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by Sonia G.

The Fusion Eye brushes showcase a specific mix of materials and are primarily designed to work with liquids and creams products, but not only – they can also place and blend powder shadows.

These brushes combine natural and synthetic fibers, mixed in a way that the two types of bristles benefit from each other’s functionality: the synthetic fibers help with the glide and distribution of the product and the natural bristles help with the blending. We called these series “Fusion” because of this very specific combination of bristles.

In June 2021 we launched the Fusion Face set. There is a post here describing each brush in detail.
While creating these face brushes, I was also looking into finding a similar type of blend that we could use with smaller brushes, super soft yet effective.
Each Fusion eye brush has a bespoke mix and balance between natural and synthetic bristles, ideal for the shape and for the purpose of each brush.

The performance and the control while applying and blending were the top priority when creating these brushes, they had to be effortless to use and extra soft. It was also important that their versatility was boosted as much as possible as the more we reach for a brush, the better.


Performance can be measured in different ways. I believe that performance is not only about how the product is picked up and diffused, but also how effortless and how fun the whole application is. Also, at the end, we need to ask ourselves if we are looking forward to do it all over again.
Today I can say that these Fusion brushes have really brought something new into my make-up routine. I loved cream and liquid shadows already, but the application using these brushes adds so much more excitement to the whole process. It’s like rediscovering the products all over again, enjoying all the possibilities and results that each brush offers.
At some point I had stopped using cream shadows regularly because it was taking me too long to get to the results I was aiming for. Making sure that the application was evenly blended, intense enough but intentional and not over the top, it was often too time intensive and most of the times I didn’t have the patience.
I had all my cream and liquid shadows and products back on my vanity during the research and testing phase but now I don’t want to put them away. I am enjoying these products on a daily basis, over and over again, which had never happened before.

This is the experience that I hope you will get with these brushes, that they make you want to use products you wouldn’t necessarily reach for on a daily basis and that you have fun, and not reserve those products just for special occasions.


I am passionate about how much control I have with a brush. For example, I expect a brush to continously deliver a consistent opacity on the area that I intended to target.
The Fusion Eye brushes are all different in shape but you will notice that they have something in common: the bristles flex and flow easily but with steadiness.
When brushes are too firm, they may pick up too much product and then we may require more caution with the placement. If the placement is even and progressive, then the blending is faster and easier. We need a certain firmness when working with creams but the bristles still need to flow in a steady way and release product progressively, that’s what I love the most about these little Fusion brushes.

Control for me is not necessarily how impactful or how bold the application is on first swipe, it’s more about the predictability of the application: I want to know how much product I am working with and how that product is going to be distributed when I move the brush, I love a smooth even swipe that is consistent and easy to blend.


These are smaller brushes that we can use with shadows or concealers, very close to our eyes and on very delicate skin, so they obviously needed to be the softest they could be.
The quality of these synthetic fibers is outstanding and the natural bristles are extremely soft. There is density and determination yet they remain very gentle. Together, these bristles flow and diffuse the products evenly and effectively. The skin is not dragged or pulled and the product is blended -not just moved to a different location.


Concealers – Correctors – Liquid shadows – Creams – Powders

Brushes are a significant investment, so the more products we can use with a given brush, the more we get for our money (it also means we can carry less brushes if we want to). Although these brushes were primarily designed to be used with creams and liquids, they can also easily (and successfully) be used with powders.

I still prefer to use full natural brushes with powders, however, while using these brushes for months in my daily routine and on others, I did not need to switch to full natural bristles to achieve what I wanted when using powders. This is exactly the versatility that I had in mind, brushes that would comfortably adapt to a large variety of formulas that are coming out nowadays.

Purposely designed

I know that some of you love to read about the technical stuff and the challenges. Designing a brush for a specific purpose is so interesting and it’s quite surprising how the smallest changes can considerably impact the performance of a brush.

  • The Fusion eye brushes glide on the skin, they have just the right grip to blend without dragging or irritating the skin. When working with fully natural brushes to apply creams, although they work nicely with creams, the placement might be concentrated mostly on the area where we started the placement, then we may need more effort to diffuse or blend the application, there is more friction.
  • These Fusion adapt to the surface of the skin, the bristles flex smoothly and don’t abrutly change direction. This helps a lot when working with powders, less fallout.
  • The natural bristles add airiness, even if it’s not noticeable at first sight but upon using them, you’ll see that the bristles do not clump or stick to each other even when using creams or liquids. Therefore the placement is more even, diffused and the blending is easier.
  • The natural bristles could not be dyed since these brushes are to the used with creams and liquids, but we dyed the synthetic bristles brown. As a result, the bristles won’t stain like full white natural bristles do and the washes can be less “urgent” or less frequent. We are extending the lifespan of a brush.
  • If the brushes are wiped on a microfiber cloth in between products, they continue to perform and can easily jump from one product to the other, even from creams to powders.

The future of the Fusion series

These Fusion Eye brushes are not meant for a very precise placement, like sharp tightline or eyeliner. I may work on some smaller precision brushes for the future, but the idea with these Fusion series is to make brushes with these mixed fibers only where it makes sense.
Mixing all these bristles and fibers together is very expensive, even more than working with 100% natural brushes, that’s why it needs to be done when it really makes sense for the functionality of the brush.
At this stage I don’t know if any future smaller brushes will be part of the Fusion series with a mix or if they will be 100% synthetic.


This set comes with 5 brushes: the Jumbo Worker, the Worker and the Builder have a pinched ferrule -I added a view sideways, the Blender and the Detail have a round ferrule so there is only one front view. The side view is going to give you a better idea of their shape and the precision they can achieve.

  BrushTotal lengthHair lengthFerrule widthMaterial
Detail152mm12mm7mmGoat + synthetic
Builder150mm10mm10*15mmGoat + synthetic
Worker153mm13mm9*6mmGoat + synthetic
Blender155mm15mm8mmGoat + synthetic
Jumbo Worker155mm20mm14*8.5mmGoat + synthetic

Two brushes from this set are also in the Keyaki Mini set V2 that has the shorter Keyaki handles: the Jumbo Worker and the Detail. These two brushes are little workhorses, I will share more details under each brush and why I believe these brushes are quite amazing when we are on the go.

Here you can see the size of the handles used on the mini Keyaki set versus the handles of the Fusion eye:

Jumbo Worker Keyaki – Jumbo Worker Fusion – Detail Fusion – Detail Keyaki

These Fusion brushes clean really well on a microfiber cloth, allowing them to jump from one type of product to the other without loosing performance.

Now we will deep dive into each brush! I took the pics with different backgrounds to make the colours pop and show the outline shapes and the bristles with more clarity.

The Detail

The length of the bristles on this Detail is 12mm. The layers start at about half length and taper towards the tip, these layered tips will do the work – picking up, placing, and diffusing the product. There is movement in the brush but it has body and strength.

The bristles are saikoho goat and a combination of synthetic fibers. While the natural bristles add grip and facilitate the blending, the synthetic fibers allow the brush to glide smoothly when working with creams.

The brush has a determined but soft tip, I have extremely delicate skin and I have no issues with this brush at all. The soft bristles bend but we can feel some resistance, some support in the center, these layers and mix of materials give body to the brush which helps a lot: we can easily pick up the products even if they are thicker creams and build the application where we want. The brush is extremely easy to maneuvre, it blends evenly, it’s easy to build the intensity of the placement if we want to because we know where the brush is working – the bristles don’t splay out randomly.

This Detail brush can do so many tasks! It’s not just a pencil brush, it’s a versatile laydown brush that can place and blend the products on the mobile lid, the outer v, along the crease, on the browbone, the inner corner, we can use it with concealers, cream shadows, powder shadows, or even shimmers.
Its versatility and efficiency with both powders and creams is the reason why this brush is also part of the mini Keyaki V2 set.

Fusion Detail – Crease One – Pencil Two – Pencil One

We can use the tip or the side to place the product. The pressure will transform this brush into a flat-ish laydown brush. We can swipe, wiggle or move the brush in circular motions to pick up the product, then we can diffuse and blend in circular, or linear movements, or a windshield-wiper motions, depending on where we want the product to blend out.

What products to use with the Detail

I have used this brush with pretty much anything, creams, liquids, shimmers, powders, concealers, correctors, really anything.

Also with the creams that I didn’t enjoy that much in the past, now I can get a decent application. I was really struggling with some creams, where it was difficult to get enough colour onto the lids, the placement was uneven and patchy and then difficult to blend, it was just too fussy to get results that I was happy and comfortable with. This brush allows me to work with tricky formulas and since it glides easily, it’s easier to diffuse the application.

I don’t want to go too heavy with the application of some creams and liquids because they tend to transfer or crease easily on me. The Detail allows me to control the opacity easily and build it, if or where I need to, it can be more heavy near the lashline but then more diffused towards the crease or the outer v.

Cream pots or cream pans

If the formulas are hard, it shouldn’t be an issue because the brush has enough layers of bristles to pick up the product effectively.
I love Mac paintpots or any similar type of cream shadows, I use them as a base or on their own. The placement with the Detail is just perfect on the mobile lid, it glides and distributes the creams evenly.
I don’t usually like when brands include cream shadows in palettes together with powder eyeshadows, without an isolated compartment. Those pans tend to get harder and drier more quickly, I didn’t even reach for them as I find them a bit too fussy for an everyday type of wear. Now with the Detail, I use the brush with the cream pan then use the same brush to layer some other shimmer or shadow of that same palette on top and I am ready to go. At least it’s easier to use and I am happy with the results.
I am not often going for looks that look complex, but I do love to layer and play with formulas and with the Fusion eye brushes this is such an easy process.

Liquid shadows

There are many new liquid shadows, or mousse type of formulas, some are effortless but some can be sticky and tricky to apply!
We all have our preferences in terms of opacity, if they are too metallic I am looking for a more see-through result on myself. Also, some of those liquid/mousse formulas tend to transfer or crease when the application is too heavy. I often like to do a heavier application on the mobile lid near the lashline and diffuse the product more softly towards the crease or the edges, which I can achieve with this brush.


This Detail brush is tapered but with body, so if we want to use it for concealing or correcting a specific area, the brush can move easily and we can blend directly with it.
Sometimes the dark areas around our eyes can be linear, if we want to target those lines, this is just a wonderful brush because we can place the product with the tip and just glide the brush to diffuse it gently and simply blend with the same brush.
When we have tiny bruises or areas to correct (following a treatment for example), we can place the product just where the area needs correcting and softly blend the edges with the same brush.

Powder shadows

There is something very interesting in the way these brushes release creams when they diffuse the application, and this also applies to powder shadows. The brush is quite dense but it won’t pickup an amount of product that it cannot manage, we can build and diffuse it very easily.
If I compare it to a full synthetic brush with a similar shape, I see that there is less fallout with the Detail, the brush doesn’t flick and the product adheres better to the bristles.
If I compare it to a full natural brush with a similar shape, I notice sometimes that the application with the natural brush can be more concentrated on the area where we started the application, making that area more opaque and needing more blending to even it out with the rest.
The Detail may not have the same bold impact with powders as a full natural brush with a similar density may have, but still has a notable versatility.


The layers of bristles will trap the shimmers or toppers and it’s easy to transfer them onto the eyes. Maybe a flat, stronger brush will do a more opaque job, however, this brush can pick them up, place them, diffuse the application and blend it, all in one.

Hair length: 12mm
Total brush length: 152mm
Ferrule: 7mm
Material: Goat + synthetic
Price: 26 USD


This Builder is going to be able to handle the harder or more stubborn formulas, it’s more firm and will pick and deposit the products with more impact versus the Detail, the Worker or the Blender.

The sideways view of these three brushes (side by side on the next pic) shows that the Builder is the one that will achieve a thinner application. It’s also the one that will achieve a more bold line with the tip and opaque placement.


The brushes in this set have a different firmness in the bristles and this will allow us to play with all the products that we have in different ways. I know that it’s difficult to justify the purchase of a whole set, even for me, but for this set I have been using all these brushes consistently. I thought that after some time I would reach more for one versus another but they have all been active in my routine, if not for one task, for another.

With this Builder, we can build the product on the mobile lid, or use the tip and go close to the top or bottom lashline, it’s really effortless on the bottom lashline. We can also play with layering, placing one cream shadow very close to the lashline then another above it (not on top but higher) and work our way to the crease, it’s easy to control where we place the product it is really fun when we aim for a more gradient look.

This Fusion Builder brush is very similar to the Builder Three in the current collection, or the Builder in the Lotus set. Since it doesn’t splay as much, it will allow more control when working with the tip.

Fusion Builder – Builder Three – Lotus Builder

What products to use with the Builder

Cream pots or pans

Since this brush has more firmness, it’s good to use it with more stubborn cream formulas that need more opacity but not only, it can handle also softer products and we can also use the tip to do smudging and lashline work.

Sometimes I start with this Builder and continue with the Blender or the Worker but this brush has some body and movement, it’s not completely flat and stiff so we can also use it for diffusing the placement -to a certain extent, it’s not just a packing brush.

Liquid shadows

This brush will be able to place the shadows quite close to the lashline, if we are working with a liquid shadow, we can start close to the lashline and blend towards the crease.
I like to pick up the product on the back of my hand with the Builder and then touch the tip of the brush gently on the lid in several places to better distribute the placement and prepare for the blending, then blend with the same brush. If there is too much product on the brush, I remove the excess off the brush and then blend. It may take a couple of times to understand how much product the brush is going to pick up since there are so many different formulas available today and we all have our very personal preferences in terms of opacity.

When I want a more diffused application of liquid shadows, then I prefer to use the Fusion Worker.

I mentioned before that I don’t like full opacity with a metallic liquid shadow, however, something that I absolutely love to do is to apply a powder shadow first as a base, and then place the liquid shadow on top, but just on the center of the lid or more lightly diffused. Then I still have a bold look, but it’s more suitable with my lifestyle.


The Builder is not completely square but almost, so if you need to correct something in a more linear way, this is quite nice to have, for example to clean the edge of the eyeshadow application.

When using the tip of the brush, we can do a very clean line, for example when working on covering scars or anything in a linear way, the brush can work the products quite firmly with the tip so you have full control on the placement and then you could also blend with the same brush.

Powder shadows

These are swatches of dark powder shadows with the Fusion Builder (natural & synthetic) and the Builder Three (full natural).
What I wanted to show is that the Fusion Builder is not going to have the same full impact, but it has more consistency in the swatch.

I mentioned before that I prefer a full natural brush with powders because the edges have a more blurred effect and there is more impact with the placement of the powders. However, during all these months using only the Fusion eye brushes with any formula, including powders, I could manage and get the results I was going for.


The Fusion Builder may not have the strength with shimmers as natural brushes have but I could manage the application. Sometimes it required a bit more effort, but it’s wasn’t difficult to achieve. I did notice that the fallout was more controlled and I enjoyed that.

If you have a cream base that you want to apply with the Builder, and then you want to add a shimmer topper, you can go ahead and use the same brush for both formulas.

Maybe a stronger brush will do a more opaque job upon first swipe, however, this brush can pick them up, place them, diffuse the application and blend it, all in one.

Hair length: 10mm
Total brush length: 150mm
Ferrule: 10*5mm
Material: Goat + synthetic
Price: 26 USD


The Fusion Worker is the size between the Builder and the Blender, sideways it allows more precision than the Blender but it’s more fluffy than the Builder.
While the Builder is going to be more appropriate with the harder formulas, this Worker is going to be more fun with more liquid or softer formulas.

In the swatches I was playing with Pat Mcgrath Moonlit Seduction palette, first I swatched Plum Cabaret, then Xtreme Nocturne, then Rosewood Romantic. After I picked up some Astral Gold Lust and the last one I used was VR Sextasy. 

I wanted to show you that holding the brush at an angle or using the tip will allow more or less precision. While it’s not the most strong packer brush for shimmers it still can pick up and place them, the Detail will allow more precision but I wanted to show you what it looked like with this brush. 

I wiped the brush onto a microfiber cloth in between swatches and I had just used this brush before these swatches with creams, so the application of these swatches was done after about 15 uses with the same brush (on myself).

If we use the Worker’s front face, then we can target the mobile lid or the entire eye area depending on the angle, if we use it sideways with the tip, then we can do more detail work in the crease for example.

The swatches on the right have been done with the Worker, one swatch is using its entire front face and two swatches using the tip and swiping sideways. You can see that one swatch is thicker than the other because I used more pressure on the 5.5mm swatch and less pressure on the 4.5mm.
The product used for the swatches is a Mac painpot in Black Mirror so the edges are more visible, this is to show you more clearly the real estate of the swatch. If I was using powder, the edges would be more diffused.

There are several Workers in my range, the closest brush in my collection is the Worker Three but the Fusion worker has a little bit of every one of these brushes in it.

This Worker can navigate in the crease to place a light or medium shade, or to darken the application on the outer crease, it can do work on the entire lid or more precisely on the mobile lid. We can use the tip to place the product along the mobile lid then diffuse the product with the tip or swiping the brush in the direction where we want the product to be blended out.

What products to use with the Worker

Cream pots

Since I started using these Fusion eye brushes, many new formulas arrived in the market. It is a total coïncidence but it’s a good one because there are many options now and I am really enjoying it!
One of my favorite looks is to apply the Mac paintpot It’s Fabstract (dark brown) on the mobile lid up to the crease with this Worker, then I use this Worker to apply Denona Nurture shadow (medium brown) on the crease and then I use this Worker again to apply a little bit of Lisa Eldridge Zora liquid lurex (for the gorgeous sparkles) on the center of the mobile lid softly diffused. This is a bold look for me, but it’s elegant, it works for the evening but is also comfortable to wear when I take my daughter to school at 8am.

Liquid shadows

The Worker is the best brush from the set to use with liquid shadows or sticky formulas, however, some formulas have a very strange/irregular way to adhere or stick to the brushes and may require that we remove some excess before swiping directly onto the lids.
I like to pick up product with the tip of the brush, touch the eyelid with the tip of the brush in several places just to transfer some product and then use the same brush to blend.
It really depends on the formula and on the opacity that we want to go for, and there is no right or wrong in terms of opacity, it’s just a preference!


It’s a fluffy brush, extremely soft but you can really control it. If you need to apply concealer near the tear ducts, it will be ideal and you won’t feel a thing.
Since all these brushes are meant to be used with creams and liquids, any of these Fusion eye brushes can be used with concealers, correctors, or “brighteners”. Then your choice of brush depends on the precision you require, or the shape you prefer!

Powder shadows

I love to use this brush in the crease with powder shadows. I place a light shadow in the crease with this Worker, then go with a darker shadow loaded on the tip of this same brush, place the tip where I want the darkest point of the crease to be, then start moving the brush to blend in little movements, the result is really beautiful, the product stays where I want it to stay, it reaches just the intensity that I need very easily, not too heavy and not too sheer.

This Worker and the Detail are the brushes from the Fusion eye set that I use the most with powders.
Since this Worker has some fluffiness, the edges are not too defined, we can get a result quite similar to a full natural brush.
It’s dense but it doesn’t have too much grip with the products and that’s a benefit, it won’t just stamp the product but instead, it will release the product progressively and still allow us to get a diffused application.
The Worker Three is going to be more bold with the placement, the Worker Pro more diffused and the Soft Shader we can clearly see that the tip of the brush is sharper therefore the swatch is more defined (I used all these brushes at a 45° angle)


We can achieve an entire look with this Worker brush. For example, we can do a one-shadow look (whether it’s with a matte or a shimmery shade). We could apply a shimmery shade on the mobile lid, then with this same brush add a matte shade in the crease and then with the same brush again, a darker shade on the outer V. Even though it’s not a super defined/structured look, it will look so good and it’s one way to do a super quick look.

We can smoke out the bottom lashline but there isn’t much precision, I would grab the Fusion Builder for more precise bottom lashline work.

If I want to apply shimmers or metallics with more control and opacity, I will reach for the Detail brush instead.

Hair length: 13mm
Total brush length: 153mm
Ferrule: 9*6mm
Material: Goat + synthetic
Price: 27 USD


This Blender brush has a round ferrule, the center of the brush is domed to allow slightly more control with the placement and the blending towards that tip, but the brush is very soft and flexible.
Although it looks like a smaller version of the Soft Concealer, it’s not as densely packed and has more flexibility, the idea was to try to make a crease type of brush that would work with different formulas.

It’s not going to deliver full impact because it doesn’t have the grip that a brush with 100% natural goat bristles has, but some hybrid formulas are going to blend more easily without that friction and if we want to layer them, it’s less likely to mess with the other shadow underneath.

In the picture below, the Blender is on the left, followed by the Jumbo Concealer (sideways), then the Soft Concealer, then the Jumbo Worker (sideways), then the Mini Base. Just to share the size of the brushes when looking at their thinner side.
The Jumbo Concealer is much denser in comparison, and sideways it’s quite a lot thicker and bigger.

The Blender brush is just the right size to do some contour work along the nose, or highlight with precision.

Blender – Jumbo Concealer (sideways) – Soft Concealer – Jumbo Worker (sideways) – Mini Base

What products to use with the Blender

Cream pots

It’s a soft and flexible brush, it’s going to work best with softer products. For harder products it may be better to go with the Detail or the Builder, however, if you have it, you need to give it a try! I use it with Mac paintpots to apply them in the crease or to darken the crease or the outer v and it works very well, the placement is diffused and that’s what I prefer for a daily use. I pick the product on the tip of the brush, stipple gently on the lid to transfer the product, and then I blend.

If the pots are softer like Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize or the Tom Ford Cream and Powder pots, it’s very quick to do a one-shadow and done. It’s not a precision brush but we can decide where we want more intensity. We can apply a first layer for a very diffused application and then build up a bit more on the mobile lid or towards the outer V.

Liquid shadows

When I use liquid shadows with this brush, my favorite technique is to pick some product with the tip, dot it gently on the lid, remove the excess that is on the brush if necessary (on the back of my hand or a microfiber towel) and blend using the brush.
If we place the product only on the mobile lid and then blend outwards, then we can create a soft elongated blend that doesn’t go on the browbone area (when the eyes are open we can only see the color on the mobile lid and the elongated shape).


We can use this Blender with concealers around the eyes or on little areas of the face where we want to add some coverage. It’s not as pointy as the Detail but if the area to cover is larger, we can adapt the brush to our needs and save time.

These are swatches with a black cream shadow to show you the size of the swatch with the tip of the brushes. This is to measure exactly the diameter or surface they touch.

The Blender has a diameter impact of ~6.5mm.
The Detail ~3.5mm.
The Soft Concealer ~9mm.
The Worker ~5x7mm
The Builder ~3.5×7.5mm.

Powder shadows

This brush can also be fun when doing a one-shadow look, or we can layer two different shadows with different finishes for example.

The initial idea was to create a crease brush that would work with creams so we needed more thickness at the ferrule, shorter bristles and a mix of fibers that would remain soft and flexible upon contact on the skin.
It has density (to help the work with creams), but it doesn’t have too much grip on the powders and it’s a benefit in this case because it will allow a progressive application and it won’t slap the product heavily on the first impact.

The intensity differs depending on the formulas. I used this brush a lot with matte powders, shimmers, very sparkly shadows and with hybrid formulas.


When aiming for a one-shadow look with a shimmery shadow, it will have more control than a fluffy crease brush and still delivers soft edges. Since the bristles splay out less compared to a fluffy crease brush, the shimmer particles will behave a bit more and maybe not flick as much product all over the place.

We can use this brush at a 45° angle and use the sides as a laydown brush (just like the Detail brush). I like to apply a shimmery shadow all over with this Blender brush and then using the same brush, I place a matte darker shadow on the outer v, not precisely but just to give more dimension to the look and tone down a bit the sparkle, not that I need to, but it’s just my preference. It’s good to play around, see what the possibilities are and use products in different ways.

Hair length: 15mm
Total brush length: 155mm
Ferrule: 8mm
Material: Goat + synthetic
Price: 28 USD

Jumbo Worker

This Jumbo Worker is the same Jumbo Worker that was released in the Keyaki V2 limited edition set. Here it comes with the normal red to black handle and the glossy ferrule.

This is a very soft brush, it’s quite dense but the bristles move and adapt easily to the surface of the skin. It flows and navigates around the nose, the eyes, we can be more detailed with the application of foundation or we can use it to apply concealer on a large area, then we can also use it to set the application with powder, also on the eyelids.

This brush is ideal with highlighter, whether it’s powdery or sparkly, hybrid, or liquid but since this brush is quite flexible, the harder formulas will be difficult to transfer onto the brush. For harder formulas it’s better to reach for the Jumbo Concealer, the Mini Base or the Soft Concealer.

This is the size of the tip on the Jumbo Worker, it’s similar to the size of our fingertip, it makes an oval of approx 17mm x 13mm.

We can use the sides of this brush or the surface at the top to blend, since the brush is so soft, even if we need to push the product and stipple with the surface, it won’t irritate the skin or feel harsh at all.

There are several options for the application of concealer in this Fusion Eye set, since all the brushes can be used with creams and liquids, you just need to pick the one that better adapts to the formula that you are using and to the precision you require.

This Jumbo Worker is a gem when we are on the go. While I don’t usually do touch-ups, I do have appointments (for brows, dentist, etc) and having a little brush that I can use to fix the splashes or redness after those sessions is so useful, I can even use the same brush for powder touch-ups or to apply some cream blush.

I used to ride a motorbike to go to work, I was taking the motorbike whatever the weather, rain, freezing cold or hot as hell. I knew I would get to work looking like a racoon, it’s a long sweaty ride and the eyes tear up, also, the inside of the helmet can catch on the products… I would still do my make-up before leaving just because it was a precious moment for me to get ready in the morning, play and try new products. For the eyes I often reached my destination still quite ok because the formulas I was using wouldn’t move easily, but because of my helmet, I definitely needed to fix parts of my foundation. This is exactly the brush I needed back then. Same issue with face masks today and the heat, so this brush is always with me.
Hopefully, I will get back on my motorbike at some point next spring so you’ll see me around with my Jumbo Worker in my backpack 🙂

Jumbo Worker (front) – Jumbo Concealer (front) – Jumbo Worker (side) – Jumbo Concealer (side)

Here are some swatches to show you how wide the application can be when using the surface of these brushes. The swatches of the Jumbo Concealer and the Jumbo Worker have been done sideways to see how their precision compared to the other brushes.

Hair length: 20mm
Total brush length: 155mm
Ferrule: 14*8.5mm
Material: Goat + synthetic
Price: 38 USD

I love to check my drawers, take out the products that are not getting enough use and try different brushes with them. Sometimes we ignore products because the application is too fussy, or seems too risky or it’s not what we expected on the first place. We may not always have the time to play and experiment but it can be so exciting!

If you use only powder shadows, I think it’s better to use full natural brushes, these Fusion eye brushes may not bring you a better experience in comparison to them. However, if you like to have options, to be able to jump from formula to formula, to experiment more frequently with creams or other shadows and also use powder shadows, then these brushes can be so much fun to have around.

I do believe that these Fusion eye brushes do come with a learning curve, they work a bit differently than full natural or full synthetic but it’s interesting to play and see the possibilities that they offer. I hope that you will love their ability to adapt to the different formulas and that you will enjoy them on a daily basis!

Availability and price

This Fusion Eye set is permanent and will be available on Beautylish starting on the 11th of October at 10am PT. Here is a link to register and be notified when they become available on Beautylish.
The price for the set with the 5 Fusion eye brushes is 145 usd. The individuals are not available yet so unfortunately, they won’t be online at the time of the launch.
Just like the Fusion face set, all the brushes are handmade in Kumano, Japan.

Thank you so much for reading this long post! If you have any questions about these brushes, please do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below! I will be posting more information in the coming days on Instagram!

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Diana Tran 6 October, 2022 - 9:42 pm

Do we use a damp or dry micro fiber towel to clean these brushes in between uses?

Can’t want to rep order these lovely brushes

Sonia G. 6 October, 2022 - 10:35 pm

Hi Diana,
You can use a dry microfiber towel in between products, just swirl or swipe the brush gently. The residue that is on the brush will catch on the towel and the brush will be immediately ready for the next product.
I have one available on Beautylish https://www.beautylish.com/s/sonia-g-together-towel-blue but it doesn’t need to be that one, just to show you an example. Any other question, I am here 🙂
Thank you so much for your question and for your kind message!! I hope you will love them!!

Judith 7 October, 2022 - 2:24 am

Hi Sonia,

I love reading these write ups so much! I only use powder shadows. Will you recommend I grab these brushes? I already have the sky eye set… and have the lotus worker, lotus detail, and pencil pro on my wish list.

Sonia G. 7 October, 2022 - 1:27 pm

Hi Judith!
If you only use powder shadows, it’s better to stick to full natural brushes, in that way you have really the best as it’s difficult to surpass the efficiency of full natural brushes with powders.
Thank you for considering extending your collection!! The Lotus Worker I think it’s sold out. The Lotus Detail is still there but then we cannot bring it back in stock. Pencil Pro is great so that is something you don’t have in the Sky eye set 🙂
Thank you again for your support and taking time out of your day to leave me a message! <3

Denise 7 October, 2022 - 3:12 am

Two sets? Should I? Probably so. Probably so. . I would like to start with a cream eye base. I will now finally enjoy the application. First to purchase a cream eyeshadow!!! Sonia. Look what you are making me do!!! . Well, it is my birthday month.

Sonia G. 7 October, 2022 - 1:29 pm

Denise! Thank you so so much for your support again!!
It’s your birthday month!! I have to send you a private message!
Today is my brother’s birthday 🙂
I hope you will love these brushes as much as I do!! I send you a big hug and talk to you soon!

Latia 7 October, 2022 - 5:12 am

First the fusion series is my absolute favorite!!!
I’m so excited about this collection. It has my creative brain rolling. So happy this is coming out in Oct this is a really hard month for me mentally so these brushes are right on time. Thank you for giving so much detail about this eye set very informative and easy to understand. I love how you break down in section the use of each brush and share pictures picture. Can’t wait to use them for my Instagram looks!! ❤️

Sonia G. 7 October, 2022 - 1:33 pm

Hi Latia! that’s really amazing! thank you 😀
Exactly my thoughts too! I am always happy to wear something a bit different than usual!
I send you lots of positive vibes and I hope this month will be kinder to you as we move forward!
Thank you for reading this long post and taking the time to send me this message, always so encouraging! big hugs! <3

Caroline 7 October, 2022 - 5:06 pm

I am doing my own makeup for my wedding and I just purchased the mini base and can’t wait to receive it. I plan to use it for my cream bronzer. I will keep my fingers crossed the someday the jumbo worker will be available to purchase on its own sometime soon! I have very small facial features and I think this would be the perfect brush for concealer and touch ups. I already have a number of eye brushes unfortunately so I don’t need the full set

fay 8 October, 2022 - 9:45 am

hi dear, but already have jumbo worker n detail. what should i do wiht the repeat items?

Sonia G. 8 October, 2022 - 10:53 am

Hi dear Fay! I carry the small ones in my handbag and the Fusion ones stay on my vanity. When I am home I often use the two in rotation. If you don’t want to have repeats, then it’s good to wait for when these brushes will be available individually and you can get only the ones you don’t have.
Thank you so much for considering these brushes!

Marina 12 October, 2022 - 10:59 pm

Hi Sonia! Congratulations on your new launch! Once again I will say I love your Keyaki V2 set (and V1 too). I found two brushes from V2 with HG status: the Jumbo Base which is simply unique and the perfect base for me to apply foundation (I will get it in the standard size at some point), and the Jumbo Worker which is basically the only tool I have found (among all the brushes and beauty sponges I have tried) that I can use to effortlessly apply and diffuse concealer under my eyes. It’s amazing! I am 47 and up until now I would only manage to apply concealer without my skin looking dry and crepey with using my finger. This must have to do with the mix of natural and synthetic hair and the shape of the Jumbo Worker. Now, I want to keep my Keyaki brushes more for when I travel and considering getting the individual Jumbo Worker. But it looks like the Jumbo Concealer would be an option too as it is the same blend of hair. And I think I would like it very much for my undereye as the bristles are a bit shorter than the Jumbo Worker. Also, I would appreciate the versatility of not having a repeat brush. My question is: is the the Jumbo Concealer as soft? Would you recommend it to me for the specific use I have described above? Thanks in advance for your advice!

Louise Sharpy 8 October, 2022 - 7:05 pm

I love reading each brush detail, and seeing the swatches and examples of each brush is so helpful. !! I don’t own a whole set, this may be my first I’m saving. I love how you spend time describing each one , and what it does. I appreciate all of that. Thank you for being so amazing When I read your blogs, it’s like knowing a part of you and how much love you put into them all !! This warms my heart Thank you. Truly a work of art and soul Louise xo

Sonia G. 9 October, 2022 - 11:58 am

Hi Louise, I hope you are well! I am always so happy to see your comments!
So relieved that this post helps!! I didn’t know how to structure it and ended up being quite long…
Thank you for your encouraging words, you are always in my heart!

Nelly 8 October, 2022 - 7:16 pm

Hello Sonia
I would like to know if the Keyaki set VS1 will coming back in stock
Thank you

Adi 9 October, 2022 - 9:57 am

Me too!

Sonia G. 9 October, 2022 - 11:27 am

Hi Nelly!
It’s not planned unfortunately but there is a lot of interest and I took note of that. Where you looking for one of the brushes from that set in particular?
Thank you for your message! <3

nelly 11 October, 2022 - 10:37 pm

Hi sonia
I would like the all set because I bought the keyaki set VS2 I will love to have the keyaki set VS1 I hope you will bring it back sonia
Thank you

Adi 9 October, 2022 - 10:10 am

Hi Sonia, congratulations on your new brush set! I am very excited about the blending brush, this will be very unique in my collection. I already know that keyaki jumbo worker and the keyaki detail brushes are amazing. I am happy to have them with longer handles as well. I am very curious about the fusion worker. You gave a great detailed description but I can not wait for the feeling and information I get trough the first touch the fingers. I am also curious about the fusion builder brush. Is it a dupe for the old mac 239 brush? I am still searching for one. Thank you and have a wonderful Sunday! Adi

Sonia G. 9 October, 2022 - 11:40 am

Hi Adi, Thank you for your kind message! The Fusion Worker has been always doing something in my routine, whether with creams or powders, it’s really fun and I hope you will love it and use it as much as I do!!
The Fusion Builder is kind of a dupe for the Mac but not really, it has a bigger ferrule than the Mac (sideways specially), it’s softer as well. The way it releases the product is more consistent due to the synthetic mix and the thicker ferrule.
Do you have the Lotus Builder? if you are looking for one, the Lotus Builder is softer but quite similar in shape and functionality (the ferrule is also a bit wider sideways).
You too dear Adi, have a wonderful Sunday, thank you again for your message and take care! <3

Julia 10 October, 2022 - 12:22 am

Hi Sonia! I would like to add my voice to the chorus hoping for individuals of these brushes in the future! I already have the Mini Keyaki set, so I look forward to purchasing the ones I don’t have when they become available.

Angelica 13 November, 2023 - 10:51 pm

Sonia, in your experience does the fusion detail brush work to move cream shadows better than the pencil pro? Thanks!


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