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Beautylish Gift Card Event

by Sonia G.

The Beautylish Gift Card Event is starting and I would love to share an update on some previous purchases, new favorites, and also a recent huge surprise!


I purchased several products from Sunday Riley during the previous Beautylish Gift Card event: the C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum, the A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum, the Luna Night Oil, the 5 Stars Retinol Eye Serum, the Good Genes Treatment. More recently, I purchased the ICE Ceramide Cream. I am integrating these products gradually due to my sensitive skin and I also want to be able to associate the results to a specific product. I tried all of them a few times just to make sure there is no reaction, but some products are yet to be thouroughly tested.

My update is on the Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Serum as it has become a favorite. I will soon start to include the Luna Night Oil in my skincare routine. This Luna oil was in my skincare routine many years ago but I stopped using it in favour of a serum that I became obsessed with, but I will be back to the Luna because my favorite serum got discontinued (it was from Amore Pacific). I am curious to see what the Luna does for me, now that my skin is even more demanding than several years ago.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum

I ordered the Sunday Riley C.E.O. Brightening Serum full size bottle during Beautylish’ last gift card event in March. I had tried a small size of this product and loved it, I was ready to get the full size to see if I could notice even more improvement in the longer term. It has now been 5 months since I included this serum in my routine, just once a day.

I have extremely dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin, I am 52 and need to be very careful with the products I put on my skin. I have a lot of sun damage and in 2022 I started to see the darker spots on my face becoming larger and more pronounced.
A month after starting this serum, I started to notice that my skin looked brighter and healthier. The results haven’t been influenced by a different moisturizer or serum as I had only added this product in my skincare routine. The weather was getting warmer as time was passing but it’s the only variable.
After two months, the dark spots started to become less obvious, they didn’t go away completely but there is a very noticeable improvement, my eyes are not drawn to them. I am very happy because I see a change happening.
I also need to get a smaller sample size bottle so that I can take this serum with me when I am travelling, I miss it during my trips. It’s a big hit for me and it works on my skin, which is quite extraordinary. I wish I could share some pictures of the before and after but I will take some now so I can update you again in the future.

I also want to mention that I used the A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum for a month before starting with the C.E.O., I stopped temporarily so that I could test the C.E.O. alone. When using the A+ Retinoid Serum, I had no skin irritation at all, this is surprising as I tend to react very easily and very quickly. I saw an improvement with the pores and noticed my skin was smoother, this is very promising and I will definitely repurchase this serum duo and reintroduce the A+ Retinoid in my skincare routine.
But before that, I need to finish my evaluation of the Chantecaille cream – but more about this cream further down in this post!


RMS blush

I have already mentioned and recommended RMS blushes in the past, but I have to add this new shade: Crystal Slipper.

It reminds me of some of the Mac blushes I loved and used more than 10 years ago, I don’t have them anymore and don’t remember their names but this is exactly what I was craving for, a blush that doesn’t hit you with color, but instead enhances, it’s chic, and it’s gorgeous!

It’s a lighter version of the RMS Maiden’s blush, it looks like it has more shine but once on the skin, the shine tones down and it just glows.

Maiden’s vs Crystal Slipper

Surratt Artistique Bronzer

Soleil Doux – Soleil Clair

I got the two shades, Soleil Doux and Soleil Clair, they are made in Japan and are available also as refill pans. The refill with the compact case costs $68 and there is 8.5g of product in the pan.

I am light to medium, I would say a NW20/25 in Mac terms. Surratt recommends the shade Soleil Doux for lighter complexions and the Clair for darker ones. I can definitely wear both and I think that the shade Soleil Clair is appropriate for light skin too. It’s a good idea to adapt the brush accordingly, but they are very easy to blend out.

I use both shades, the Soleil Doux has a warmer golden undertone and the Soleil Clair is darker with more redness. I love both but prefer the shade Clair, it’s more unique and has the wicked ability to make me feel so happy and sexy!
I use Doux when I go for an all over application to warm up the complexion and Clair for a more sculpted or targetted application. If I travel, I just grab the darker shade (Soleil Clair, always with me!) and use only this one.

I use bronzer every single day – either applied all over or as a more structural application. It depends on the foundation I am using and my mood. Sometimes I will skip foundation but I still throw some bronzer on. For those reasons, I don’t mind spending more on a good bronzer as I am not wasting product. I found the Surratt to be a wonderful formula, easy to blend out, enhancing without looking like I have bronzing powder on. I cannot see product under direct sunlight and this is often very important for me.

In the swatches, I included the Surratt Grisaille contour shade and the two RMS blushes, just to show them together. You can click on the video to open full screen and I hope the direct sunlight shows the color and finish a bit better.


The Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream+

Maybe you have been reading some of my previus posts where I mention the struggles with my skin. These struggles started in my childhood, they had an impact on my skin and my digestive system. I was always sick when I was a child but doctors could never find out why. Years later, they realized it was linked to the water I was drinking. The only water that was available for me to drink was from a fountain nearby, it turned out that the fountain was contaminated. They said this is the underlying cause of my gut and skin issues. So, today, my skin has very specific needs, but it’s also basically very dry and very dehydrated.

Several years ago I found the Laura Mercier Repair creme, it was incredible and the only moisturizer that truly helped me. With the Laura Mercier Repair creme I could even comfortably wear foundation, this was new to me and I was so happy!! Unfortunatelly, Laura Mercier decided to discontinue the cream. As soon as we were told this, we created a task force and with my friends, we bought all the stocks we found in our paths around the world!! I have been living on my backups these past couple of years while desperately looking for a replacement.

I have tried hundreds of creams of all levels and all budgets, it’s very upsetting to waste so much money on products that are certainly very good, but that don’t match what our skin needs. By the way, in the middle of those hundreds, I found two that worked but the 50ml pots were over $600 in both cases – this is not a viable option either.

I recently tried a sample of this Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream+, and surprisingly, it worked. I checked the price: $355 for 50ml. It’s not cheap by any means, way over what I want to spend on a moisturizer each month, but so far, it’s the only one I can use successfully.

I have been applying it during the summer, in mild weather here in Switzerland and also abroad. When I am travelling, usually the water is softer in comparison to where I live and the air has more humidity -these are better conditions for my skin. Conclusion: I still need to use this Chantecaille cream during the winter here in Switzerland and see how it works with extreme cold and dry weather.

So far, my skin looks great, it’s not feeling tight, it’s not craving more hydration or comfort. It’s truly amazing and I hope I can have a similar comfort in winter. I talked to Beautylish and they were so kind to send me a little pot to use when the cold weather starts, and I hope that I will be able to confirm the results. This cream is made in Switzerland and Chantecaille claims that it’s ideal to use on dry skin and in cold weather. Cold weather is just around the corner so I’ll know soon.

I was spending a few days with a friend here in Switzerland, she loves skincare so when she visits, we pay a visit to the most amazing brands. We went to a place where they also sell Chantecaille, they they told us that they believed this Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream+ was being discontinued. We could not believe it… not again! I contacted both Beautylish and Chantecaille, both confirmed the cream is not being discontinued – nor changed!

I will still continue to keep an eye open and search for other moisturizers because we never know what can happen, and this one is quite expensive but at least, I have a solution.

I apply it morning and night, it’s the last step in my skincare routine. When I go to bed I keep touching my skin because it feels so good. I have stopped all other skincare products for some weeks just to make sure that this feeling was due to the cream, and it is. There is no greasy film sitting on top of the skin, yet I feel like a barrier is active, the skin feels protected and so smooth. I also noticed that fine lines are reduced and I also see some lifting, how this can happen I am not sure… but I am thrilled.

Now I really want to try other products from Chantecaille’s skincare range, starting with the Bio Lifting eye cream. If you have tried their skincare, I would be really happy to read about your experience!

The Beautylish Fall Gift Card Event starts on October 19th and ends on October 22nd. For every $100 we spend, we receive a $20 Beautylish credit, and they may also have some special bundles or offers going on.

Disclaimer: I have purchased and paid for all the products mentioned here. The only item that was gifted to me is a small pot of Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream+ to use this winter, I had already purchased a full size beforehand.

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Petra 18 October, 2023 - 11:51 pm

Dear Sonia,

I’m writing you as someone who has simmilar issues with skin as you. Ever since I was a child (and now my doughter has the same problems) I had a very sensitive and extremly reactive skin. Fast forvard, my child and I are now almost compleatly on Chantecaille skincare that is amazing. For her it is the (almost) only one that helps her with her sensitive, dry, reactive, ichy skin. She has 2,5years and uses their whole Bebé line.
For me, I tried a lot of their range. Just for reference I’m 33 y.o. now. For me the best combination is Caudalie Sos hydra serum with Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing cream. That cream is amazing! I don’t know if you maybe tried it?
Their Rose de Mai cream is also good but for me it is more for a combo skin and because it is much lighter is far more better in summer time. For winter is not enough hydrating if you ask me. ‍♀️
I tried the Bio Lifting cream + and it was good but I only had a sample and I did not noticed in that period of time the difference between that one and Flower Harmonizing one so I sticked to the Flower one because it is cheaper ‍♀️.
As for eye cream their Stress Repair Concentrate + Eye cream is soooo good!! Please try it if you have a chance of getting a sample! It saved my eye area during pospartum period since I did not sleep that much and my skin was tiered, dry and lifeless with purple twist and swollen under eye area. I breastfed in that time so if was important to me to find some eye cream that is safe when you breastfed – The Stress repair concentrate is the one! It helped me sooo much with everything that now my eye area does not have any issues at all. It is lightweigt, you can use it under the makeup and it feels amazing! Works wonders for me also 🙂
Rose de may eye lift cream is also good but this turned to be better for me and it is one of my HG products now (along with Flower Harmonizing cream).
I have not tried their Bio lifting eye cream because it is a new product but I will in the future. I hope I will get a sample with one of my purchases.
I also tried a lot of their other products and ranges but I don’t know what product/s interest you? If you want please reply so I will give you my feedback if I can. 🙂
I know that I maybe sound like a walking Chantecaille skincare commercial but they saved my and my baby’s skin. 🙂

Sonia G. 20 October, 2023 - 11:56 am

Hi Petra,
Thank you for your message, I appreciate that you took the time to share your experience with Chantecaille, it’s very useful, so good to know! I will think of the Baby line for my daughter too.
My husband has also skin issues (history of 3rd degree burns on his face and body), his skin is combination but he cannot tolerate any cream at all around or close to the eyes – which is where he needs it more (his words :D). I will have him try Chantecaille 😀
I did not try the Flower Harmonizing cream but following to your comment, I went to check the description, read about the ingredients and properties sound great so I took advantage of the Gift card event and ordered it. I will let you know what happens!
I will go to the Chantecaille counter here in Switzerland and see if I can try the eye creams. Your postpartum period seems quite intense, mine was really crazy too 😀 we cannot function without sleep! Lack of sleep was awful!
Thank you also for offering your help, my issues are also linked to the water/weather here, in more humid climates and in countries where the water is softer, I feel more comfortable. We installed a water softener in our system but it doesn’t help much.
What happens when I get out of the shower, I am covered with red patches on my face and my skin doesn’t have any elasticity at all, I feel like a plaster mask is on top of my skin. Also, when I wear a cream that doesn’t work for me, after a few days, I loose sensitivity on the surface of my skin, or, my skin starts to feel like it’s sunburned, it becomes red and so uncomfortable.
I am doing some investigations with clinics and doctors but so far, it’s not conclusive or helpful.
You should maybe work for Chantecaille 😀 I know what it means to be comfortable with our skin and I can totally understand your excitement!!!!
Thank you so much again! <3 and hopefully we can talk again soon!

Petra 9 November, 2023 - 1:54 am

Hi Sonia,
I don’t know why I did not get any nortification about your reply and it was strange to me that you did not reply and now I see this .
So sorry.
My doughter was diagnosed atopic dermatitis in the end so their Bebe line is saving her. Did the Flower Harmonizing cream arrived to you? Have you and your husband tried it and also, did you ever tried Caudalie Sos hydrating serum? It saved me, my mother who is 63 now, and my father was ok with it when he was in kemotherapy (he combined it with REN skincare line for very dry and sensitive skin, I can’t remember the name of the line right now).
Yeah, postpartums are crazy
Well I curently live in Croatia, Zagreb but I’m in the process of moving to Switzerland, Geneva or maybe Nyon, Rolle or Gland (we are in process of finding a permanent apartament – it is a crazy and hard process ). What I want to say is – the water is here also hard and when I moved to Zagreb I had a problems with skin similar to yours (the redness, patches, etc is the same. But I did not expirienced loss of sensitivity, that sounds really bad. :/ My skincare routine ks woring for now in Switzerland also so I hope that Flower cream and some good serum (because it sounds like your skin lacks some deep hydration and only cream here can’t help so much in winter time – I worked in cosmetic industry for almost 10 years) will help you also!
I understand what you are saying, one of the best feelings is when you are finaly feeling good and comfortable in your skin after you apply the product that helps you. That first feeling of relief and comfort is priceless. ❤️
You welcome and please if you will have time to reply, let me know if any of this products helped you or your family. To me and mine they helped us a lot.

Ps: I can’t wait for your new fundamental eye brushes (they will be mine 🙂 ) and I’m excited to see soon this year’s Holiday collection – December is right around the corner ❤️

Sonia G. 10 November, 2023 - 9:14 pm

Hi Petra,
Yes the Flower Harmonizing cream arrived, unfortunately it’s not working for me but my husband will try it now.
I think I tried that Caudalie serum but I need to double check, I had several products from Caudalie and I need to make sure it is the one you mention!
I also tried REN skincare -a lot of it- I was at the counter in Selfridges and I bought several products, plus they gave me samples of others so I ended up with quite a variety to try, unfortunately it wasn’t good for me. That said, brands bring new products and I always check what they release so I will check again.
I remember they were very nice but not comfortable enough for me.

I hope that when you are here you won’t have issues with your skin and this water, the weather here is dry and the winter is rough! Yes, loss of sensitivity was new to me too, I didn’t have this issue when I was younger… So, there are many great skincare lines here and I am sure that either the Flower Harmonizing helps you, or you will find something else. For me the Flower Harmonizing is very different from the Bio Lifting Cream+, I could quickly notice that the Flower Harmonizing could not work for me but I have a friend that told me she loved it too!
Another solution is to move to a more humid climate 😀 not really that easy! It’s probably going to end up being an easier solution than finding a moisturizer that makes me feel comfortable and happy! I think you know how much I would love to find “the one”!!!
And thank you for the Fundamentals!! true, December is right around the corner… 😀
Please let me know when you are here! we may be very close so we can meet and talk skincare!! and brushes!!! 😀 😀 😀 HUGS and many many thanks for your recommendations!!

Petra 27 November, 2023 - 2:20 am

Hello Sonia,
Sorry for a late answer. I am so sorry to hear the Flower Harmonizing cream was not working for you. What was wrong? Was she too light or not enough hydrating?
The Ren line is called Evercalm and it is a balm (overnight recovery balm) that my father used. Have you ever tried anything from La mer?
I hope the Flower cream will suit your husband ❤️
The Fundamentals came to me but I did not had a chance to try them yet… I hope I will soon. 🙂
Wow, thank you for invitatiton, honestly meeting you would be like a dream come true ❤️
I would love to chat and try to see where the problem maybe is…
Im sorry that my recommendetions did not work so well for you :/ I hope that that may change in the future!
Congradulations once again on the another amazing launch of Fundamentals and I can’t wait to see what you are preparing for us in the near future!


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