by Sonia G.

I am so happy to show you the Holiday 2023 brush holder: the Cranes Over Mount Fuji ACT 2. This is a new version of the previous Holiday 2020 brush holder but bigger, roomier and showcasing a more complex construction.

We created this second release of the Holiday brush holder with the same artisans that manufactured the first release, they are based in Hiroshima, Japan. The artisan who works with me on these brush holder projects is extremely well known for the quality of his work, but also because he is very passionate and curious- that’s exactly why I love to work with him. I know he will be excited and always find a way to turn something that sounds almost not possible, into something amazing.


In March 2020 we released the very first Wooden Brush holder, a permanent brush holder made out of walnut wood and featuring sliding separators.

This version is still in the collection today, it’s sold out at this moment but it is in production and should come back for spring 2024.

Permanent Wooden Brush Holder
Cranes over Mount Fuji – December 2020
Cranes over Mount Fuji Act 2 – December 2023

In December 2020, for the Holidays, we released a Limited Edition Cranes over Mount Fuji brush holder. It was made of walnut wood as well, it was a longer but thinner version of the permanent Walnut Brush holder.

In December 2023, we will release the Act 2 of the Cranes over Mt Fuji. We wanted to keep the same story with the same elements, but give it a different twist.


Just like with the Holiday Sunset Cranes Maki-e brush set, this brush holder was complex to manufacture but it was such a joy to work with the artisans and see them so excited about it! Seeing it here today and being able to touch it feels absolutely amazing, we all sincerely hope that you will love it!


The brush holder is 28.2cm long, 8cm high and approx 6cm wide. It weighs approx 370g and has 10 compartements: 5 for the bigger brushes and 5 for the smaller brushes. A back compartment is approx 5cmx2.5cm, a front compartment is approx 5cmx1.6cm.


It is the same length as the previous Cranes over Mt Fuji but this time, it has two rows instead of one: one thinner for the smaller brushes to stand in the front, and one wider for the thicker handles at the back. This configuration helps us organize our tools, while optimizing the space it takes on our vanity.

In the back compartment we can fit handles up to 24.4 mm diameter, in the front compartments we can fit handles up to 15.5mm diameter – small face brushes can also fit in the front row. I think it’s very pleasing to see our smaller brushes fitting more neatly in the front and the larger more comfortably at the back.

At the bottom of the compartments, we have placed a layer of GS Felt to provide protection to the wood and the brushes.


Depending on the diameter of the handles, we can store between 30 and 40 brushes. We can push this number if the handles are thin but it depends on how the brushes are organised.


The front of the brush holder showcases two cranes flying and a lake at the foot of Mount Fuji. We used the same cranes in order to link this version to the previous one.


This Brush Holder, the biggest so far, has been crafted using two different woods: the front and the back panels are made out of walnut wood, the rest of the brush holder is maple wood. These two woods have been assembled using a technique similar to Yosegi. Yosegi is a woodworking method that involves combining various types of wood, utilizing the differences in their natural colours to create intricate patterns.


The front and the back panels of the holder are showcasing their beautiful natural wood patterns.

Every holder is going to look different due to the patterns created by the wood grain. If we imagine the walnut wood grain to be the sky, and the maple wood grain to be the structure of the mountain, each holder will tell a different story.


For this newer version, instead of lasering the Mt Fuji shape, we have designed and inserted a maple wood inlay within the walnut front panel.

The Mount Fuji inlay is smoothly merged onto the walnut base, the surface feels so silky to the touch and the exposed grain of the two woods fused together give so much interest to this piece.


Seeing the three brush holders side by side shows the difference in thickness between the previous Holiday version (in the center) and this new one (on the left).

Unlike with the permanent Walnut Brush Holder, the separators are fixed in the longer versions. The reason why the separators don’t slide in the bigger versions is because of their longer lengths, if we want to create something durable, we need to adjust the design accordingly. A longer panel of wood is naturaly more likely to move with time because the two edges are further away, the separators being fixed will contribute to the durability of the holder.

On the previous Cranes over Mt Fuji we used the same wood to craft the entire piece, the separators inside were painted black. For this new one, we used two different woods (walnut and maple) and we are playing with the natural grain and colours of these woods.


This brush holder comes in a sturdy cardboard box, wrapped in silk paper and inside, you will find the little care leaflet.

The box was made from recycled paper coming from the paper cranes that are sent and dedicated to the Memorial Tower in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, hence the little dots of colour all over. As it says on the box, a portion of its cost is donated to the Atomic Bomb Dome Presevation Project Fund.


The brush holder has been covered with a urethane coating to protect it from water and stains but it is a wood piece and wood moves with temperature and sudden humidity fluctuations. It should be stored in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.


Thank you to all of you for being so continuosly encouraging with your messages and your kind support! This helps me and allows me to continue working on amazing projects, and we are just starting…
I also would like to thank the incredibly talented artisan behind this piece for his amazing work. His kindness, curiosity, determination, patience, are only some of the reasons why I admire him more than words can say, I am so honoured to be able to share this journey with him and with all the wonderful people behind the scenes!


This Holiday Brush Holder is limited edition, it will be available on Beautylish on the 19th of December 2023, at 10am PT, and it will retail for 260 USD.

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Sunsarae 14 December, 2023 - 8:51 pm

This is amazing. I’m in love with the details and craftsmanship that has gone into this piece. I’m thrilled to be adding this to my collection as soon as I can.

Tade Olowofoyeku 14 December, 2023 - 8:59 pm

Wow Sonia! I’m so excited for this Act 2 brush holder. Act 2 is the perfect combo of the permanent holder + Act 1 while still being specifically unique. I love the choice to go with a maple inlay.

Petra 14 December, 2023 - 9:11 pm

Congradulations Sonia and the artisan for making such a wonderful piece of art! We can se all the passion and love for your work put into this! It is stunnig! I hope I will be able be quick enough, so that I can add it to my collection and enjoy in it’s beauty every day. Amazing! Amazing work and thank you to you and the artisan to have a passion, courage and knowlage to make this! This is art!

Severine 14 December, 2023 - 10:10 pm

C’est une véritable pièce d’art. C’est celle que j’attendais et je suis heureuse d’avoir patienté 3ans pour pouvoir obtenir cette beauté. Le travail est fabuleux et j’adore en apprendre toujours plus sur l’histoire et la manière dont c’est conçu. Un immense bravo à ce grand monsieur pour son travail. Évidemment toi toi toi ma Sonia que te dire à part de continuer à nous émerveiller.

Louise Sharpy 14 December, 2023 - 10:17 pm

Seeing these brings a tear to my eye. The beauty of them, the story , and the craftsmanship of them all , just brings joy to my heart. My dad passed ,and was stationed in Hiroshima, it is a place that reminds me of him. Seeing the holder and , and all the brushes would be a dream to have. Really ! They are both stunning, holders and all your brushes as well! I am wishing for this , and maybe it will happen ! It would be a dream come true. Honestly

Haley Pool 15 December, 2023 - 3:48 am

Absolutely amazing! What detailed and extraordinary design! I have been waiting for a new holder and can’t wait to add to my collection! Hopefully I will be able to snag one before they are sold out!

Tatiana Nemirovskaya 19 December, 2023 - 7:15 pm

Hi, I really wanted to purchase the the brush holder, but it became out of stock 1 minute after it was released on Beautylish. It disappeared from my cart as I was purchasing it. Such a bummer. Are there plans to restock it? Thank you!

Shanna 19 December, 2023 - 8:20 pm

Hi! I’m so sad, this sold out in under a minute. Please please tell is it will be restocked at least once? I was so excited and was checking out literally 2 minutes after it released and it was gone. It’s so beautiful!

Nita 21 December, 2023 - 1:41 am

So sad that this was dropped in the middle of the night in Asia – I missed the whole drop and am so so disappointed. I live in Hong Kong and this was dropped at 2am HK time. Hope this will come back at some point – it’s too beautiful not to make a come back. Love everything Sonia G.!!!!

Shannon B. 30 December, 2023 - 8:19 pm

I’m so saddened that I missed this twice! The good news is that I was able to get the Fundamentals to go with my eye brush set in that fabulous walnut finish. I have almost every set you’ve made and I think the reason why is because I love the detail you put into everything you do. It shows how much you think about the consumer using them as well as the craftsmanship.


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