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Fundamental Eye Series – Recommendations

by Sonia G.

The Fundamental Eye brushes will launch on the 14th of November at 10am PT, the brushes will be available both as a set and individually.

There are 8 brushes in total: 2 pencils, 2 builders*, 2 workers* and 2 crease brushes, all the brushes are described in detail in my previous post.

*builders are laydown type of brushes, and workers are multipurpose brushes that can either work as laydown brushes, crease brushes or blending brushes.

Maybe you prefer brushes that are small and precise, or maybe you are looking for something specific? I am sharing these brief recommendations in case it helps, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you need some advice or specific recommendations. One way to reach out is in the comment section below, or via the contact form on my blog.


If you need to add brushes to your collection that can target a placement or a blending with precision, then the Pencil S, Pencil L, Builder S, Crease M and Worker S are the brushes I would recommend.

Pencil S
Pencil L
Builder S
Crease M
Worker S

The Pencil S is going to be able to work very close to the lash line, giving you full control on the thickness, the intensity and the length of the placement. One of the strong points with this brush is the time it can save us, either with a powder shadow or blending a pencil, we don’t need to struggle trying to even out, or fix anything, it’s placed and it’s done and we are ready to go.

The Pencil L is great to work neatly on skin that has movement or texture, it allows us to intensify a placement and work within a small perimeter.
For example my skin is not tight on the outer portion of the mobile lid, there is extra skin and also, it’s a place where my skin is very sensitive. With the Pencil L I have enough strength to work the product and enough movement at the tip of the bristles to allow the brush to place and blend without skipping.

The Builder S can easily navigate on the smaller lids, target the narrow space of mobile lid that is visible in the inner corner or work on the outer v.

The Crease M will allow us to target a shadow placement and build it softly, for example when we need a transition shade that is diffused but concentrated in a more narrow area.

The Worker S will be ideal to cover other tasks that require more determination, like working with a sheer or stubborn shadow in the crease, or for blending with precision with the tip of the brush.

I didn’t mention Crease L but I would like to say that even though it’s a big brush, it’s not that big, same for the Worker M, another big brush but it’s not that big because they have enough firmness and precision at the tip and we can control easily where they work. I have hooded eyes and small space between the crease and my brow and it’s perfectly fine to use both for placing colour on the crease area, on the entire lid or for blending.


Pencil S
Pencil L
Builder S
Builder M
Crease L

The Builders are great brushes that deliver more opacity with the placement. The Builder S was designed to work a shadow with precision in the inner portion of the mobile lid, or on the center or just on the outer v. Because it has a longer shape, it can reach more easily over long lashes at any time of the application, and because it is so precise, it won’t overlap on the other placements, it’s easy and fun to play with it.

I think that having a Crease L type of brush for all-over placement, for blending and for crease work is ideal if you don’t already have something similar. The Builders are always interesting because they get a lot of use, then Pencil L for detail work or for more thickness on the lower lash line and Pencil S for more precise accents of colour or definition.


If you are looking for a brush that can do many tasks, the Worker S is the brush I would recommend. Use the sides to laydown a colour, the tip to work in the crease or to blend, or also to add a soft definition on the bottom lashline.

Worker S
Pencil S

If you love precision, then I will add the Pencil S to pair with your pencils or shadows. This duo is pretty awesome together if you just want a couple of brushes.


The Crease L and the Builder M are the easiest to adopt, they have familiar shapes and make the placement and blending easy.

Pencil S
Builder M
Worker S
Crease L

I love to give the Worker S to my friends, or if I meet someone during my trips. A professional contact, a family member, or a friend who has never used brushes before, this is a brush I like them to try.
Their feedback is amazing, they tell me that they can use this brush with pretty much anything, super easy and super fast.
If you tend to only use one shadow, the Worker S will be perfect and it allows a lot of versatility across formulas, and with the placement.

I think that the Pencil S is also a great brush to start with because it’s precise, but not fussy. While it’s going to add precise bold definition, the outline of the placement is not going to appear too harsh or be difficult to even out.


I used to ride to work on my motorbike every day, under any weather conditions, and any make-up look. Once at my destination, either the cold, the helmet or the mosquitos would have caused some damage to the look. Even with waterproof products, depending on the weather or how long the ride took, there would be some damage. It was important to fix only what needed to be fixed and to do it super quickly, I didn’t want to re-do the entire make-up application, or spend a suspicious amount of time in the bathroom. It was never the same look or the same issue to fix so I needed a little variety with my tools, for those reasons I would take brushes with me that allowed a functionality similar to the 4 brushes above.

I don’t ride at the moment, hopefully next year I will be able to jump on my bike again, but with the same idea in mind, these are the 4 brushes that I take with me. It can be for a long flight or in my make-up bag when I am out for a long day of sightseeing that ends with a nice dinner.
Whether we commute, we travel, or want to transform our look when the evening comes, it’s great to have some tools with us that can complete a few key tasks effortlessly.

Pencil S
Builder S
Worker S
Pencil L

I am just sharing some examples:

  • The Pencil S is the ideal tool to fix the lash line application and restore the look, sometimes it’s just that little asymmetry or spot that needs to be fixed.
  • The Builder S in case the intensity disappears, or if a shadow fades unevenly.
  • The Worker S is a joy and helps to fix a product that creased.
  • The Pencil L can do some easy fixing on the outer v or achieve little strategic placements.


If you would like to gift a selection of these brushes to someone special and you are not sure what to pick, I would go for a safe trio, the Pencil L, the Builder M and the Crease L. They offer a very good cost per use ratio and they are very easy to handle.

Pencil S
Builder M
Crease L

Table of specs and prices

Total length mmFerrule mm
Bristles length mmMaterialPrice in USD
Pencil S1485 (curved)6.5White goat bristles28
Pencil L151811White goat bristles30
Builder S1507.5*410Dyed brown/white goat bristles30
Builder M15010*510Dyed brown goat bristles32
Worker S1549*614White goat bristles32
Worker M16010*715White goat bristles36
Crease M156516White goat bristles30
Crease L1587 (curved)18White goat bristles34

Thank you so much for reading and thank you so much for considering any of these Fundamentals, I truly appreciate your interest, your messages and your feedback, and I hope that if you get any of these brushes, that you will love them and use them regularly!!!

I will very soon (before the end of the week) share a little Sonia G update on what restocks will make it before the end of the year! Spoilers: Sheer Buffer is now on its way to Beautylish!

These brushes will be available on Beautylish on the 14th of November at 10am PT.
The set with the 8 brushes costs 252 USD and they will also be available individually.

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Staci 14 November, 2023 - 6:52 pm

Hi, Sonia!

Thank you for keeping us updated. I appreciate all you do. May I ask if there still are plans for a Holiday release in December?

Sonia G. 14 November, 2023 - 7:52 pm

Hi Staci, it’s my pleasure!! yes, the Holiday pieces are still on track so far, hopefully it will continue this way and they arrive on time!! thank you so much for your interest, it is very nice of you and sincerely appreciated!!

Adriana Berlanga 14 November, 2023 - 7:59 pm

This post was super helpful!! As someone who is new to Fude and working on my “Sonia G” collection, the way you explained and broke everything down totally made sense and help me realize which pieces to get.

Also, can’t wait to hear more in restocks and holiday releases. Take care Sonia!

Sonia G. 14 November, 2023 - 8:38 pm

Hi Adriana, this is amazing!! so so happy that it helps you!! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know! If any questions, you know where to find me 🙂 <3 I cannot wait to share more and you too, take care Adriana!

Ana Lopez 14 November, 2023 - 9:16 pm

Wow!! I was able to buy 3 brushes during the preorder sale and they are coming tomorrow and I’m super excited. Though I do like your regular handles, k much prefer the walnut aesthetics with the Matt black ferule . They look stunning ! Now I’m contemplating on getting the rest, seen so many YouTube videos including Alexa jong and Alecia. And their videos make me excited even more . I will probably wait to complete the set for next year because I’m anxiously waiting for your holiday release .

Sonia G. 14 November, 2023 - 10:57 pm

Hi Ana,
They are very different aesthetics for sure! I am so happy that you love the walnut wood, please let me know when you get them!
I hope that the holiday collection will meet your expectations 😀 really! thank you so much Ana and talk to you soon!

Bora 16 November, 2023 - 12:35 am

I’ve ordered the whole set and now waiting and waiting and reading and re-reading your blog posts in anticipation of their arrival!!! I cannot fault Beautylish for their shipping, from the UK I usually get my orders within 2-3 days which is quicker than shipping within the country sometimes. BUT I’m waiting so hard for these that even those few days are painful. I LOVE my new Fundamentals face brushes so much so the eye brushes have been very anticipated. I try to be much more intentional with my beauty purchases these days but I have no will power when it comes to Sonia G 🙂

Tracy L 23 November, 2023 - 2:24 am

Great recommendation post Sonia! I love my new fundamental set. Although I have the previous fundamental eye brushes, I loved and enjoy the new aesthetics and I’m happy to have backups of my favourites! I’m looking forward to the fundamentals set!

Stephanie 19 December, 2023 - 9:36 am


I was wondering if the mini Keyaki buffer will be restocked anytime soon?


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