with this brush but I tried to pick a selection that included different finishes and formulas.

Victoria Beckham – #02

The right pan is more “powdery” than the left one, when we touch the pan with the Jumbo Bronzer, it picks the powder like a magnet, so just touching the pan is enough.
If I touch the bronzer only with the tip of the brush, then I will have a more precise placement but if I cover the whole surface of the brush, I will target a larger surface on my face.
Even though this bronzer is a little bit dark and warm for me, it’s very easy to diffuse with the Jumbo Bronzer, I don’t need to proceed with caution. It doesn’t look like powder on my skin, it looks very beautiful and enhances my skin.
I can apply it on my entire face or use it more as a contour. The Jumbo Bronzer is not a contour brush but if you want to concentrate the application along the jawline, it’s feasible. It’s what I do. Since the brush is effective but airy, I don’t need to pay too much attention, the application is diffused and I know that I won’t need to do any adjustments.

Wayne Goss – Satin Bronze

I use the shades Bronze Glow/Medium Taupe. The left shade has more glow with a luminous finish, the other is more powdery and matte and great for sculpting, I use both shades as bronzers just applying them differently. I tend to use the sculpting shade more along the jawline and lightly all over the face, the other shade more where the sun hits. The Jumbo Bronzer allows just enough precision to do this, it won’t deliver a sharp contour at all but for me it’s precise enough to play with the positioning.

With the shade that is more powdery (Medium Taupe) it’s enough to just touch the pan and it’s loaded on the brush. The left shade (Bronze Glow) we can just touch or swipe a couple of times and it’s ready, it depends how heavy you want the application to be and how much darker the product is versus your skin.

The only thing to note is that when the face is still fresh with foundation, still wet-ish and hasn’t set yet, if we apply a powdery bronzer, the bronzer can stick to the wet face and be more difficult to blend.
This is more noticeable when using denser or synthetic brushes, it could happen with this brush too depending on how wet the skin is when applying bronzer directly, but because the natural bristles absorb a lot of the excess as they apply and these ones buff quite effectively, I didn’t experience any issues so far.

Tom Ford – Terra and Gold Dust

Terra is a more neutral matte shade (also that I use for contouring) while Gold Dust is more luminous.
I surprisingly hit pan on a few and even had to repurchase them but then the newer releases were different and much harder to work with.

There is a normal Terra and a very hard Terra depending on which one you have. They can both be applied with the Jumbo Bronzer. However, one of the releases I got had a Gold Dust pressed like a rock, in that case I would rather use the Niji Pro or the Master Face, these brushes will be more appropriate to get the job done faster and it won’t put too much stress on the longer bristles of the Jumbo Bronzer.

Gucci Eclat Soleil

I have shades 01 and 02.
The shade 01 is quite sheer for me, I use it but as a blush along the cheekbones, or along the jawline, it will be quite subtle since the product is light for my skintone and the brush is not as dense as the Niji Pro.
The Niji Pro would deliver a more heavy application which is totally fine because this is a sheer shade, no worries to work with a denser brush if I want to build the intensity.
Both shades are easy to pick with the Jumbo Bronzer, lightly swiping the brush will get enough product onto the bristles.

The shade 02 is much more dark, I will apply this shade just where the sun hits and I would rather use the Jumbo Bronzer so that I don’t overdo it. If I use the Niji Pro the placement will be too intense with this shade and then I will have more work diffusing the edges or I will have to proceed with more caution.

Valentino Perfecting Face powder

I have the Bronzer 00 and I stored it in their Go-Clutch, not that I have any intention of carrying a powder compact as a clutch… I am not a fan of their packaging for so many reasons but the product is beautiful.

It’s a very silky product, it doesn’t even feel or look like a powder, I use the Jumbo Bronzer to apply it, I start where the sun hits, then blend and buff the residue that is on the brush on the entire face.
We need a bit more swiping strokes to pick up the product versus a powdery product but it will work.
I can apply it with the Jumbo Bronzer or the Niji Pro, the application with the Jumbo Bronzer will be more diffused and natural, like a veil of sunkissed glow, the application with the Niji Pro will be more intense but not over the top.

Armani Neo Nude Fusion Powders

I have 3 different shades, the 2, the 5.5 and the 7.
I use the 5.5 shade when I want to add a bit of glow on top of my foundation, I use the Buffer Pro or the Niji Pro as I want a buffing that goes deeper into the pores.
I use the shade 7 as a finishing powder but I place it a bit like a bronzer, to add a little bit of glow and warmth. I use the Jumbo Bronzer brush, it picks the product but because the powders are quite see-through, it will be a subtle application.

Bronzers with shimmer or veining throughout

If the veining has a lot of shimmer, I will only use this type of bronzers as blushes. If the shimmer or radiance is subtle, I may use the products all over the face or concentrate where the sun naturally hits. It depends on the products and the amount of shimmer that stays on the skin after buffing the application.

The Hourglass Nude Bronze light doesn’t have shimmer at all, it’s very fine and easy to pick up with the Jumbo Bronzer.

The Laura Mercier Ritual is an old bronzer but I took it here for reference. The application is a bit more tricky, not because it’s hard to pick at all but because it’s a bit too warm on my skin so I need to proceed with a little bit of caution.
With the wrong brush, this bronzer would not work for me. The Jumbo Bronzer does the job properly because it applies an even amount on a large area that is diffused without any visible demarcations.

I love the Sisley L’Orchidee blush, the one with the brown background and pink/peach orchidee, I apply it with the Jumbo Bronzer on the cheeks and across the bridge of the nose, without being too precise. I would rather use a smaller blush brush but sometimes I am lazy and I love to use one brush for as many tasks as possible.

Chantecaille Goa and Sirena bronzers

These gel-powder type of formulas can be difficult to build up with some brushes but they look so beautiful and natural. I have Goa and Sirena. Both can work on my skintone but I use them differently. Goa is the deeper one and I apply it more as a sculpting bronzer, not on the cheeks but more on the jawline, the forehead and just lightly all over to blend it all together. Sirena is more golden and has more shine so I apply it only where the sun naturally hits.
Both these products can be placed and blended with the Jumbo Bronzer, unless you like a precise placement.
I prefer the Jumbo Bronzer for Goa. Goa tends to be a bit too dark for my skintone but this brush achieves an application that will be smoothly diffused and more natural.
I prefer the Niji Pro with Sirena because I get to the intensity faster.

Neutral blushes

I took the Marc Jacobs Flesh & Fantasy shade as a reference. It’s a neutral blush that I use to add dimension, so more of a sculpting type of application.
The reason why I picked this one is because the product is quite hard in the pan and difficult to build up on the brush, however, we can still apply it with the Jumbo Bronzer, it just needs a bit more work. I would rather use the Niji Pro with this one but I can still manage with the Jumbo Bronzer.
If you see that the brush you are using struggles picking up the product and you are putting too much stress on the bristles, it means that you need to change to a denser or stronger brush, something more adapted to the product. Sometimes our blushes change, without going bad but they just get a bit harder, it’s a shame to stop using them if we still love them, we just need to adapt the brushes.

Finishing powders

These are the Guerlain Perles du Paradis, it’s an illuminating sparkly version that Guerlain released years ago. If Meteorites aren’t too sparkly I will use the Buffer Pro all over, if they are sheer I will use the Buffer Pro and if they have a lof ot shimmer and colour, I will use a brush that is less dense and that offers more precision. Most of the times I grab the Buffer Pro, I also like it because the longer bristles let me reach further down in the container.

For the other matte or radiant finishing powders, I swipe them all over or concentrate the buff where I need to. It’s not a brush that will be able to place powder and work them in small areas, for more precision I use the Designer Pro and if I want a deeper buff, then I will grab either a Buffer Pro, a Smooth Buffer or the Niji Pro.

Price and Availability

The Jumbo Bronzer is a big brush, it was designed to work on larger areas with no effort and for performance with a wide range of products that need an even but diffused application.

The Jumbo Bronzer will be available starting on the 13th of September at 10am PT on Beautylish, it will retail for 85$.

At this precise moment, the Hinoki set and the Niji Pro are available, it gives some options in case you love big brushes! It’s good to know that the Hinoki, the Niji Pro and the Jumbo Bronzer do not come with the Kumano sticker.

I hope that these comparisons and examples help you, if you have questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact me in the comments below on via Instagram!

Sonia G brushes are crafted by several manufacturers, which we select based on what they do best, their production capacities and what we are trying to achieve.

We chose a few years back to add the Kumano “K” stickers to our brushes to promote Kumano’s fude-making legacy – this was by no means an obligation but a choice we made. The serial number allows us to trace the brushes back to their original order and the batch of the hair used. Based on these serial numbers we can either track any production issues – should they arise, or should we ever have to question the origin of a brush, we can confirm if it belongs to an order we placed or not.

Kumano “K” stickers are only supplied to brushes with “tips” manufactured in Kumano Town.
As we mentioned above, we are supplied by several manufacturers and each brush batch could potentially come from a different manufacturer based on the quality of their production and the quality of the hair available to them at a given time. In the case of the
Jumbo Bronzer brush for example- at the moment the manufacturer is not based in Kumano Town and, because of that, is not eligible for the “K” sticker. They are however highly renowned in Japan. You’ll also notice neither the Niji Pro nor the Hinoki set come with the sticker.
We aim to produce the best quality brushes and have the honor of having many contacts and friends working in different manufacturers. To achieve our target, we will choose the best matched manufacturer for a given task in and out of Kumano. 

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Sunsarae Jackson 9 September, 2022 - 12:12 pm

Beautifully written. I’m looking forward to all my makeup play with this beautiful addition to my collection.

Sonia G. 9 September, 2022 - 6:03 pm

Thank you Sunsarae! So nice of you to comment on my post, sending you hugs!

Denise 9 September, 2022 - 3:33 pm

Sonia. Your writing skill in the English language is superb!!! I know you will create a fude book one day….with multiple translations. Keep going strong. I pray all are well in your Family. Denise

Sonia G. 9 September, 2022 - 6:13 pm

Hi Denise! Thank you so much, this is such a huge compliment! It really encourages me to improve my English, which is the main reason why I started a blog in English in the first place so how cool is that! Or at least, it was my excuse… 😀 I wish I could write a book, it’s unlikely but I enjoy writing about the artisans so I should focus more on this. Next year will be more collector-oriented so even more interesting, well, I hope!! 😀
I also hope you are well and you are always in my heart!!!

Denise 9 September, 2022 - 9:36 pm

You are the “sweet” in Sweet Makeup Temptations!!! .
To live out your passions is a true blessing.

Sonia G. 13 September, 2022 - 12:13 pm

Denise, my love, yes it is a true blessing, I say thanks every single day <3

Renata 14 September, 2022 - 1:38 pm

Hi Sonia! I love your brushes! I’m wondering what brush to use with cream bronzers. I love a fluffy, beginner proof brush. Which one would you recommend? Or is this maybe an idea for a future brush??? 😉

Sonia G. 14 September, 2022 - 1:59 pm

Hi Renata!
waw that is a funny question! because that particular has been developped and is ongoing 🙂 it will take a long while to arrive but it has been done! I had probably similar needs, a good bronzer brush for creams 🙂 thank you so much for your message!! many hugs!!

Robin (cat_mom13) 9 September, 2022 - 3:43 pm

How would the Jumbo Bronzer compare to your Sculpt One brush (functionality, application….)? I use Sculpt One (love it!) to apply bronzer as more of a brontour, rather than overall. My preferred bronzers are the TF Terra, Gucci in shade 01 Fair, Dior Light Flame from the 2020 Summer Games collection, and Hourglass Dim Light which works as a light bronzer on my pale, pale skin.
I also have the Beautylish 2022 Lunar New Year Tiger Brush which appears to be similar in shape and size to this Jumbo Bronzer (in pics), albeit, with squirrel rather than goat hair. I’ll use it occasionally to apply my setting powder (before applying my foundation) and/or a light wash of brontour if I already have it out on my dressing table.

Sonia G. 9 September, 2022 - 6:55 pm

Hi Robin! this is such a good and interesting question, thank you!
So, in terms of how they pick up the products, it’s very similar but due to the shape of the Sculpt One, if you pick up a more powdery product, there will be more kick-off of the product on the pan, while the Jumbo Bronzer is really a magnet.
The flexibility of the bristles on these two brushes is very close so they will deliver quite a similar intensity with the application (same strength situated at the very top of the bristles so no need to use pressure).
However, what changes is that the Sculpt One is going to work better for a more linear placement, for example if the forehead “real state” is smaller, the Sculpt One is better, also if we want a more linear defined placement on the jawline, etc. The Jumbo Bronzer is going to cover much more surface at once but the good thing about that is that it helps the application to be more even on a larger area. The application with the Sculpt One is more directional.

The Jumbo Bronzer is a brush that we primarily grab for an all over application but that could handle a straight (linear) application or buffing. “Linear” is a big word, it won’t have precision but the bristles will stay put if we buff following a path, they won’t splay out all over the place.
The Sculpt one is a brush that we tend to grab primarily for a more linear approach but that we could use for an application all over.

The experience using a fan brush is quite fun actually 🙂 and I love a good workhorse fluffy fan, but some don’t like to use fan brushes that much, a brush like the Jumbo Bronzer would be a more classic option.

That Lunar New Year brush is really amazing and so beautiful! The Jumbo Bronzer is almost twice the size actually but sideways yes it’s the same width. The big difference between these brushes is that the blending/buffing with the Jumbo Bronzer is stronger and that the goat bristles naturally absorb the excess oils without interfering with the blending power of the brush.

I hope all is well with you! Big hugs and talk soon! <3

Robin (cat_mom13) 9 September, 2022 - 7:26 pm

Big hugs right back at ya dear Sonia!

Since my entire facial real estate is small, it seems Sculpt One is perfectly sized for my preferred bronzer application (method, placement). Jumbo Bronzer might cover too much of that real estate so to speak! LOL
I’m sure I’d have fun using it if I ever do decide to get one though! 🙂

Danielle 9 September, 2022 - 10:55 pm

Sonia, this looks to be a better version of the Tom Ford bronzer brush, which leads my mind to thinking about a Sonia version of the Chanel 24, the Suqqu S, and some of the Paula Dorf eye brushes. The fude fanatic in me is jumping up and down with the thought of this happening. lol

Sonia G. 13 September, 2022 - 12:12 pm

Hi Danielle, oh waw such wonderful brushes you picked 😀 how many memories with these!!! yeah I remember these and definitely, I cannot deny that I already tried and that I started working on alternatives… pschhhtt…
This is not really a dupe of the Tom Ford bronzer brush, even though I love that TF brush so much, I think the Jumbo Bronzer would have a more regular working schedule on my vanity 😀

Charli 10 September, 2022 - 12:18 pm

Hi Sonia What a beautiful brush! Thank you for the through review with various makeup products and application techniques and desired results. You are looking gorgeous! I’m excited for this brush and hope to be able to get one. Thank you

Charli 10 September, 2022 - 12:21 pm

I need to replace that picture for my responses! Ugh I don’t even know how it got there or how to change it@ I forget every time until I go to say something here or on Beautylish… I think that’s about the only places I have seen it pop up…

Sonia G. 13 September, 2022 - 11:52 am

Hi Charli, so that’s probably your wordpress account 🙂 do you have one?

Sonia G. 13 September, 2022 - 11:54 am

Oh.. thank you Charli! you are a sweetheart!!! your comment truly warms my heart as I struggle to post pics of me…! Thinking of you, always!!

Bailey 14 September, 2022 - 5:04 am

Dear Sonia, I just want to say thank you , during the pandemic, getting back to beautiful make up , and utterly amazing brushes like yours was so helpful , I got the sky series and few of the louts and I’m so pleased with them. Looking forward to add this beauty as well.

Ashley 10 September, 2022 - 7:22 pm

Hi Sonia

Can you compare the jumbo bronzer to the smooth buffer? I’m debating which one to get. I already have the entire sky collection except for these 2.

Sonia G. 13 September, 2022 - 11:51 am

Hi Ashley!
I think I just saw your comment on Alicia’s video! Cool! thank you for leaving me your question here!
I have uploaded a picture of both brushes side by side here, it’s a quick pic I took with my phone for you but it shows you the size difference.

These two brushes are very different in functionality, the Smooth Buffer is a small buffer type of brush, it’s meant to work the powders deeper into the skin, polish and blurr. It can help tone down an application that was too heavy, it will blend products with more strength and much more precision versus the Jumbo Bronzer. The Jumbo Bronzer is mainly a bronzer / Powder type of brush for an all over application.
The only times I would use the Smooth Buffer with bronzer is with very hard products that are stubburn, I have quite a few though so in my case I use the Smooth Buffer with bronzer too.
Since you have the Master Face, that brush is also a buffer type of brush, even though it is more airy than the Smooth Buffer, not as directional and strong than the Smooth Buffer but in terms of functionality, it can cover some similar tasks as the Smooth Buffer.
The Jumbo Bronzer is a brush that is not covered in the SKY series in terms of fucntionality, however, I’d rather have two similar brushes that I use a lot in my routine than a different one that I wouldn’t reach for. Does this help you? Do you have the Buffer Pro or Face One?
I think it’s a personal choice based on what you like to do the most, in this case, maybe the question is a “buffing brush?” or a “bronzing brush?”…. Thank you for your incredible support and for considering more brushes in your collection, I am very touched and so grateful! With love <3

Marina 13 September, 2022 - 9:02 pm

Hi Sonia and Ashley!
If I may step in, I fully share Sonia’s opinion and I can share my experience. I own both the Smooth Buffer and the Buffer Pro. They are definitely most suitable for applying and buffing powders and powder foundations (my most use of them) onto the skin. I use the Smooth one with powder for small areas of my face and tone down too pigmented blushes. I use the Pro version for larger areas of my face and for buffing finishing powders such as the Hourglass ones. I have yet to try the Jumbo Bronzer brush, but for sure if you need a buffing brush go for the Smooth Buffer (or Buffer Pro). If you need a bronzer brush, well go for the Jumbo Bronzer as I really don’t think the other two are well suited for bronzer (based on my personal experience) ;-)))) I hope this helps in addition to Sonia’s answer. Cheers to both!

Marina 11 September, 2022 - 2:09 pm

Hi Sonia! While I am still waiting for my Cheek Pro and pink together towel set to be delivered from Beautylish I ordered during their summer sale, I am so thrilled to read about the new Jumbo Bronzer!!! I use bronzer everyday, really more as « brontouring », so I need both precision and diffusion for a subtle sunkissed look. So far, I haven’t found the HG brush for my very specific application of bronzer. But it sounds like the Jumbo Bronzer could be the one! My most used bronzers (more on the neutral side) are Sirena from Chantecaille, Nude Bronze from Hourglass and Filmstar Bronze from Charlotte Tilbury. And I agree, the baked ones like Sirena are trickier to pick up with a standard brush. I think I might just dive in once again and go for your new brush… Now that I have tried natural hair brushes, especially yours, it seems I can’t go back…the technical performance and specificity of each of your brushes make makeup application so much easier and better!

Sonia G. 13 September, 2022 - 11:32 am

Hi Marina, thank you for purchasing the Cheek Pro and the towel!! Funny that I have both the Cheek Pro and the towel next to me right now as I was playing with the new Gucci blushes and was using both 1 minute ago!
So we are similar with our brontouring 😀 This Jumbo Bronzer brush is quite strong but still diffuses on a large area, which is good because I tend to overdo it most of the time, I hope it will work the way you expect it!
Thank you so so much again, it’s so nice to leave me a comment and the reasons why you would consider it. Big hugs! <3

Polished Hippy 12 September, 2022 - 1:13 am

This brush looks amazing! I love larger brushes like this for powder, so it is going on my wishlist. I was wondering about the continual issues regarding supply of goat (and other) hairs for brushes. Are the makers in Kumano and elsewhere in Japan trying to make plans to replace the supplies of better goat hair? Since goats are simply domestic animals and have many uses for milk and brush clearance, it would make sense if they worked with farmers to ensure stability and quality of future supply, hence stability of the brush-making business itself. We have many, many goat farms in the United States alone! I also have many Chinese-made brushes, and they have no issues with acquiring very long, high-grade hairs, so I am wondering why the Japanese manufacturers are having such a difficulty. I prefer my Japanese brushes, in particular yours and Chikuhodo for the more refined designs but will switch entirely to Chinese brushes if the Japanese manufacturers are no longer able to make the products I have grown to love from them.

Sonia G. 13 September, 2022 - 12:24 pm

Hi!! thank you! I am very grateful for your support and your appreciation of Japanese craftsmanship! 🙂
Sure, they are working on it and doing whatever they can, it’s a combination of challenges, not easy, and they also prefer to work with their known providers but they are aware of that issue of course and working on it.
China is a big market, with a big capacity / lower costs, with more people who can work on manufacturing the brushes, so Kumano are compeating with such a huge structure.
Let’s see what happens in the near future, for me it’s the closure with the artisans and knowing who worked on the brushes that makes me appreciate the tools so much more, the good thing is that they are open to change and improvement and this is the right path to follow <3

Polished Hippy 13 September, 2022 - 7:09 pm

Thank you so much for letting me know this good news! I really hope the firms can find good new supplier relationships, especially for goat, since it is very possible to farm these animals well for multiple purposes. My favorite hairs for function are goat and fox, but I feel better about the sustainability and ethics of using a domesticated animal. While the quality of materials used in my Chinese brushes is often exquisite, I don’t feel these newer brands yet have the refinement and functionality of design as well mastered. Sometimes I feel like the designs are not always worthy of the very good materials from which they are made, but some brushes are wonderful. As long as I can continue to get Japanese brushes with natural hairs, I will do so, but maybe chose some of the more rare materials from the Chinese makers. Overall, though, I feel most “at home” with your brushes and those of Chikuhodo. Speaking of which, I was able to pick up this Jumbo Bronzer today and am so excited to try it out!

Marina Madrid 19 September, 2022 - 1:30 am

Hi Sonia! Extremely detailed and helpful post as always, your work never ceases to impress me. One question – thank you beforehand! – would you recommend the Jumbo Bronzer for loose powders? Any other brushes from your line that you would suggest for overall setting?

Diana 1 August, 2023 - 9:27 pm

Hi Sonia, i want to say i love your brushes, I’ve been only loving make up the last 2 or so years and started my brushes collection i purchased the fusion set few months agi and the jumbo base has been my ultimate favourite complexion brush. As much as i live my rose inc tinted serum but i have pores textured on my cheek and most of the times it would sit on my pores but that never happen when i use the jumbo base. I still have that problem with the lotus base that i purchased later but i still love the brush for my other foundation. Now I’m looking to purchase a bronzer brush i would like to use for my powder bronzer and considering between the jumbo bronzer, the hinoki set or the fan L. Which do you think would be better for me. I’m looking more for natural application to warm up the outer perimeter of my face and possibly something i can use for my too dark bronzer so it won’t stamp on my cheek. And I’m not a pro on makeup too, i just love an makeup no makeup daily look on me. Thank you so much and once again i really love all your brushes i bought 🙂


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