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Beautylish Gift Card Event

by Sonia G.

It’s time for the Beautylish semi-annual Gift Card Event on Beautylish! They will have special offers, discounts and Gift Cards! This is when I restock my fav products, check my wishlist and take a peek at what is new, I always end up placing a very nice order!

I am very happy that Beautylish carry so many brands that are artistry driven, I know this has always been important to them and it’s wonderful to see them expand their catalogue.

I have been in contact with Beautylish for so many years and whether we talk about Sonia G brushes or I approach them about any other topic – as a customer to help with a product or a shade, the personal attention and the customer service experience has always been memorable.

Today, I wanted to support Beautylish and share the news about this event, also, if you would like to get some Sonia G brushes and support me, that would be wonderful!! If you have questions or need some advice please let me know, I am here and directly answering your questions. I will post some pics and comments about my brushes on Instagram. I have my @sweetmakeuptemptations account but also the @soniagbrushes account where I post about the pieces that I create with the artisans.

I have selected some products that you can currently find on Beautylish and I want to focus on these as they are my absolute top favs. I use them constantly, I have, or I will repurchase them in the future. They have many more products from these same brands or other brands that I love and it’s not easy to just pick a few!

The Hindash Boy Tears have been gifted to me by Beautylish.
Beautylish gifted me some MOB products a very long time ago, however, the ones featured here were purchased by myself and I have repurchased more shades since then.
Beautylish gifts me Wayne Goss products but I purchased replenishments myself.
All the other products mentioned here were purchased by myself.
I sometimes mention my brushes (Sonia G) on my posts, please kindly see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Foundation & Concealer

I keep on talking about the Natasha Denona Face Glow that I use every day so I am going to mention a different one that I love just as much: the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation.
My skin has always been dry and problematic due to health issues I had when I was a child. Today I need a very greasy base and a comfortable foundation that can hold on to that base, it needs to apply evenly and have a radiant finish. Foundation is the trickiest and most important part of my make-up and I know that I can rely on the Koh Gen Do or the Denona.
I am a shade Mac NW20-25, I use the Denona in shade 40 and the Koh Gen Do in shade 122 or 123 depending on the season. If you need advice on the shades to get, don’t hesitate to contact Beautylish Customer Services, they helped me in the past when I needed to be matched to a particular brand.

I could wear many different foundations until I turned 40. Today it’s really difficult because many foundations will catch on my dry patches, my wrinkles, or not be glowy enough and forgiving. If you have extremely dry skin or if you are having difficulties finding a foundation, give these a try.
If I am in Spain or Japan, I can use other foundations but here in Switzerland, the weather is very dry and my choice is very limited.I have repurchased them over and over again! Always happy with the results.

For concealer, the one that I would recommend is the Charlotte Tilbury Radiant Concealer, I am not using the best shade for me at the moment so I need to get another shade for the upcoming winter months. The shade I own today is 6, I was able to try it and confirm that the product itself is going to work, it’s invisible yet has good coverage. Most concealers catch on my dry skin, we can see them even with a great base, but this one doesn’t.
I apply the Sisley Stylo Lumière (shade 1) on areas where I have deeper wrinkles but need less coverage (crows feet, brow bone) but when I want more coverage and great results, the Tilbury is a fantastic deal and I think it’s on par with most expensive concealers.
There is another concealer that I use regularly when I want even more coverage, the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye but I just noticed that Beautylish don’t have a wide range at the moment, I am wondering if this product is changing packaging or something.


This category is tricky because I love eyeshadows and Beautylish have an array of brands that are incredible!

Wayne Goss

I love the Pearl and the Tourmaline palettes from Wayne Goss, but Smoky Quartz is absolute perfection for me to wear on a daily basis, and that shimmer pan is beyond powerful!

Wearing his shimmers automatically triggers compliments so I go ahead and load the lid! My lids are not so smooth but these shimmers never look tacky, they reflect the light beautifully without emphazising the crepey surface. They glisten and make the lids looks so smooth, it’s magic. It’s really amazing to feel confident wearing shimmers over 50, using the right products makes all the difference!

I also use the Hindash Boy Tears, I love it and I am looking for all the ways to wear this Color Fluid, but on my lids, the shimmers on the WG palettes work better as they are more flattering.

On the left the beautiful Hindash Boy Tears, on the right WG Smoky Quartz shimmer pan, we can see how they both reflect the light and how the WG is not emphasizing the texture of the skin at all.

The Hindash is going to last longer and stay put, while the WG is going to fade faster but still stays a really long time, long enough for me.

Natasha Denona

We have to mention the Denona eyeshadows, they are the most insane playground for make-up lovers. I got the “My Dream Palette” upon launch, it’s stunning, I love it and do not regret getting it at all. However, the Retro and the two Glam Face palettes (Light and Dark) are definitely my top favorites. If you love purples, have a serious look at the Retro because it’s incredible.


Recently, I discovered MOB shadows and I have been taking them with me everywhere! They are extremely convenient to carry, they can be grouped by 12, 8, 2 or carried individually.
I have a few, actually a lot, these are my top favs that are always with me: M2, M28, M45, M6

They are not the most unique in terms of colors and I didn’t think I would reach for them that much but they are exactly what I need most of the time so they get a huge lot of use and I will absolutely repurchase. They are reliable basics for me, they wear nicely and fade nicely.


For the pencils, I love waterproof formulas and one that I am enjoying a lot is the Sisley Phyto-Kohl Star Waterproof.
I have almost all the shades available but only my two most recent purchases are here with me. I had to empty a cupboard and the other shades are temporarily in a box in the basement and I cannot reach it. I have to reorganize my brushes and needed space at the moment but I will be able to bring that box back upstairs soon and I cannot wait! They last a very long time but before they set, I can smudge them and work with them so easily and the shades are gorgeous!

I don’t know if Beautylish can deliver Sisley to all the countries because they cannot deliver Sisley to Switzerland at this moment. I still wanted to mention these pencils in case you are living somewhere they can ship these products to!

Sculpting and blush

Danessa Myricks

I am still enjoying the Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cream palette (The Essentials), I use mostly two shades but this is just such an incredible product!

Since I cannot wear a lot of foundation due to my very dry skin, this product, in combination with my foundation is fabulous! It elevates the coverage when I need more and it keeps it so natural and it lasts! This product is so special that I always ALWAYS make sure it’s coming with me wherever I go.

It’s just a bit tricky as I need to mix two shades to get exactly the shade that I want but it’s not a problem at all. I apply my foundation as usual and then I place it like a contour but on a wider area, to add dimension and coverage at the same time.

It’s a very specific application but it blows my mind how much this product does for me!

Natasha Denona

A recent product that I am enjoying so much is the Natasha Denona My Dream Cheek Trio. This is a must-have if you love to glow but in such a good sexy – yet appropriate way. The blush is also beautiful, anywhere, with any look. This is a stunning trio and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Wayne Goss

I also need to mention the Wayne Goss Weightless Veil blushes, if you haven’t tried them already, you definitely have to! My favs are Sweet Wildflower and Desert Blossom but the highlighter in Azalea is divine and I mix them all.


Wayne Goss

I always wear some kind of bronzer, either a matte sculpting one or a luminous gorgeous shade or a cream one.
The one I use the most on a daily basis at the moment is the shade Satin Bronze from Wayne Goss, I have the two options in this palette: the sculpting side and the luminous side and I love to use my big Jumbo Bronzer brush with it!


I recently purchased the Chantecaille Lip Chic in Jasmine and I love everything about it, well, not the price… The shade is gorgeous and it’s so comfortable! I believe this is a Limited Edition but it’s still available on Beautylish now so if you wanted to try the Lip Chic range, and get the beautiful Giraffe packaging, this is the one!

Other lips products I reach for constantly are Koh Gen Do Maifanshi lip crayon in Coral, but the price is crazy. I still repurchase it because it’s so easy to wear and to apply but it hurts. Anyway, I guess it’s better to get something expensive and use all of it, rather than getting something cheap and not use it..

Also, the gloss Cherry Blossom by Wayne Goss, definitely always with me! It’s gorgeous on its own or on top of a lipliner or lipstick.

Before make-up
After make-up

Today I have used items mentioned on this post, the Koh Gen Doh foundation, the Sisley Stylo Lumière (the CT concealer is not the right shade for me at the moment so I didn’t use it here). I also used the Danessa cream Essentials palette, the WG Satin Bronze (bronzer), the Denona Cheek Trio palette (blush and cream highlighter), the WG Smoky Quartz on the eyes. On the lips I am only wearing the WG gloss Cherry Blossom on top of the CT Lip Liner Pillow Talk.
This is a very soft and super quick every day look, the application is really super fast. I can wear this from morning till evening, wherever I go, the only “maintenance” is the lips as I will have to reapply. Basically, most of the time I will do something a bit bold on the eyes and keep the lips subtle and sheer. If I am going out, it’s a different story.
Here, for the eyes I only used the Soft Shader brush (Sky series), but usually I don’t restrict myself to just one brush since I love brushes so much!!
The people I meet here don’t even notice that I am wearing make-up (except for the eyes obviously), but if we look at the pictures side by side, there is a clear difference, the result is just very natural and radiant. My phone doesn’t capture the glow or the colors very clearly but I am working on getting better pics for the future.

Brush and make-up sanitizing

The solid soap from BeautyBlender is the one I use the most, you can see it here in action. I love it because the process is easy and effective, I don’t notice any residue or impact on the quality of the bristles.
It’s very important to rinse the brushes very thoroughly, always, as soap residue can seriously damage the core of the brush.

Beautylish also carry BeautySoClean and Beautyblender. I am not sure if you can order BeautySoClean spray/liquid products as it depends where you are located but if you are looking for great brush or make-up cleaner, this is the brand I use the most.

With the BeautySoClean Wipeout it says in the instructions to “saturate” the brush and then wipe on a paper towel. I recommend that you spray on a towel and wipe the brush gently on it. If you are using precious make-up brushes, it’s better not to spray harsh products on the handles directly and also avoid soaking the brushes in the product.

This was a quick post but I hope that something caught your attention! Are you planning on getting something? I am planning on getting the Viseart Bronzer, another Danessa Myricks Cream palette, a Jouer Liquid Eyeshadow, a few more make-up items and I will also investigate the skincare tools 🙂

It’s almost the weekend! I hope you are well and I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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