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The Sakura Collection by Chikuhodo x Beautylish

by Sonia G.

Just a few days ago, Beautylish released a new Limited Edition set with a Sakura design, I have it here with me and I wanted to show you some pics, details and comparisons!

This set has been gifted to me by Beautylish. It comes in a CHIKUHODO cardboard box, with a care leaflet, a pouch and 5 brushes.
All the brushes are bundled with saikoho goat bristles, the aluminium ferrules are champagne gold with a satin finish, the handles are lacquered white with cherry blossom maki-e flowers and petals all over them.

The brushes have been made by CHIKUHODO’s artisans in Kumano, Japan. Kumano is a very famous town known for Fude craftsmanship. If you are familiar with Fude (handmade make-up brushes), you probably know about this little town.

It’s not the first time that Beautylish released a set in collaboration with CHIKUHODO. They made one in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019, it has been a while since the last one!

2015 – 215$
2016 – 245$
2018 – 152$
2019 – 155$

I remember the 2015 collaboration very clearly and I cannot believe that 8 years have passed since then!

It would be fun to know if you were reading this blog in 2015 and if you are still reading today.
My Fude love is still going strong for many reasons, the most important reason and why I am so grateful today, is to see the people it brought together. It has created many friendships and relationships, so I wanted to say a huge thank you for still being here and taking time to come read my posts – It’s sincerely very touching and motivating.

Back to the Sakura 2023 set, the 5 brush set comes with a pouch as with all the previous sets from the Beautylish / CHIKUHODO collaboration.
This pouch is 21cm*10cm*3.5cm, it has a zip and an open pocket at the back.

Inside, a flap to keep the brushes from touching and 5 compartments in total.

The pouch is champagne metallic gold, lightweight, not leather, and it has the logo CHIKUHODO / Beautylish printed in a purple pink at the front.

The cherry blossoms on the handles are pink, silver and gold. It’s the same design as the collection they released in 2015 with the black handles, just with different colours for the design.


Once the brushes are washed, they open and become much more fluffly and airy. Combined with the softness of the bristles, these brushes feel very lightweight on the skin.

The Powder brush

It has a slanted shape, the ferrule is approx 23mmx16mm and the bristles are 50mm long.
It’s a big brush- fantastic for bronzer or powder. Since it’s airy and doesn’t have much density, this brush is very appropriate for medium to very pigmented products.
It’s also very suitable for those who tend to have a heavy hand with the application and wish for a tool that can moderate it.


Here are some brushes to compare the shape and size. You can click on the picture to view a larger format.

The CHIKUHODO/Beautylish 2015 brush has the same size specs but it feels more directional, it will deliver a more targeted placement, with more precision and more intensity in comparison to the Sakura 2023.

The CHIKUHODO/Beautylish 2016 feels denser, it is slanted too but it is not as obvious because it’s more directional and less airy. It is stronger with pickup and placement.

The Beautylish Yano 02 is the dupe for the CHIKUHODO/Beautylish 2015, same specs, materials and density.

The Beautylish x CHIKUHODO 2018 has a pinched ferrule but it’s a thick brush so there are a lot of bristles, a lot of volume and even though it’s airy, it has more power and determination at the surface of the brush in comparison to the Sakura 2023.

The CHIKUHODO Takumi T-1 is here for the size comparison, the bristles of the Sakura 2023 feel a bit softer in comparison to the Takumi.

The Cheek brush

The ferrule is 15mm*11mm, the bristles length is 35mm. It has a pinched ferrule and a flat surface at the top. It opens quite a lot after wash and feels super soft, super airy. Just like the previous Sakura 2023 Powder brush, this one is also very suitable for those who tend to have a heavy hand with the application and wish for a tool that can moderate it, or to work with pigmented products that need a more subtle approach.

The functionality and the tasks that you can complete with this brush will vary depending on how and where you apply your products. It’s not a tapered brush, so it will be more tricky to get a precision placement, but we can still manoeuvre it depending on the area, place the product with the edge of the brush and blend. It is not a brush to grab for precision placement but still a hugely versatile brush because if we compare it to other cheek brushes, it’s still quite small (for example in comparison to the CHIKUHODO Takumi T-4 (see pic further down)).

What I love about brushes with a flat surface at the top is that they are more appropriate to use in circular movements (versus pointy or more tapered brushes). This brush does not have a round ferrule but because it’s quite thick we can still use its surface in circular movements to buff or blend gently, or to stipple, but we can also use the sides and swipe the products.


The difference in the shapes becomes more obvious when placing the brushes sideways. We can better see the precision or the flatness of their surface.

The CHIKUHODO / Beautylish 2016 is a tapered brush, also saikoho goat bristles. I would say that the softness is quite similar, but a tiny bit softer on the Sakura 2023.
The CHIKUHODO / Beautylish 2015 is also a tapered brush that offers control with the placement while the Sakura 2023 is going to diffuse the product on a larger area, delivering a more lightweight application.
The Beautylish x CHIKUHODO 2018 is about twice the size, denser and not as soft as the Sakura 2023.
The CHIKUHODO Takumi T-4 is also at least twice the size and twice the strength.


There are 3 eye brushes in the set, a blending brush, a laydown brush, a tapered crease brush. No fuss with a lip or a brow brush- I like that! Not that brow brushes or lip brushes aren’t lovely and necessary, but in terms of cost per use, these brushes here are more interesting – especially in a limited edition set. Also, once we have a couple of brow brushes, there is no need to have many duplicates when the opportunity for a more usable brush can bring so much more value to a set. Just my opinion.

I have been using them a couple of times since I received them. I do the following:

  1. With the Blender, I place a shadow all over the lid same shade as my skin -it helps to set the lid and make it smoother and easier for the application of whatever comes next.
  2. With the Crease brush, I place a medium shade in the crease, windshield wiper motions to blend along the entire crease.
  3. With the Crease brush again, but with a slightly darker crease shade, I place and I concentrate the blending on the outer crease.
  4. With the Shader, I place a shade (usually lighter or more shimmery) on the mobile lid. The surface of the brush covers all the distance from the lashes to the crease, I wouldn’t want it to go higher but it does fit well.
  5. With the Shader again, I place a darker shade on the outer part of the mobile lid. The placement is quite soft and diffused so even though there isn’t a lot of precision, the process is effortless – specially for beginners.
  6. With the Shader again I place a light shade on the browbone area.
  7. With the Blender, I blend everything but just slightly, because everything looks actually quite diffused and there isn’t much blending work to do at the end.

We are missing a brush for precision/defining work, for example for the bottom lashline definition or to really pack color on the outer v with precision or shimmer in the middle of the mobile lid, however, with these 3 brushes we have effortless fun.

Here is an interesting view of them sideways as it shows you their thickness and you can picture the precision you may be able to get with them, for example in the crease.

In terms of softness, the Sakura 2023 eye brushes are similar softness as the CHIKUHODO Takumi series.

The blending brush

It’s a blending/crease type of brush, it can be used to place the base color all over the lid, or to work in the crease, or for blending work.

The ferrule is 7mm diameter, the bristles 19mm long.


I think that the best way to give you an idea of its size is to show you the brush next to some MAC brushes, most of you may own some MAC crease brushes. This Sakura 2023 blending brush is thicker than the two MAC brushes pictured here.

The Sakura 2023 covers about twice the surface in comparison to the MAC 222. The MAC 222 has firmer bristles so it remains more directional and allows more precision at the tip. The bristles on the Sakura 2023 will splay out more and cover a larger area.

The CHIKUHODO / Beautylish 2016 is a similar shape but a smaller option.

In terms of softness, the Sakura 2023 is softer than the two MAC, although the MAC brushes I have here are actually very soft versions for MAC standards. The Sakura 2023 is about similar softness as the CHIKUHODO / Beautylish 2016.

The Crease brush

This is a fun interesting brush, not many brands release such pointy type of brushes and it’s fun to own one, at least one.

It’s actually very easy to use because it fits right in the crease, we just need to swipe the brush to deposit and diffuse the placement.

The great thing about this shape is that we can place a shadow in the crease and diffuse it without even touching the mobile lid, this is fantastic as the mobile lid stays clean for whatever we want to put on it.


I don’t have similar brushes in saikoho goat bristles so I am happy to own one today, specially because this type of brush always made more sense with goat bristles to me, it picks more product and works faster and with more discipline in comparison to the others, but I love them all!

The Shader brush

This is a shader brush, it’s a little bit bigger in comparison to other similar laydown brushes. It’s a bit thick and it tapers sideways so if we wish to, we can use it in the crease, a bit like a crease brush for placement and blending.


I thought it would be useful to add the MAC 239 and MAC 217 brushes in this pic to show you that this Sakura 2023 is in between both in terms of size and thickness.
Most of you may know these MAC brushes. I am sorry that mine are so old and look like they had great times, they did for sure, today they look a bit sad and ugly but they still work, they are icons and they aren’t going anywhere.

This view (sideways) is to show you the thickness of the brushes side by side. I have several MAC 239 and this one really puffed out 🙂

The Sakura 2023 Shader brush fluffs a bit too much for definition work on the bottom lashline for example. We can softly blend a previous placement or place a shadow with the tip without precision but if you need a precise application, the tip splays out and flexes a bit too much for that purpose.

The set is Limited Edition, it is available at the moment on Beautylish, it costs 215 USD. I think it’s really worth it and super fun, the brushes differ from their previous sets, they are more airy and really suitable for any skill level which is phenomenal.

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Tracy 23 March, 2023 - 6:45 pm

Lovely detailed review as always Sonia! it’s a beautiful set! I’ve been reading your blog since your very first post, and I must say I wish you had more time to to do more fude posts. My Fude love is very strong still. Thank you for keeping up the blog and creating beautiful and functional products.

Sonia G. 23 March, 2023 - 7:17 pm

Hi Tracy!
Thank you so so so much for your encouraging comment and for sticking around for so long! I am so happy and so grateful to know that you are still reading and loving Fude!
I will have more time soon and I will spend more time writing, I have a lot of reviews planned. I first need to finish lots of admin tasks and some design tasks that take a very long time to do but that are necessary, as soon as this is done I will be back with fun content more regularly. I miss the blog too, when I wake up and I know that I will spend the day on the blog, I know it’s going to be a fun day and I am always looking forward to it! 🙂 Huge hugs and a million thanks for your support!! <3

Christina 23 March, 2023 - 11:35 pm

Hi Sonia. I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning as well and remember the post about the original Sakura release. My how time flies!

I’ve been hesitant to pick up this set because I don’t want a duplicate basically of the black sakura set just with different handles. I know the brushes aren’t all the same, but I needed to know if it performed differently. Glad to know it does! With the Beautylish event happening, it makes sense to pick it up now.

Sonia G. 24 March, 2023 - 7:13 pm

Hi Christina!
thank you!! that’s amazing ! I am so excited that you are still reading!
Exactly… that’s how we sometimes realize with shock how quickly time goes by, it’s scary!! we need to enjoy each moment!
The brushes are quite different, imho totally worth it and specially with the event now 🙂
Thank you again for still being here! <3 I hope all is well with you and your family!

Dev 24 March, 2023 - 12:55 am

Thanks for the wonderful review. I am glad to see they have upgraded the case. I have the 2015 and 2016 sets and enjoy them.

I have been reading since 2012. Your Hakuhodo J series post is still one of the best posts about those brushes anywhere on the internet. All of your brush posts are the best resource out there honestly. You made it easy to buy brushes sight unseen because of your thorough and informative reviews. The first purchases you inspired were some Hakuhodo J series brushes and the LE 100 piece Koyudo red squirrel blush brush from 2012. I haven’t bought much since 2017. My hobbies have changed but I still love your reviews and love seeing you succeed with your beautiful brushes.

Sonia G. 27 March, 2023 - 9:43 am

Hi Dev,
I remember you! 🙂
It’s amazing to read your comment! I hope you are well and that your hobbies keep you happy! thank you for taking the time to leave me your kind comment! It’s fun to look back those were great times and fun memories! It was amazing to share about the J series, I remember travelling with all of them in my backpack on my motorbike 😀
Thank you again for your love and for reading! I send you lots of love and wish you all the very best! <3

honeyjr 24 March, 2023 - 1:15 pm

I had the 2015 set! I prefer the design of these handles against the white a lot better. I can’t believe it has been 8 years lol.

Sonia G. 27 March, 2023 - 9:45 am

Hi Bea! Yep.. can’t believe it has been 8 years!!! scary! talk soon my dear friend, can’t wait!!

Jeanette 24 March, 2023 - 4:08 pm

Hi Sonia,
thank you for yet another thorough review of fude makeup brushes. I’ve been following your blog from the start and you are very much the reason I have so many wonderful Japanese MU brushes that I would have orherwise never heard about. I appreciate your research & development of brushes and your attention to detail. You have opened up the precious fude world to the whole world. You are forever the Brush Queen

Sonia G. 27 March, 2023 - 9:48 am

Hi Jeanette, thank you my dear friend, I cannot believe where the blog took us but the most important thing is the friendships, very grateful for yours! So happy that we kept in touch and talk regularly, it means the world to me! Without your support it would work and I wouldn’t be here! Love you!!

Bonnie 24 March, 2023 - 5:01 pm

When I tell people some of my closest friends are ones I met online, they think I’m crazy!! So glad to still be friends after all these years… I remember so clearly when those early days were about the Koyudo mushroom and RM Radiance and Suqqu palettes haha …. and then when 2015 Beautylish set came!! Who would have thought you also now have your own brushes – so so so in awe of you

Sonia G. 27 March, 2023 - 10:00 am

and I am so in awe of you, what a successful woman you are!!! you are such a brilliant person inside out, I wish we could meet more often! It has been such a stunning journey, thank you for being here, miss you and cannot wait to talk to you this weekend!

Denise 25 March, 2023 - 1:58 am

I do like this crease brush. It reminds me of a paint brush. I forgot all about waiting for the gift card event. Because I would have been using my savings for your next launch. For certain.
I don’t handle regret well. Or having an error in judgment. And then I beat myself over it. Especially when there happens to be regret upon regret. Which is the head space I currently am swimming in.
This blog is about fude. But why not a little more than that today? Today it’s about how we are all humans. Definitely each with our own unique character traits and personalities. But also with shared emotions. Feelings and thoughts of both wonder and terror. When we are extremely happy with ourselves and when we disappoint ourselves with outrageous failure.
Enter fude. Soft gentle caresses upon my skin to celebrate my accomplishments. And their beautiful whispers which form worlds of colour that help me forget my pains for just a little time. Magical fude.
We are not alone. We can understand one another and offer solace.

D 25 March, 2023 - 2:05 am

Thank you for another lovely review Sonia! After discovering your brushes and blog in 2016, I fell hard down the rabbit hole and still return to review your posts regularly! I call it my fude bible! . Hope you are doing well!

Sonia G. 27 March, 2023 - 10:03 am

I hope you are doing well too! thank you for reading and for still being so in love with Fude! Thank you for leaving me your sweet comment here, it means the world, this is such a fun and happy community!

Martyna 27 April, 2023 - 7:34 am

Love Your blog. Your original post about 2015 set made me hunt it (by the time I’ve find Your blog the set was already sold out). I was lucky to buy the set, it was my first fude and since than I’m hooked. Thank You so much for Your content, it’s inspirational and I’m so grateful that You can share Your knowledge about brushes with us.


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